2019/2020 Mercedes CLA | AMG 4Matic CLA250 FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

2019/2020 Mercedes CLA | AMG 4Matic CLA250 FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

hey everyone welcome to our Latin 6/1 today we will look at this beautiful mercedes-benz CLA 250 4matic this color is called the mountain grey magno it has all the features you can think of the exterior is completely new this is the 2nd generation with the AMG Sport Package you get a more aggressive front bumper rear bumper side skirts and rims it has the new widescreen cockpit the command system is now a touchscreen it has also the force command it has for the first time despite buttons the seats are very comfortable and this one has also the AMG line interior this CLA produces 224 or power and 350 Newton meters of torque it has the 4matic all-wheel drive system zero to six two and just 6.3 seconds and the top speed is 250 kilometers per hour that’s 155 miles per hour the engine is a 2-liter 4-cylinder in 9 patter engine it has a 7-speed automatic transmission and the fuel economy is 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers this is the second generation mercedes-benz CLA it looks fantastic it is almost like a mini CLS this color suits the car perfect it is the mountain grey magno the new multi beam LED headlights the shape is different to the a class and the CLS these are the multi beam LED headlights they have two stripes for the daytime running lights automatic I beam and corner lights of course I like the power domes on the bonnet it has a diamond grill which suits the car perfect single plate because it’s a AMG package it has the radar for this run plus behind the mercedes-benz emblem it has also the 306 degrees camera system the AMG line front bumper looks more aggressive and it’s lower to the ground 19-inch multi-spoke AMG rims high gloss black with perforated brake discs and Bridgestone tires this one is fully loaded AMG side skirt it has also the keyless entry and keyless go function the mirrors are also finished in high-gloss black the mirror has the camera and the Blind Spot Assist the triangle lights up we will take a look at the driver seat because the interior is completely new and I like the ambient lighting it has also the AMG line interior and the dark headliner the panoramic sunroof tilts and you can slide it backwards all the chrome parts are finished in glossy black and the taillights are also completely new they are slim and very white and that makes the car very sporty when you look at it from behind there’s of course the rear view camera and ultimate parking system all LED lights for the taillights and the design is great as you can see proper CLE badging at the back 250 4matic the car is thousand 450 kilograms and the trunk space is 460 liters the diffuser has also the high gloss black details you can open the trunk with your key with your foot and it has folding rear seats for even more space cargo space the fuel economy is also really good for a 224 horsepower car the starting price in the Netherlands for the CLA 250 is 51 thousand years and this is the engine the 2-liter 4-cylinder inline petrol engine turbocharged of course and we are now in the driver seat of the all-new mercedes-benz CLA you can see the fantastic add up display the new type steering wheel with the AMG flat bottom design and the red stitching the perforation on the sides for better grip shift pedals it has also the swipe buttons so with the swipe buttons you can control the trip computer there are different displays available this one is the support display this is the classic and of course there’s also the progressive this one is the progressive this is a new screen for the second-generation CLA it is for the first time available with the head of display the swipe putters are new with this one you can control the Kamat this is a 10 inch screen which is touch sensitive by the way for the first time there’s also the force command you can give it COO modes such as change the color he turned the heated seats on and so on I like the design of the steering wheel the metal finishes the extensions I like the fact that the ambient lighting goes also into the air fans this one is fully loaded 250 4matic with the memory the seats have a beautiful beautiful shape and the ambient lighting continues to the back red stitching again leg extensions ties support new touchpad keyless entry and keyless go function of course what a gorgeous car I love the CLA and the second generation has outdone the first generation again it has the adaptive cruise control settings now on the steering of you can set up the distance over here you have the Blind Spot Assist the triangle lights up when there’s a car in a blind spot it has also the 360 degrees camera system Burmaster sound system three-person memory for the seats heated seats three settings for that it has also the seat kinetics for the first time folding mirrors of course which is automatic the sport areas are quite big you can fit a bottle there’s also the ambient lighting trunk release over there it has the electron can’t break the automatic lights automatic wipers these are fixed screens let’s go over the details the armrest opens just like the s-class and CLS like this quite enough storage area USB input over here there’s also the wireless charging for phone which I have a show over here you have the new touchpad you can write the address down the 10th writing and over here you have the different settings the dynamics left with the dynamic select you can choose between individual sport comfort and eco I will leave it as sport it has the camera system to automate parking car settings shortcuts phone settings radio nap and the volume adjustments and the buttons are a very high quality design I love the metal finishes the glossy black over cup holders and the wireless charging for a phone another USB input over here the climate control settings very simple and elegant I love that design dual zone of course these are the hazards the air vents with the ambient lighting on or off just like this of course it has the push-button ignition you can turn off the start/stop with this and over here the newcomer now this is the main menu there are also themes available and these are the shortcuts for settings navigation radio media comfort settings the colors are available for the ambient lighting there are also dual colors available multi colors available animation of available information engine data at any given moment consumption and vehicle data Mercedes me the settings system settings assistance these are the settings camera traffic sign assist active brake active blind spot attention assess lane assist lane change assist and this is for the quick access [Applause] head of this play on or off and as you can see the dash has a beautiful design with the red stitching and the door panels it continues lovely Alcantara and letter combination and the instrument cluster you can also change the information in the instrument cluster just like this consumption Eco display navigation you can even view it like this a full screen which is also possible then you have your digital speed traffic sign fuel and the engine water temperature Mercedes has done a great job of course you can also feel the assistance phone navigation and so on on this display and the service data of the car the mail functions and so on and this is the view from the backseat the widescreen cockpit memory for the passengers Burmaster sound system ambient lighting of course I like the shape of the seats there’s more nice space thanks to that the leg extensions this is the space left I’m one meter an 83 a lot of space there is more space than the previous generation in the back the ambient light continues also on the headrests s lovely huge panoramic sunroof very white continues all the way to the back almost and it tilts and slide backwards

46 thoughts on “2019/2020 Mercedes CLA | AMG 4Matic CLA250 FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

  1. Abi tipi Köpek Balığı gibi sert bakışlı bi araba ayrica bu renk çok iyi duruyor 🔥 Mercedes-benz ❤

  2. Arkasi s coupe gibi olmus su arabanin tek kotu yani kisa kaliyor bi 30 cm uzun olsa efso bisey olur

  3. So it’s competition is the Audi A4 and bmw 3 series? Wow this car looks like it costs 50,000 more then those cars 😮

  4. Facking gestoord zijn ze in Nederland met hun achterlijke belastingen, 51K voor zo'n auto?
    Ik heb een 2019 E 200 benzine met 8500km voor 37K gekocht in Duitsland bij de Mercedes dealer met 3 jaar garantie en service.
    Bijna alle opties omdat hier de opties niet extra belast wordt, de nl belastingdienstdoet er nog een schepje bovenop met hun achterlijke BPM.
    Wil je een beetje opties in nl en je bent 20k duurder uit dan in de omgevende landen zoals Duitsland en België.

    Fuck you NL belastingdienst 🖕🖕🖕

  5. I see why you did 2 videos of this car. It's so beautiful you probably just wanted to sit in it again. Cant wait till mine is delivered.

  6. Slm Alatin,
    Bagajı otomatik kapanıyor mu? Şimdiye kadar hiç görmedim elektrikli kapanan bagajy kapısı🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I just bought this car in this color, although not AMG line. I wanted ventilated seats and it's not available with sport seats. But I think it'll still be great for a first car. 🙂

  8. Thanks for your introduction! It’s good job , it’s good reference for whole World customers! 👍👍

  9. Nice merc and nice review! But please, words twice. I watched the video at 1.25x and sometimes it still felt too slow.

  10. The headlights and taillights kind of remind if the Infiniti Q60. I still prefer the looks of the Q60, but the interior and tech of the CLA just blows the Q60 out of the water. So glad that Mercedes made LED headlights standard. Adaptive Cruise should be standard as well tho. But I cannot wait for my Mercedes GLC lease to end, so I can get into one of these beauties!!!

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