2019/2020 Mercedes CLA AMG | FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

2019/2020 Mercedes CLA AMG | FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

[Music] package let the AMG Sport package you get a more aggressive front bumper side skirts rims and the rear bumper with real exhausts this color is called the cosmos black and the exterior looks fantastic on the second generation very sleek very attractive as sporty the interior has also changed there’s the new white screen cockpit the new steering wheel with the swipe buttons and the biggest news is at the rear seats there’s a lot more knee space and that space available on the second generation CLA and I like the fact that you can buy the CLA with the head of this plane now and to finish it off it has the beautiful ambient lighting also integrated in the air vents what a car this is the CLA 200 with 163 horsepower and 250 Newton meters of torque it’s a front wheel drive car zero to six to an eight point five seconds and the top speed is 230 kilometers per hour that’s 145 miles per hour the engine is a 1.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine it has the 7-speed automatic transmission the second generation mercedes-benz CLA with the AMG Sport Package looks fantastic very sporty and dynamic I like the power domes on the bonnet it’s almost a baby CLS it has the LED headlight system with the new very beautiful daytime running lights there’s also the automatic eye beam and corner lights it has again the diamond grill single blade grill beautiful design it has the dishonest ‘m behind the mercedes banz emblem you can also buy it with 360 degrees camera system and automatic parking feature mg front bumper the night package so it has the tinted windows and all the chrome parts are finished in glossy black 19-inch AMG rims these are the optional more expensive AMG rims fanta lated brake discs AMG side skirt this cosmos black looks fantastic the starting price for the CLA is 36,000 euros in the Netherlands we will take a look at the interior and a few moments a lot of changes the white screen cockpit it has again the huge panoramic sunroof which you can tilt and slide backwards tinted rear windows beautiful LED tail lights at the back very slim and white it gives the car a very dynamic character nice exhaust tips all LED lights by the way for the beautiful design and IDI taillights there’s also a 4matic option available high-gloss black diffuser part also new very very attractive now the trunk space you can fold the rear seats down and you can open the trunk which are key the trunk space is 460 liters the car weighs thousand three hundred and ten kilograms the fuel economy is five point four liters per 100 kilometers for the CLE – under petrol engine is turbocharged of course now let’s take a look at the interior frameless doors of course four-door coupe tinted rear windows red stitching leather and Alcantara nicely combined the ambient lighting the sport areas are also really good more Headroom more knee space dark headliner of course and this is the view from the backseat very modern design very crisp looks really nice at night especially with the ambient lighting I like the dual screens and the finish is really good the shape of the seats are also fantastic they have the leg extensions and the sport pedals this is the space left I want me to run it and this is the space left I’m one meter an 83 on lot of space my head is not touching the roof just like the previous year Lexie for now armrests in the back with separate cupholders and overall the space in the back is really good I like the ambient lighting and thanks to the shape of the seat there’s a lot of space in the back brilliant and we are now in the driver’s seat of the all-new second-generation mercedes-benz CLA and what a gorgeous interior flat bottom design AMG steering wheel with the swipe buttons the shift pedals for the 9 speed automatic transmission it has also the head of display just like the e-class it has the extensions on the bonnet for different displays available for the instrument cluster this is the sport gauge lovely interior keyless entry and keyless go function of course you can also buy it with the Blind Spot Assist ambient lighting with 64 colors what a nice interior even the air plants have the ambient lighting there are also memory settings for the seats red stitching leather with Alcantara with the leg extensions the new touch pad wireless charging for your phone fully loaded I love the CLA I loved the first generation but the second generation is a mini CLS what a beautiful car now let’s go over the details there’s an armrest with a very large storage area and the USB input again the red stitches over here you have the new touchpad with this you can also write the address down for the navigation it has also the camera system the automatic parking is also available for the first time the dynamic select the phone radio map and volume adjustments now with the dynamic select you can choose between in the video sport comfort and eco I believe it in sport over here you have the cupholders the wireless charging for your phone as an extra another charging point high gloss black where the metal finishes looks fantastic there is also the climate control very simple and elegant with the metal touches the ambient lighting in the air fence you can turn it on or off just like this by rotating this is the main menu of the car the navigation system the commode system there are also different themes available as you already know the comfort settings seat kinetics there’s also a new feature this is a twelve point three inch I think ten point nine inch the start button is also new you can turn off the start/stop if you want the gear lever is over here down for drive opt for reverse and press this for park you have more space over here just like the previous ele and of course there’s also the trip computer and the different displays the styles classic sport the yellow progressive the ambient light changes also and then you have the simple view I don’t like the simple view the I like the progress of the most different settings available the safety systems you can also buy it with the adaptive cruise control again what a gorgeous interior this is one of the nice the interiors I have ever seen on my life just like the a Klaus Mercedes best laptop the game I like the dual LED stripes and you can give the car voice commands it has also the no more seats three-person setting and of course the heated seats as the electron can’t break the automatic lights folding mirrors of course lock unlock the storage areas are quite big and they are lit up you can fit a bottle here trunkless releases over there gorgeous car I love this car the adaptive cruise control settings are now on the searing view and with the swipe otters with this one you can control this part with the right swipe button you can control the command so you don’t get distracted the ambient lighting of course the colors can also choose more colors what a lovely screen what a lovely view brilliant mercedes-benz has done it again

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  1. I think, other high brands are not as attractive ,avant garde as mercedes-benz. It started to generate new designs before average 3 4 years, olso I liked this video, all of our are waiting continue of your accomplishment. Good jön!

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  3. Alaatin61 – I've been looking to get this here in the UK. Can you find out for me please if the UK will also have those black rims as an option? Thank you!

  4. Is it good for people that are 6’5, 1.95 meters long? And have big/wide thighs? Lease worthy?

  5. Ordered mine today, poolwhite plus nightpackage AMG line. Thing looks so badass with black mirrors and rims. Have it in next month

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  7. Show me the one with the starting price that you quoted. Why you telling me the starting price if you not showing me that one

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