2019/2020 Mercedes GLE | 4Matic AMG Line FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

2019/2020 Mercedes GLE | 4Matic AMG Line FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

[Music] black Mercedes best GLD with the AMG Sport package with AMG Sport Package you get a more aggressive front bumper with beautiful design elements side skirts 22 inch rims and AMG rear bumper the interior is also completely new there’s the new widescreen cockpit with two twelve point three inch screens it has the new type steering view just like the s-class with the swipe buttons and the adaptive cruise control settings are on it the mid console is also completely new and it has of course the ambient lighting my favorite this GL e produces 245 horsepower and 500 Newton meters of torque it has the 4matic all-wheel drive system the engine is a 2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine zero to six two and 7.2 seconds and the top speed is 225 km/h that’s 140 miles per hour it has the all new 9-speed automatic transmission with the shift pedals the fuel economy is 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers now this color is called the Obsidian black and it looks fantastic combined with the AMG line exterior and interior it has the all new grille the diamond grill with the new mercedes-benz emblem single blade with the chrome additions in the bumper and in the trail it has the new daytime running lights who LEDs these are the multi beam LED headlights with the nice blue design integrated in it the Jiali has its own specific design and I love it the new grille with the district plus system behind the mercedes-benz emblem and it has also the 360 degrees camera system you can spot the camera underneath the mercedes-benz emblem it has also the automatic parking system the front bumper is the AMG front bumper with the chrome details as you can see it looks very aggressive and dominant I love this design the bonnet has the power domes standard on the G le 22 inch rims these are the optional 22 inch rims but you can also buy it with the 18 19 and 20 and 21 inch rims ventilated brake discs Pirelli tires these rims suit the car perfect there’s also the air suspension you can raise and lower the car energy side skirt it has the camera underneath the mirror it has also the Blind Spot Assist the triangle lights up it has also the Lane Assist huge panoramic sunroof one of the biggest Sun roofs you can get you can tilt it and slide backwards if you want the mercedes-benz goe design element on the site as you can see continues tinted rear windows all new design for the LED tail lights they look beautiful in my opinion all LEDs brake lights turn signals fog lights I love the chrome details on it beautiful done by Mercedes man I love it it has of course also the refuge camera automatic trunk the car weighs thousand nine hundred and sixty five kilograms the truck space is seven hundred and twenty liters but you can fold the rear seats down for even more space the starting price for the GLA in the Netherlands is eighty two thousand euros I think seventy thousand dollars in the u.s. a lot of space in the trunk there’s also a room for the spare tire and this car has an automatic tow hook the fuel capacity is 85 liters by the way the towing capacity is two thousand nine hundred and ten kilograms this is the engine the 2-liter four-cylinder engine with a total power of 245 horsepower there’s also a GL e 450 4matic petrol engine available this is the diesel now let’s take a look at the back seats of this beauty tinted rear windows of course this one is fully loaded there’s the 3d Burmaster sound system ambient lighting full leather the storage areas are quite good a lot of space in the back seats illuminated mercedes-benz logo armrest in the back dark headliner huge sunroof it has the Force on climate control and this is the view from the back seat lovely interior by Mercedes bass again perfect done there’s also the huge panoramic sunroof as you can see which comes all the way to the back lovely done three zone climate control of course for four zone climate control of course adjustable this is the space left im1 meet 183 really good and I like the fact that there’s also an air vent over here my head is not touching the roof I loved that the ambient lighting continues in the back seats there’s an armrest ISOFIX rear seats cup holders of course and we are now in the driver seat of the all-new mercedes-benz jelly there’s the beautiful head-up display with more information now it has the AMG sports steering wheel with the swipe buttons and the f1 shift paddles the widescreen cockpit 12.3 inch 12.3 inch all new design for the interior as you can see just still buy it with the analog clocks the mid console is also new with the ambient lighting around this new touch pad air suspension and so on we will go over that in a few moments now there’s there are different views available for in total this is the sporty view and this is the classic view you can still change the informations in the instrument clusters of course mercedes-benz is really good at this and when you say Mercedes best you can talk to the car give it commands and so on the dash design is completely new the steering wheel was new this one has also the Burmaster surround sound system and the Blind Spot Assist in the mirrors the memory settings for the seats three-person settings even the addresses automatically adjusted this is for the leg extensions by the way and heated seats of course I love the new jelly it looks so good this is the second generation the first that was called the M L now the goe the swipe bottles with the swipe bottles you can control the instrument cluster for example I like progress of the most and with the right one you can control the command system this is the main menu by the way it is available with massage seats car settings these are shortcuts lane assist steering assist alarm head-up display and so on system settings lingua tronic of course the language is available for the Jiali these are the languages available for the GLA the seats are also completely new three settings for the eating you can also extend this part Thai support over here you have the storage area with the USB point over here the mid console completely new as I said this for the air suspension you can raise and lower the car if you want then you have the camera settings then you have the car settings favorites phone settings radio media navigation map and volume adjustments two cupholders you can also buy it with the heated and cooled function this is for the wireless charging for your phone another insert over here two inserts and you can close this if you want and over here you have the climate control settings when you eat the top the ambient lighting turns red as you can see beautiful dot simple air fans could be better but overall it looks good and this car is also the air balance package so that means perfume system over here which you can buy from mercedes-benz and after a while through the Climatronic there’s perfume inserted into into the cabin push-button ignition you can turn off the start/stop this is the main menu as I said phone settings there are also different teams available for the menu these are the favorites it has also the energizing comfort just like the s-class the more expensive models navigation radio media comfort settings you can adjust the heated eating balance if you want the ambient lighting the colors multicolor animations 64 color for that the energizing comfort with different programs info vehicle information engine consumption the mercedes-benz apps the settings the safety settings traffic sign camera parking active brake route right spot ATTENTION ASSIST lane assist lane change assist everything is on this car seat adjustments lights system and so on this menu is a new menu it looks better and that is faster over area the instrument cluster adjustable this is the progressive design full screen available and when you turn on navigation can I get again select full screen then you get the whole map in it looks fantastic in my opinion and this is the surface settings the steering view has the perforations on the sides and the flat bottom design because it’s the AMG line package chef’s pedals for the 9 speed automatic transmission and these buttons are also new electronic can’t break automatic lights of course even this part is made out of leather and the buttons are made out of quality materials folding mirrors which are automatic by the way the sport areas are quite thick 2 parts in it tow hook and trunk release button over here this one is fully loaded dimming rear view mirror there’s also the sunglass compartment so panoramic sunroof control SOS button Mercedes me it has a huge panoramic solve which you can tilt a slight backwards

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  5. car prices are increasingly expensive every year. However, the left & right lights are getting smaller … it's hard to see when on the streets.

  6. All like better mine : 2015 ML 350 , looks much better than this, this one one the back looks like Mazda CX-5.

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  8. What is the model of the camera that you use to film all these cars? because the video quality is superb. By the way, I've been watching your car reviews for a lot of time, and what has always impressed me the most is the video quality.

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  14. It’s now good looking design than the previous one in my own opinion, but 4 cylinders are no go for me! I’ll wait and see the 63s.
    I still have my ml500 V8 with 76k mile, been wanting to trade it in but I don’t like the design of first Gle! Now the ML is Reborn with this new Gle design. love it!

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