2019 BMW X5 first look – five things you need to know | What Car?

2019 BMW X5 first look – five things you need to know | What Car?

Since launching in 2000, the X5 has been
a huge sales success for BMW and that puts a lot of pressure on this car, the
all-new fourth-generation X5. BMW says that pretty much everything on
this car is new. But, will it carry on the winning
formula? Well here are five key things you need to know about it. Before we go any further, don’t forget
that if you want to buy a BMW X5, or any of its rivals, you can get a great deal
on it at the New Car Buying section of the What Car? website. The X5 has never been a
shrinking violet on the roads, but this version is even taller, wider, and longer
than the one it replaces. BMW says this isn’t only to distance the
X5 from the other increasingly large SUV’s in its lineup, it also helps with safety and
overall packaging. It’s got wider door openings than before,
and that should make it easier for people to get in and out, and there’s also more
space between the front and rear axles, and that should improve rear legroom. A choice of three engines will be available
from launch, two diesels and one petrol. With the diesels, it’s a choice of a
three-litre six-cylinder engine with either: 261bhp or a whopping 395bhp. The smaller version badged xDrive 30d
is expected to be the best seller, striking the best balance of performance, economy,
and price. But if it’s performance you’re after, you’ll
want the range-topping M50d. It comes with four turbochargers and has a 0-62 time
of just 5.2 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. If you want petrol power, there’s a 335bhp
six-cylinder engine and this will be joined later by a
321bhp four-cylinder petrol electric hybrid option. Another diesel engine sitting between the
current two, will also join the range. The outgoing X5 was great to drive, and BMW
hopes the new model will carry on that tradition.
Agility boosting features include active anti-roll bars,
four-wheel steering, and adjustable air suspension that lowers the ride height by 20 millimetres
in Sport mode. All-wheel drive is standard, and then if you
add on the off-road pack, you get some extra goodies.
Including scuff plates for underneath, an electronically
controlled rear diff’, and four driving modes that alter:
the ride height, accelerator, and gearbox. There’s no shortage of luxury inside the X5,
and all models come with an impressive amount of standard kit.
There’s a new 12.3in iDrive infotainment screen, and
in front of the driver, there’s a digital display of the same size that can be
configured to show different information. All models also come with electrically-adjustable,
leather, heated, front seats. That all sounds good so far, but all this
luxury comes at a price. The new BMW X5 starts at
£56,710, that makes it sound expensive compared with
an Audi Q7 or a Volvo XC90. But to find out how the BMW compares to its
closest rivals, we’ll need to group test it first. And don’t forget to visit WhatCar.com too,
to see the best news, reviews, and car deals.

24 thoughts on “2019 BMW X5 first look – five things you need to know | What Car?

  1. Always thought after the last model could they make it any uglier but Bmw have surpassed my expectations and made it even more hideous.

  2. The great diesel NEVER comes to the US. That's the engine to get – good power and great MPG. If BMW make a 6 cyl hybrid, I'd consider it. Maybe we'll get the oil burner.

  3. Saw it today it’s ugly they just changed the front facial and the rear and interior updated the shape looks like the older one it’s ugly the GLE looks better

  4. Lol, BMW looking like Hyundai Santa Fe at least seen from the back. I’m saying that, because i just saw it today on the street and first thing that came to
    my mind was “ why did this guy put X5 on his Hyundai?” .

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