2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line New Review Interior Exterior

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line New Review Interior Exterior

the new Hyundai Tucson N line 2019
model it’s right here in front of me and it’s look fantastic
I’m right here to review it to show you the interior exterior of the car and
tell you a few information about it and to show you this new front grille that
it’s very beautiful in my opinion look at this
LED light full LED lamps right here in the front
the current looks fantastic and this this LED make an amazing light in the
light it’s quite fantastic and I’m quite happy to see the end line logo here on
the side I’m quite impressed to see that shield I think about making Tucson in
line and to change everything about the car it’s kind of a facelift to the
normal Tucson and I like it much much more than the normal Tucson so on the
side is not so many changes as you can see it’s almost the same same plastic
here around the edges of the wheel to protect the car almost the same LED
light lamps on the back a little bit of change down there here in the back as
you can see in a moment down here you can see the exhaust pipe on the right
they look a little bit different than also this
diffuser air diffuser down there it’s a little bit different and it looked quite
nice it’s kind of a glossy plastic there with the matte plastic combination it’s
look quite nice and also going on the side and a roof top it’s all black as
you will see the interior it’s also black so they think about this black
also the rims 19 inch rims they look nice and they are also black so this is
the image that they want to send it out the interior it’s also amazing you will
see in a moment but for the moment let’s see this side of the car that look the
same like the normal but the front grille it’s come with a lot of change
and make the car a little bit more angry a little bit more aggressive and I can
say and I like this grille front wheel and as you can see it has another phone
wheel down there that looks pretty nice the mirrors are the same the interior
you will see it in a second now I’ll show you the trunk also automatic lift
gate here in the back sorry about the lighting but the Sun today come directly
in my lens so the space in the back it is the same light on the normal Tucson
this Tucson and lines have the same same from space also here the light 12 volt
port there of your space here and the speaker and also here on the side if we
show under the trunk who will see some space here to believe your stuff or a
simple repair kit for your tire and under there you don’t have any space but
you can take this out if you want to carry for example something else
the protection for the trunk as usually you cannot leave the bank it down for
longer items in the middle a little bleak with the interior also it has a
beautiful sunroof up there you can see on my other review with Tucson the
sunroof I will not show it in this video but you can check out my channel I have
the other video with the you like Tucson and it’s also have the same sunroof so
now if you are in Switzerland you can come at 4 ec out of a wheel food Jay
Hajj on the internet and you can see the price and the discount and everything
about this car so anyway going inside here we have this door the same like the
normal Tucson also hitting sit on the back nice buttons and also creel a
speaker soft material combination with plastic on the upper side interesting
and also we have the Tucson for tube song right here down the logo to look
pretty nice and my favorite part on this car are this amazing seat they are quite
fantastic its letter combination leather with kind of Alcantara here in the
middle and sit on the back the logo also there they are very comfortable
I sit on them and they are fantastic I’m quite impressed with the seat and I know
that you and I make amazing seat but yeah this time they do it really really
right and they check every detail and the quality it is
hi again again hi in this car too so I also like the fact that you have a lot
of space here in the back we have plastic here on the back of the front
seat to protect the seats also we have a step here but it’s really small so you
can stay in the middle without problem also on USB port there in the middle and
also the vents right here in the back quite quite useful so now going inside
the car you will see I still have a lot of space for my feet I can stretch my
legs out of the seat a little bit to four or five finger up there on my head
as you can see now here we have an LED light lamp also handle and roof has a
better better quality then the little brother 820 so now the middle seat also
you have a lot of space the head space is great the panoramic sunroof look
fantastic when its open for the back passengers there you can see the new
stick with an on it so the the new to soon have the and stick the same like on
a 30 and so quite quite beautiful but I’m really impressed about this car
really impressive and I like it much more than the normal two so they did
they make a great choice to come on the market with this with this inline
bye aunt so here on the doors same like or the normal Moodle nothing changed too
much same Creole speaker here a little space
for the water girl box so this is the door I think you know it already pretty
simple combination soft with plastic materials also again with Tucson logo
down here electric seeds like you and I used to do always and this front seats
look also very beautiful and it has also the endline logo there
and read speeches they look beautiful and I really like this downside of the
seat I sit on them and they are really comfortable also the pedals are a low
video here we have the buttons for different technologies like blind spot
Lane Assist they’re all kind of take the light or yeah whatever
so now the vents are a little bit different the same but only the color is
different we have gray on the side dashboard it’s same quality soft and
nice also the steering wheel it’s a little bit different
has red stitches and it’s leather with the little holes on the side that look
nice I really like it I really like this
New York’s they were killed by Tucson Adelaide the 2019 model and this car was
calm here I think yesterday it’s calm here so it’s a brand new car that
comment disappeared on the market so it’s quite quite
interesting to see it also the same multimedia system you can check out my
other videos and you can see all the detail about it and also you can see the
review with it so I did a review with this multivariate system also the
stitches of the dashboard are the same leather and soft materials the climatic
system is the same start/stop button also the same on the Tucson of the
neutral zone there we have USB ports and 12 volt port also the buttons for the
heating seats and all other tech that have on this car also you can charge
your phone there down there and here is the stick that I like it very much it’s
quite beautiful they work a lot over on it and it look fantastic
also here the electric handbrake I will hold two sensors the cameras around the
car different driving mode you can choice on the car also the armrest here
you also have a lot of space down there so you can put your stuff so it’s really
cool so that’s the interior guys if you ever wonder how it’s looking the new if
you like to soon and live inside up here the same glass place pretty cool LED
light up here order also two big mirror with light right here it’s kind of big
mirror really huge the there you can adjust the
saddle and open it and close it so this is kind of glovebox the light kind of
big sorry about the light guys it’s the Sun today stay in my phone so I cannot
film it so clear so really sorry about that so I really like the interior and
the seat on this car are my favorite really like every is the button where
you can lock and unlock the door only with your finger without having the
key inside now I want to show you the engine and I want to tell you a little
bit about the engine that the engine it is the same like on the normal model I
was expecting to have a little bit of stronger engine with more horsepower but
I guess yeah it is the same one same old same like the old Tucson but I guess
this is okay so now yeah this is all I just wanted to
show you a little bit on the front of the car that in my opinion the interior
seats with this front of the car look amazing they are my favorite part also
the rims look very nice on the black they are 19 inch rims and the car come
with Michelin tires standard so this is pretty cool high quality tires as
so the tires of the car they are very important because the car touched the
ground only with the tires and you can feel the difference if you have a better
or better tires anyway the back looked nice to license with the
the normal model I also like this exhaust pipe now you can also leave down
the banquette sit on the back and if you have a flat floor here I think you
already see it on the normal – so you can see more about that in my other
video because the place here in the back it’s the same like on the normal – so so
what I show you a little bit of link but you can check out my other videos and
also see everything about near Tucson so that was my review with the new unite to
Zone in line 2019 model I hope you enjoyed please subscribe to my channel
check out my other videos I will come soon with you other cars that are right
now on the market and I will be very very happy to to hear all your comments
and to hear from you guys tell me what you would like to see on the car and
which car you would like to see and I will be really happy to review it for
you and to show you also here I show you how you can let the seat up or you can
actually live it all the way down depend on what you are carrying on the trunk so
anyway thank you for watching guys I hope you enjoyed
short review and see you some guys thank you for watching you

17 thoughts on “2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line New Review Interior Exterior

  1. hello sda dan! its a nice car but i don't think i would buy a korean car.Personally i prefer japanese cars.Thank you for the video sir.

  2. Is there a problem with closing a doors on this car, because four times in this video the doors didn’t close well?

  3. Why does Hyundai sell their safety equipment as an option. They care about the safety of their customers Lane keep assist brake assist pedestrian monitoring pedestrian stop backup cameras for word cameras proper headlights with LED and led fog lights LED brake lights door monitoring traffic turn signal indicators in the mirror cruise control air conditioning and heat along with heated seats and every solitary safety equipment including four wheel disc brakes should all be standard on every vehicle sold and not be sold as an option STP should always be your number one priority even if you have to raise the price of your bass models you will gain more respect from your customers

  4. Not understanding the point of this N line Tuscon, for just a little bit more money you can get the Ultimate, which has a LOT more extras. If you really need black rims and window tint, you can always add that later, to the Ultimate. Thats what i plan on doing. I almost had decided on getting an N line but realized the Ultimate is so much better

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