hey everyone is Josh akin or the
risk-filled the w-9 set the standard for class innovation and reliability the
standard just got raised this is the brand-new kenworth 990 in
heavy hauled a cab and mid roof sleeper combinations since I had the opportunity
to hang out with these trucks for a few minutes I figured I’d bring you guys
along for the tour let’s check these out Chenoweth built this truck using their
innovative and proven 2.1 meter cab platform strong enough to work in almost
any application this truck is versatile enough to definitely have a personality
all its own with lighting packages twin chrome stacks and stainless-steel Sun
visors you can make this truck one-of-a-kind from the factory with its
tall flat wire mesh grille and stainless-steel side air intakes there
is no mistaking the heritage of this truck another big advantage of using the
2.1 meter cab is things like the triple door seal carry over into this w-9 90
and once you get past those triple sealed doors the available limited
edition interior of this truck takes the game up yet another notch the black with
the royal blue stitching on the seats the walls and even the steering wheel is
a combination that’s unique and has the interior looking just as sharp as the
exterior I could talk for hours about the outside of the truck but picture’s
worth a thousand words right so after you’ve got the tour I’ve got to
ask what you think about the trucks do me a favor put it in the comments below
always love to hear the feedback I’d love to hear what you guys think in the
same sense if you like the video by all means give us a thumbs up I do want to
give a big shout out to the drivers they brought these trucks out of their way
we’re obviously here in the evening I’m pretty sure they’re hungry and want to
get dinner do me a favor make sure you subscribe to them by all means keep it
rubber side down and I will see you on the flip side you


  1. A great video. I have joined your channel. Please return the favour many thanks Chris 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Nice. My ONLY complaint would be no hood mirror at the very least on that passenger side. Asking to clip a four-wheeler, in your blind spot, with that long nose…That's an easy and cheap addition you could add yourself though.

  3. Good video I am subscribed, whether you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you want to check my video ???


  4. I'm kinda torn on this one. It does look more like a Westernstar than the classic W9. The big round air breathers are missing. And about those mirrors…… Kinda limits you on what kind of c.b. antennas you can run. Or I'm thinking that maybe they are trying to do away with the c.b. all together. Some of the newer trucks don't even have a place for one. And it looks like their are less places for all those good lookin chicken lights (like on top of the sleeper) and around the air breathers.. Come on KW y'all can do way better than this!

  5. The first time I saw this truck… I thought what a nasty replacement for the W900!!!
    I looks similar to the Coronado, and like the IH Lonestar when it came out, I decided if that’s the future of trucks it will grow on me.
    For me, I can’t wait until I get my ‘02 flat glass W900 6nz/18 speed 336 tears full lockers out of the shop. I have about 3 days left hooking up air lines, fuel tanks, battery, plate, lights and a few other odds and ends. Long live the W900👍!!!
    I’m afraid we have too many that hate the w900 to live much longer 😢

  6. kenworth has definitely raised the bar . I perfer to drive peterbuilts and have driven petes the majority of my 34 years of my trucking career but I would not mind at all . driving the new kenworth 990 I believe that the 990 is going to be noticed because of its new design . thay are the best in any construction application!! .

  7. its a sharp rig it needs a drop visor with lights on it, chrome strips down side the doors and sleeper with lights also on them, a headache rack behind the sleeper with lights, chrome mud flap holders, a brush gaurd ,and a double set of 3 train horns in between the fenders and doors and a beautiful chrome chicken wing on top of the sleeper ,also 6 inch chrome donkey ear straight exhaust pipes, then it would be one of the baddest out there this is just my opinion id love to see one like that id come and try to buy it I can promise you that !!!!!!

  8. Awesome truck, I’m a paccar fan Peterbilt, Kenworth and I do think this W990 is a good looking truck, I can’t wait to test drive one.

  9. That truck is awesome. So nice that it is looking just like every other round non character having corporate mass marketing p.o.s.
    Way to ruin a legend!

  10. Front end reminds me of an International. I cannot get warmed up to the W990 , and think Kenworth slipped a gear coming out with it. 🙁

  11. I work for Papé Kenworth, my regional manager said the 990 is NOT replacing the 900… Yet. The 900 and the Cummins engines can't meet emissions standards by 2025-2030, so after that the 990 and PACCAR engines will be the standard. I don't like it either, but blame the government, not Kenworth.

  12. I figured that Peterbilt would have already done the same thing with the new style cab I kept checking web sites to see if thay where was blindsided by the W990. Cool truck!

  13. I kinda like it. Got warm up to it though. I think once it's rolling on the roads,people will change their minds.

  14. I commented on this beautiful truck two maybe three months ago and I am still interested in this truck I would surely love to own one could tell me what am I looking at for price on one that is custom built to my specs as well as one that has already hit your lot

  15. One of their biggest mistake is..I'm driving a T880 at the present moment and when the rain is falling and u open the door the water runs off the roof onto the control for the window and the floor..WATER GUTTER NEEDED AND FAST ..INT 9900 has it…

  16. Les falto espirasion para ese camión pobre sito me gusta más el w900 y el centenario ala otra metale más cabeza para el trailer q ballan a sakar

  17. 990 is a good looking truck etc etc. However, push on a headlight sense cover and they flex like rubber. Poor quality. Makes me wonder what other cheap crap PACCAR built in.

  18. truck looks like crap, brutal i mean brutal, might as well get a volvo, this will help sky rocket pete 589 sales

  19. Ugly Ass Truck.The Mirror Brackets Look Weak.Plasric No No Trucker Likes Em.Missing The Large Air Cleaners. Plastic Instrument Panel
    Looks Like A Mack/ Poor Mans Pete.Kenworth Blew It.Kinda Looks Like An Old International
    Eagle Hood Its A Loser.Gotta Hope
    They Dont Flub Up The 660..✌🦖⚽️(Trucker Since 1983).W900L
    With The Studio Sofa Sleeper Was
    The Best.✌

  20. Hi this is Andy from the UK I wish you put some lights on the top of the cabs like we do in the UK as he just finish your trucks off

  21. It's a 680/880 with a different hood. I dont like the sleepers in these. But equip this with the Paccar 510/1850 and it would be a great pulling fuel sipping unit

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