2020 Range Rover Evoque First Look — Walkaround, Features and Interior

2020 Range Rover Evoque First Look — Walkaround, Features and Interior

is the first time we’ve had the chance to look
at the 2020 Range Rover Evoque here in the US. It was actually launched back
in November in London, England, right on Thanksgiving. So you were probably too
busy stuffing yourself with your turkey to notice. It’ll be in your showrooms this
spring, price around $42,000, and will do battle
with the likes of the Volvo XC40,
the forthcoming Audi Q3, and the BMW X2. The Evoque’s always been
a bit of a fashionista, but the old model originally
launched back in 2012 was really starting
to show its age. This new one is a lot more
grown up and sophisticated. It blends elements
of the old Evoque with detailing from the larger
and more expensive Velar, and we like it. There’s a real sort of elegance
to it, although some of these rose gold detailing
won’t be on every model. Now, unlike the
outgoing Evoque, it will only be available
as four-door. The two-door is no more. And neither is the
convertible, probably one of the silliest cars that
Land Rover’s ever produced. Launch vehicles will have
a choice of either a 246 horsepower, 2 liter
turbo 4, or a 296, which uses a mild hybrid system,
the [INAUDIBLE] electric motor. All wheel drive
will be standard. But in the future, we’ll see
front-wheel drive versions of the Evoque together
with a plug-in hybrid. Inside, the styling hybrid of
the old Evoque and the Range Rover Velar continues. This center console
area and its touchscreen functionality is pinched
straight from the Velar. But for the first
time on Evoque, you can have Apple
CarPlay or Android Auto. [SIGHS] Hallelujah, right? There’s also some
neat technology, including a new gadget that
allows you to effectively see a virtual image of the area
underneath the hood, which should make parking lot easier. Can’t wait to try that when
we get to drive it next month. Now, you might have noticed,
looking at the profile, that the Evoque has
quite an angular roof. And normally, that
robs rear headroom, but I’m 6’4″ and I’m pretty
comfortable back here, even though this vehicle
has the optional glass roof. What you don’t, though, get is
a huge amount of rear leg room. Land Rover is saying they’ve
improved it by about an inch, but, pft, still pretty
tight back here. One thing the new Evoque
hasn’t done is grow. Land Rover talked to
existing customers– 75% of whom live
in urban areas– and they said they didn’t
want a bigger vehicle. So it remains a diminutive
choice, particularly in US terms. Although, of course, if you
want a larger Land Rover, there’s the Velar, the Range
Rover Sport, and the big daddy Range Rover topping it all. Paying well over $40,000
for something so small will always be a challenge
for a mainstream audience. But for anyone who loved the
old Evoque and cars like the X2, this welcome improvement
might be just the ticket. [MUSIC PLAYING]

23 thoughts on “2020 Range Rover Evoque First Look — Walkaround, Features and Interior

  1. 0:52 Hopefully the fit and finish is a bit better on the production model, including that rose gold detail.

  2. So the exterior still looks like every cop car I see on every corner in the Ford Explorer. Shame Ford whored out this once elegant design and made it common now. Land Rover needed to do more

  3. When I think of Range Rovers, I imagine the vehicles on safari in Africa, of the past. THIS damn thing is so purdy I wouldn't want to park it at a shopping mall. Range Rover sure has changed its stripes over the years. Its now a luxury SUV! No thanks!

  4. When Velar was introduced on a market they were telling that new Range had got design of Evoque. Now when new Evoque is revealed same bloggers claim that it is little Velar. Bullshit ! By the way – overrated car.

  5. 2018 and 2019s with tech package have apple car play.

    Thank you for all the misinformation. Good job.

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