25 X 45 Corner independent House With Luxury interior design

25 X 45 Corner independent House With Luxury interior design

Moscato stove hello everyone I've come here eternal Harrogate passed overhead to your house – an independent corner house a 125 square yard my fur now my dear mouse this key dimension has virtue – palace or the built-up area Joe bishop chance quite protective ground or first Formula three / – Man 3 was room you have cologne area at the corner houses under sorry wouldn't accountable yep kappa ricky area of the diversified boonies the air patroller because of the draaga you know more about the NPR do better with you in better living area even under commander yeah positive or he prefer with any noise [Applause] I wish my father what Carmen de una llamada modular kitchen head even our first records – bathroom we should balcony space be here new tiles change William you're up to something a theater almari money we have proper the second battle but I'd love for you to be submerged volcanic lady – time for some good here this weekend Del Mar Amelia cone [Applause] you can transport them we are two bars here gladly realist agrarian proper you still taught a seminar a muddler give it a Arjona away et cetera I'm not even you guys know okay bathroom man this could become very hard where everybody's awakened me up there you know just bear with me a little bit silly to you thanks for watching please subscribe

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  1. Why do you mention 10 lakh in your video tittle is it a clickbait because actually cost is 57 lakh in description.. 😒

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