19 thoughts on “27 Modern Glass Houses

  1. Superb houses!
    The music does NOT enhance the enjoyment of these beautiful homes, it's annoying and distracting.
    Why are the music tracks always in bad taste or incompatible?

  2. I do professional glass work out of Florida. I've been thinking of building something similar in kentucky. Only problem GLASS IS FUCKING HEAVY

  3. Bunch od idiotic people here. These glass panels are shatter proof. A home costs less made of these glass panels vs a material intensive dubble insulated structures. These homes are great for warmer states, with relaxed building codes. And what privacy? You add rolling privacy curtains on the whole structure with remote control? Also Americans are the worst when it comes to criticism. Intead of looking out side the box, You all have tunnel vision. Box head tube head muther***kers.

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