29+ Best Tiny Houses, Design Ideas for Small Homes

29+ Best Tiny Houses, Design Ideas for Small Homes

Hello! Welcome to the channel RunmanReCords Design! Today you will see the best tiny houses and interior design ideas. Beautiful tiny mobile home. Green tiny house. Bright house with a spacious kitchen. Cozy living room and tiny kitchen. Tiny rustic kitchen in a small house. Decor ideas for a tiny bedroom. Stylish copper sink and tiny dining room. Thank you for watching!

60 thoughts on “29+ Best Tiny Houses, Design Ideas for Small Homes

  1. You steal other peoples photos, slap a bit of music on and call it a video? I'm voting this one down because of that. Try making something a little more meaningful and less abusive of other peoples work.

  2. I like see the great updates and the slide shows it gives us a visual picture of some photos of your actual work and I am empressed in your construction work and architect work on the homes and modern styled.

  3. these slides shows are extremely annoying. please limit to 5 minutes only or don't post. no reliable source with just pictures are redundant.

  4. Had anyone else noticed the interiors are not matching up with the outside view of the next house. Its out of order and annoying to try and follow it.

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  8. Am I the only that has to pee in the middle of the night? I see me killing myself when half asleep on some of these stairs =P

  9. I agree with some people here. Just using photos without giving credit is both dishonest and also not really helpful, imho.
    Some of the ideas were gorgeous, and you make it very difficult to search for them and find additional info.

  10. I LOVE the tiny homes, but the video should have been more specific and named each house before it was shown. How do we know which one to order?

  11. Sleeping in a loft presents the hazard of negotiating a latter when your half asleep. I have a suggestion for you. Build the bedroom on the main deck with the same 3' ceiling. And have the living room above it with an 8' ceiling. Your little house would be like a split level home.

  12. In a way if a person wants yo live a long time in a tiny home..then they should at least try to think of their old days…like having a shower abd a toilet upstairs as well as down stairs …yes it takes dome space but necessary one day….

  13. The Tiny Ski lodge home is absolutely genius, it's one of my favorites.I love the blue color on the outside, but the bottom living space with the ski table is the best feature for sure. I love that space.

  14. was expecting more than an album put into a slideshow video program. 😒 seriously, even a list of links would have been more helpful than this. dislike.

  15. OMG,at 0:59 on the top left corner i thought i saw an over sized cat.But just a pillow…….or is it….

  16. Btw if your interested in any picture of a tiny house in this video go to search and put in description i.e. Tiny house with rooftop terrace , tiny house with natural wood etc..and there are several to choose from and you probably will find the one in this video or an even better one. All the images are merely a catalog to shop your particular design and aesthetics, happy hunting

  17. Garbage. None of your work. None of your designs. Free music with pics ripped from Pinterest. Trash channel ……

  18. Frankly some of those stairs/steps are unsafe/dangerous! Imagine carrying bedding up while balancing, cleaning products, or a baby!!! Yikes! Recipe for serious issues beginning with FA……. (like the season) don't believe in negative wording of that sort. Or a child tripping on them and being seriously injured. Add to this failure to give credit to the builders/creators/designers is an insult to their talent. Like large companies who pay nothing to local artisans when importing products from overseas, and exploiting the talent, motivation, and love of art to those who created. It is an insult!

  19. Am I the only one wondering where the bathroom is? What if u have diarrhea and that is the only home u got? FYI I know nothing about these houses.

  20. Creo que a esta altura es inútil no admitir que en esta materia los franceses has superado POR MUCHO a estados unidos en la construcción de casas rodantes

  21. Nice. My favorite is Superadobe technology which was designed and developed by architect Nader Khalili and Cal-Earth Institute. Just search on YouTube using the term Cal-Earth.

    In short: This technique allows you to build a tiny home for less than $4k. The homes are as sturdy as they come and can survive tornadoes, and earth quakes. Several of these structures can be build as one home, with separate rooms, as spacious as you want and is structurally feasible.

  22. I don’t think showing the outside of the tiny home and then the loft really shows us any real design. 👎👎👎

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