3 Designs for “Don’t Ground Pound” Levels in Super Mario Maker.

3 Designs for “Don’t Ground Pound” Levels in Super Mario Maker.

Did you ever try to jump high into the air,
then did a somersault midair and landed on some bricks, bottom first? That hurts! Most people watching probably never did something
like this, but Mario does this at a daily basis, and it really starts to threaten his
health! If Mario continues doing so he might not be
able to sit in a chair without feeling pain in a couple of years, not even to think about
driving a clown car. Mario is an extremely important part of the
kidnapping prevention plans of the national mushroom security guards. He’s basically the only plan. Because of this they decided to develop a
list,in cooperation with bowser. A list full of important tips which should
help Mario to live healthy and safe. The healthy list of helping. It’s the responsibility of all of us to
keep Mario healthy and safe, because of this, we are going to take a look at three different
designs today, that should allow Mario to finally overcome his almost addictive ground
pounding behavior. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Our ground pounding prevention program starts
in the middle of a castle. At first glance this castle appears to be
a normal castle, actually it is not, because if Mario decides to ground pound here, the
floor disappears and he is forced to take a lethal lava bath. This should really teach Mario to finally
take his health more seriously! So Mario needs to survive here without ground
pounding! That’s no easy task. At first glance this area appears to be pretty
easy, but after a while more enemies drop from the ceiling. Once Mario defeated these enemies a final
wave of enemies lands. This time featuring Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr,
carries the exit key, which Mario totally desires, but in order to obtain it, our plumber
needs to defeat the heir to the koopa throne without ground pounding. Hooray! Okay so how does all of this work, well it’s
surprisingly actually simple! First we use chain chomp poles instead of
a floor here, because those poles get destroyed if ground pounded and push Mario and the camera
one block lower. At the bottom is our best friend hidden. Schrödingers Note Block. This noteblock tests the height of the camera
if Mario ground pounds, the camera is one block lower and therefore the note block becomes
triggered, triggers a p-switch and collapses the floor. That’s the whole trick. The enemies at the top are imprisoned in a
bouncy spring cell. this cell is a horrible place to be in, but
luckily for our goombas and piranha plants this cell opens up once a shelmet timer expires
and they are catapulted into the action. Next let’s take a look at a super simple
no ground pound hack. This design isn’t very flashy but it’s
super effective. Here the national mushroom security guards
health coaches decided to replace the floor with pow-blocks and ouching spikes. If Mario ground pounds onto one of the pow
blocks, the pow block goes pow, and mario finds himself on top of the evil spikes. So once again Mario has to make his way through
this stage without relying onto his somersault skills. This area is a garden full of swinging chain
chomps. The mushroom kingdom truly is a place of wonder. Sadly the swinging chain chomps try to eat
Mario. So our once a plumber than no plumber now
a plumber again needs to jump through all those dangerous dogs, while avoiding ground
pounds. After a while he becomes entrapped in this
small area together with a gigantic winged swinging chain chomp. Now Mario needs to survive here, until a hidden
timer expires and he is finally able to leave. Hooray! So let’s take a look at our final no ground
pound design. This design is different. Here we make use of the parallax scrolling
of the background in order to create a really unique puzzle stage. Okay so the idea is the following. There are 10 different question blocks at
the bottom. Nine of these question blocks contain Mushrooms,
one contains a muncher. Mario’s job is it to figure out which one
contains the muncher, because ground pounding a mushroom question block makes the ceiling
collapse and drops munchers on top of him. Ouch. But how is Mario supposed to find out which
question block is the save one. Well the parallax scrolling background might
help here. The background arcs have this little hole
in their middle, this whole has exactly the same size as Mario. In this stage Mario has to align himself with
this little hole, because then the hole in the arc to his right points exactly to the
question block that contains the muncher. Here it points to the sixth block, and as
it turns out the sixth block is the one that grants Mario the exit key. In the next room our plumber has to align
the background once again in order to proof that he understood this concept, before he
faces the final background ground pound puzzle. By the way the contraption is set up in such
a way that triggering the wrong blocks does nothing bad as long as the correct block is
triggered first. In our last room, mario needs to align the
background once again, but this time he isn’t able to see the whole background in all it’s
glory, because there is an evil semi solid platform, partly blocking his view. Now Mario needs to figure out where the center
of the background arc is without seeing it. But luckily Mario manages to figure this out,
and is finally able to leave this stage. The don’t ground pound onto mushroom question
blocks contraption is super simple. We have a simple setup where a p-switch becomes
triggered if a mushroom drops down, but if a muncher drops down, it frees the key that
lived inside the buzzy beetle, and blocks the p-switch. I have no idea how to ever communicate such
a concept to to the person controlling Mario, but there is definitely a lot of potential
here. But there is also one thing wrong with this
design! How is this supposed to help Mario to live
healthier again? Anyway that’s it for today and for don’t
ground pound contraptions. Thanks for watching this little video, I hope
you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you
feel especially like somersaulting today and happen to land on top of the subscribe button
as well. I hope that you have a wonderful day and to
see you soon. Goodbye!

100 thoughts on “3 Designs for “Don’t Ground Pound” Levels in Super Mario Maker.

  1. 2:35 The Mushroom Kingdom Health Center used Don't Ground Pound on the Pow Blocks!
    It's super effective!

  2. Ceave: Mario is apart of the NMKS
    Me: oh! Well I gotta say their plans are real-
    Ceave: he is their only plan…
    Me: facepalms

  3. So the solution to Mario's ground pounding is to fill the level with deadly traps that will kill him instantly…

  4. Even thought I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey for a long time, I still accidentally ground pound in the middle of my jumps

  5. 1:21 Mario needs to take care of his health better, so we give him a lethal lava bath.

    Because he doesn’t take care of his health, we burn him

  6. well if your an epic gamer and watch Mayro ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumgUoIV9t2aGtaQXmwXIAg ) you would know how to ground pound cancel and just do that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. “Lets make sure mario doesn’t get killed from his ground pounding addiction and stay healthy”
    kills him when he ground pounds

  8. 3 designs for no ground pounding.

    And then for design three he has a trick to ground pound

    Oh wait it teaches him to ground pound when needed

  9. first contraption

    "Mario needs to take his health more seriously"

    punished mario by making him fall into lava

  10. 0:00 There actualy was a time i tried to recreate mario's groundpound in real life and it hurt so bad i could not sit properly for a week so i can relate lol

  11. Mario needs to stop ground pounding

    1 Like = 1 repaired bun for Mario's butt

    Ok I think I went a little to far

  12. see that level with the scrolling is telling mario that he shouldn't ground pound everything he sees, as some of it might make him ouch

  13. Ok so your trying to help mario's health by killing him if he ground pound and he did not know he was not supposed.

    … Why not just tell him instead of killing him who cares about health IF HE IS DEAD..

  14. you know the pow trick prob won't work in SMM2 (cus it dosn't becuse i am typeing this after SMM2 released.)

  15. I hardly ever jump high into the air, then do a somersault mid-air and landed on some bricks bottom-first

  16. Umm I do not get the logic with the background scrolling.
    How am I gonna ever know how to figure that puzzle out? I do not get the thing how to get the answers.

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