3 Designs for Save the Enemies Levels in Super Mario Maker!

3 Designs for Save the Enemies Levels in Super Mario Maker!

Today we are going to take a look at the second
part of our new two part series called mario and the goombas become friends. In the first video Mario was forced to leave
all the koopas and goombas he met, healthy and alive, because in the previous video hurting
an opponent, meant hurting oneself. But today, today things are even more complicated
for our poor plumber, because pure pacifism isn’t enough today. Mario’s only chance to survive today’s video
is to actually become active and to help all the little poor goombas and koopas. Because only if Mario saves them, he will
be able to save himself. So are you ready let’s do this! Marios day starts in front of a koopa. usually Mario defeats every goomba he sees
as soon as possible, but this isn’t necessary here, since this koopa actually decides to
defeat himself. He walks straight into the lava, and rewards
Mario with a key while doing so. How awesome. But it gets even better, next Mario meets
a couple of goombas. But there are pow blocks near them which makes
defeating them really easy. it looks like bowser built this castle in
a way that it is really easy to defeat all the enemies here. That is if the enemies don’t straight up
walk into the lava themselves. What an awesome castle for Mario to play! Sadly there is a twist. Because at the end of this stage a locked
door and a vine await mario. The locked door clearly leads towards an ouching
saw blade above lava, so mario probably would prefer not to go this way. Sadly he has no choice, because above the
door there is an invisible block which contains a vine. Invisible blocks do not trigger if Mario climbs
on top of a vine, but if mario wants to climb on this vine he needs to press upwards, but
pressing upwards unlocks the evil ouching saw blade above lava gate. So there is no way for Mario to reach the
healthy flagpole gate at the top if he collected a key previously. The only way to not have a key in this stage,
is by preventing any enemy from dying, since all enemies in this stage contain a key. Clever bowser, clever and really evil. So back to the start. This time Mario has to save all the enemies. The koopas are easy to save, all he needs
to do is to throw them into a small prison where they aren’t able to commit lava suicide. The goombas are a little bit harder to save. Here Mario needs to use the pow block, in
order to block the goombas path. So that he decides not to walk into the hot
liquid anymore, since the pow block is a really strong argument against it. Then Mario needs to avoid stomping onto enemies
by accident, and he needs to save a couple of koopas again before he is finally able
to reach the exit door alive and keyless. Now he is able to climb on top of the vine
and to reach the saving exit door. Hooray! Okay so let’s talk about this door mechanism
for a moment. When building a stage where mario isn’t
allowed to collect a key it’s a really good idea to put a vine into the question block
and to have a reset door near, since a lot of Mario’s that play such a stage might
have no idea how this mechanism works and might trigger the invisible block by accident
even if they didn’t collect a key. But there is a problem with such a design. It can be easily cheesed. If Mario is on the very left side of the vine,
he is able to start to climb onto it even if he has a key. That’s inacceptable. So I tried to de-cheese this contraption,
and as it turned out that was quite a challenge. The first thing I tried was to have a one
way door there, and to have a shell trigger the vine. This shell is set up in a way that it only
loads once Mario is exactly on the question block that contains the vine. This should mean that the vine only appears
once Mario is inside the one way door, and therefore no longer able grab the vine without
activating the door. Sadly this doesn’t work. Since Mario is still able to walk out of the
one way door after triggering the shell, and then is able to cheese it in the same way
he did before. The next thing I tried was to have Mario fall
into this spot from above, so that it simply isn’t possible to grab the vine from the
far left. This works once Mario is on top of the question
block. Sadly it doesn’t work if mario lands close
to the exit door. Because then our cheesing plumber is able
to grab the vine from the exit door spot while he has a key, which is again: Completely unacceptable. Luckily a simple conveyor belt that leads
towards the reset gate solves this problem, because the conveyor belt always pushes Mario
behind the one way gate after landing, which makes grabbing the vine with key finally impossible. So if someone of you wonderful ladies and
gentleman watching this plans to build a stage where collecting keys is lethal, I’d recommend
to go with this design since it is resettable, and uncheesable. Or I’m at least 99% sure that it is uncheesable. next Mario find himself below a bullet blaster
on tracks and a koopa. This bullet blaster pushes the koopa slowly
towards the wall and threatens to crush it. Oh my god, can you see the panic in the koopas
face, Mario needs to do something about this. Or he doesn’t and continues forward. The end of the stage is blocked by a small
contraption which our plumber can’t trigger, only the koopa from before is able to trigger
this. So as it turns out Mario might really needs
to do something about this. Luckily Mario brought his awesome, stylish
and favorite headgear, the shellmet. This awesome head device allows Mario to bump
the koopa up and into safety. If our plumber manages to bump the koopa at
the right times the koopa opens up the exit path for Mario. Mario is now able to proceed, while the goomba
finds himself in the middle of a mushroom field and finally in safety. How touching! Okay so check this out. Here Mario finds himself in the middle of
a ghost house. There aren’t many threats to his health,
yet there is still a lot of stuff going on. In the first room a helpful shell defeats
a goomba at the top, then another helpful shell defeats another goomba, but this time
the goomba is at the bottom. In the next room there is a goomba imprisoned
in a horrific prison at the top. But not only this, there is also an ice blocks
on tracks which crushes the poor imprisoned goomba after a while. And finally another goomba gets crushed, and
then there is a small contraption, and the exit door. Sadly for Mario walking through this contraption
transforms the floor into … you guessed, it shiny yet deadly coins and drops mario
into his doom. The only chance Mario has to deactivate this
contraption is by saving all of the four goombas that got defeated before. Goomba one can easily be saved by hitting
the dangerous shell at the right time. Awesome. Saving goomba two is easy as well. All that Mario needs to do here is to jump
onto the shell at the right time. Sadly there is a dangerous firebar blade which
tries to prevent our plumber from doing so. But ultimately he manages to save the walking
brown mushroom. If Mario wants to save the third goomba he
needs to platform fast towards the top. Our italian hero has to drop the blue platform
down before the dangerous ice block crushes the brave goomba. This releases the goomba from his prison at
the top and imprisons him in a prison at the bottom. What a lucky goomba he is. The final goomba can be saved with a well
timed jump. So if everything worked out as planned the
contraption that destroyed the floor before, should not activate now, since Mario did as
he was told and saved all the goombas. Hooray, this time Mario is able to reach the
exit door. Okay so how did all of this work. Well it’s actually surprisingly simple. It works because of an incredible cool trick. Recently I was browsing through some comments
and I stumbled over this comment by warspyking. He mentioned that items on tracks aren’t
the only way to keep something globally loaded. Since firebars, and items on top of firebars
stay loaded globally as well. I was like NO, WAY. Why would they code the game like thi… and
yup. That’s exactly what happens. Everything that’s on top of a firebar, stays
loaded in the elb, and firebars do not unload as well. Shoutout and thanks to warspyking for telling
me about this trick. So the stage from before makes heavy use of
this trick. The idea here is that the goombas end on top
of a fire bar if Mario saves them. If they are on top of a firebar they enter
global ground and stay loaded in the entity limit b. So if Mario saves all four goombas, then there
are four goombas stored that would not be there otherwise. At the end of the stage we load in a bunch
of goombas on tracks and use hidden thwomps to donut overflow the elb so that there are
exactly 96 items loaded in. If Mario saved all four goombas, the goombas
are still loaded since they are on top of firebars and because of this the elb is at
exactly one hundred if mario safed all the goombas, which means that the p-switch isn’t
allowed to spawn. Awesome isn’t it. Anyway that’s it for today and for save
the enemies contraptions in super mario maker. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel like mario and the goombas
became especially friends today, and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that you have a wonderful day and to
see you soon! Goodbye!

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