3 Designs for Shops in Super Mario Maker!

3 Designs for Shops in Super Mario Maker!

collectibles in Super Mario maker are pretty useless coins and 1up mushrooms provide almost no value and that’s a pity because valuable optional collectibles are something that is crucial to the design of all main Mario games that’s a huge layer of Mario that is completely missing in Super Mario maker and it’s time to change this today we are going to make collectibles more valuable because today we’ll take a look at three designs for shops in Super Mario maker where mari is able to buy useful stuff by paying with optional collectibles he found previously so you ready let’s do this [Music] Mario stays starts pretty interesting he finds himself in the middle of the dangerous lava bubble snake cavern as the name implies this cavern is inhabited by dangerous lava bubble snakes that aren’t too happy about our plumbers presence and try to burn him but not only do dangerous lava bubbles Naik’s live here that delicious 1up mushrooms too as well if Murray wants to eat those extra life granting mushrooms he has to go out of his way and he has to overcome a couple of optional challenges so far so good the interesting thing here is the toast one of mushrooms not only act as extra lives but also as a currency for the upcoming shop in this shop room Marv is able to trade Springs for valuable goods he is able to purchase a shell mat for one spring the access to a bonus area a cloud or in case Murray fields is specially wealthy today even a key a key is to spring stove the interesting thing here is that the amount of Springs Mario gets when entering the shop is equal to the number of how many one of mushrooms he collected previously if Mario got all three one of mushrooms he’s granted free Springs if he collected none he obtains none if you collect the two he obtains two and so on so here Mario actually real is incentivized to eat all the yum-yum mushrooms in the first part of the stage since they really help him to beat the stage but how we able to grant Mario Springs equal to the amount of 1ups he ate well it’s actually surprisingly simple we use super simple ELC manipulation at beginning of the level we load 97 mushrooms globally into the ELC then there are three 1up mushrooms on tracks that Mario passes while making its way through the dangerous fire snake cavern those are loaded into the ELC as well which brings it up to 100 and means no one of mushrooms are able to spawn anymore but if Mario ate some of the mushrooms a spot in the ELC gets freed which means that one 1up mushroom is able to spawn once Mario is inside the shop area this little device transform spawned one-offs into springs and that’s the whole night ship trick hooray next let’s take a look at a shop system with semi randomized loot that is really simple to setup so here our plumber finds himself in a randomized stage he’s always either able to enter the upper or the lower pipe each one of those pipes transports Mario into a different MINI CHALLENGE here he either has to escape a dangerous mad mole that not only chomps around but also armed himself with a bullet blaster double his size or he has to platform on top of moving platforms while avoiding arching spikes both of those mini challenges are easy to survive for brave plumber the real challenge is getting the optional keys that are hidden here those keys are the currency for the upcoming shop after the first mini challenge will repeat the whole process our plumber has to once again survive one out of two randomly chosen mini rooms which once again contain an optional key challenge and then then the shop layout becomes randomized if our plumber leaves this area through the upper pipe then he’s able to either buy a spiked shell mud or a mushroom and a 1-up with the keys he previously found if the lower pipe is active the shop sells a fire flower and the normal shell Matt hooray the shop here should be pretty self-explanatory which has used keys as currency and lock doors as the way to pay what’s interesting in this mall concert stage however is the way we randomize the pipes so first if any one of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen ever plans to randomize something don’t use this design because it’s basically the world’s most over complicated pipe randomizer super complicated to set up and slower than other methods but it’s cool that it works nonetheless you make use of the fact that pipes which are loaded at the same time have a random delay before they spit out their content one of those two pipes spits Springs the other one spits power blocks if the pipe that contains the springs activates first then the spring drops down and afterwards the POW block drops onto the spring this makes the power look surprisingly athletic and forces him to jump upwards to this problem which in consequence goes boom and opens up the path at the top if the POW block drops down first Weber then this shell met triggers the POW block which opens up the lower area awesome and finally let’s take a look at a shop where Red Coins are the currency kind of this time marason trapped in an evil ghost house filled with moving plat forms and firing cannons the stage itself isn’t too difficult but there are once again optional challenges in throughout the level that allow Mario to obtain currency to buy awesome stuff later here our currency are those red coins there is a total of five red coins hidden throughout the ghost house for Mario to collect once Mario reaches the shop area he is able to shop with those coins so how we able to allow Mario to shop with red coins well we aren’t there is no way to use red coins to buy stuff in Mario maker because of this our plumber isn’t able to shop with the red coins themselves but with power blocks instead there are five Publix burners hidden inside the shop the number of power blocks that spawn is equal to the number of Red Coins Mario collected previously we’ve collected no red coin no power blocs pawns if we collected three free public spawn if he collected one one spawns and so on those power blocks can now be dropped into those little shopping holes in order to buy stuff the things sold in the lower row are two power blocks the ones in the upper row cost one cool so if amare got three Red Coins he’s now able to buy a fire flower and a 1-up hooray but how are the Red Coins linked to the power blocks burners well it’s actually surprisingly simple again because they aren’t it’s the blue platforms that we place below the red coins that are a link to the shopping system whenever Mario collects one of those coins he also drops a platform down those blue platforms are on tracks and therefore they are globally loaded and stored in the ELB so if Mario drops down none of these platforms then 5lb spots are occupied once Mario reaches the shop entrance then we globally donut overflowed he’ll be 485 while Mario runs towards the shop this brings the LP count up to 90 next to 5 shell mats and the five springs are loaded in which brings TLB up to 100 then the question blocks are triggered since ELB is currently at 100 no power block spawns this time but if Mario for example dropped down three platforms previously then he’ll be is only at 97 and three power blocks are able to spawn before the ELP is filled again that’s the whole trick afterwards the rest of the shop area loads and overflows TLB but since the powers are loaded in before this happens we don’t have to worry about it and here we have it three designs for shops in Super Mario maker one produces one of mushrooms as currency one that uses blue platforms and red coins and one that uses keys I hope you enjoyed this little video if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe feel especially like on a shopping spree today and wanted to subscribe button as well the next couple of videos will take a little bit longer than usual since I currently have a lot of non Mushroom Kingdom stuff to do but I hope that all of you have a wonderful day and – see you soon good bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “3 Designs for Shops in Super Mario Maker!

  1. The info here is kinda interesting but every time I hear "our plumber", "yummy mushroom" "dangerous or *insert enemy name*" I die a little inside. I thought I could baer it, but then came the "ouchie spikes" part and that's where I draw the line.

  2. Wow. I recently got SMM for 3DS and I'm so happy to have found your channel and this video! Thank you so much!!!!!

  3. When I finally find the video were he explains how the entity limit works


    Is makeable a word?
    Like, I mean make-able

  4. When all of the good “it’s surprisingly simple” jokes are taken but then you realize that coming up with a different type of joke is actually surprisingly simple!

  5. 1 and 3 didn't work for me =L. I don't know what went wrong, I put all the mushrooms in and the 1-ups come out anyway. same with the pow blocks. =( Did it update out?

  6. That's… GENIUS!!! =O Gotta learn how to do that on Mario Maker 2 and create some fun RPG-like courses with those!! =D

  7. 2018 Ceave: So there is glitches and broken stuff in Super Mario 3D World.
    2019 Ceave: And that is Mario Saves The Enemies.

  8. For the first time you explained something ridiculously complex that I actually understood. Am I loosing it?

  9. i was thinking:make it so players can set up a world and then it can be optional to make a shop where you spend the coins collected on powerups and maybe the powerups will save between gamemodes

    just an underrated suggestion

  10. This was amazing. I think I might try to make a level with a shop in MM2 if they don’t change a lot of mechanics that are used for the shop.

  11. Okay the anmount of max shrooms doesnt play a role anymore, the cannon will give u the 1ups, even if there are more than 100

  12. When you need to do an exam but you don't know anything so you call Ceave
    Ceave: Well it's actually surprisingly simple

  13. Ceave, I think I have another show idea! I think we can make Mario collect coins for shells fo items. We can use the idea from the “Collect Every Coin” video and unspawnblock bullet blasters and use it to not make a shellmet fall if a bullet blaster is there and make it fall if he didn’t.

  14. About the intro – in fact, collectables are more valuable in SMM than in any previous game, at least for the 100 Mario challenge Still a very good video!

  15. Is there a way to get this to work in Super Mario Maker 2? I really want to encourage my players to get my optional 1-ups outside of Endless run.

  16. love these videos but i feel like as a 42 yr old who finds it confusing, this is not going to help the average gamer much… though about doing versions for idiots where you break everything down into idiot proof explanations and show how to build the mechanics from scratch?

  17. Another extension on to this concept would be vending machines. Imagine a contraption that only works to spit out a power-up if there is a green koopa or spiny or that takes in a mushroom and exchanges it for a leaf.

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