29 thoughts on “3 Easy DIY Home Decor | Magnetic Lamp, Concrete Candle Holder, Planters

  1. dude, did you build your home too cause I'm looking at youtube channel for the first time and man old man

  2. Guessing your wife spends her weekends at a swap meet with her table of cool stuff you made.
    December Bazaars? She’d make a killing.
    You never have to buy gifts….
    Too cool!

  3. I enjoy watching your videos you're one of my favorite DIY guys to watch because a lot of then they only make more tools for their tools and you actually make decorative abs items for the house thank you for sharing your ideas with us

  4. Love how creative you are!! That little magnetic lamp is genius!! I think I’ll try that!! I built bookshelves for my sons nursery, it was pretty easy. My grandpa was a carpenter so I think it’s in the blood to want to build things. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Happy v-day💋

  5. Nice work.
    For your planter I would make a suggestion to save time in the future. First drill a center hole all the way through the piece with a regular bit long enough to do so. Then use that to line up your hole saw from each side. even if the hole saw doesn't reach over halfway from each side there will still be less chiselling.

  6. Is it unnecessary to buy pvc coupler? No, do you have used up spray paint, spray furniture wax, or just any spray products? The plastic cap on top is as good as the pvc coupler.

  7. I like the candle idea but i would want to make a bigger one and where i can remove the glass candle my girlfriend and i love these

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