3 Point Lighting

3 Point Lighting

everybody loves another episode of the
fruitful major the place where money matters but not that much there is a recipe that i mentioned in
the previous episode in fact mclamb playing thats three-point lighting three-point line is a very basic writing
technique that everybody uses and you’ll use it to a lot of times its use that for five
most agencies for interviews but you can adapt it for all kinds of things because
the basic understands technique will open up all
kinds of doors for you if you don’t understand it already and three point wait refers the three
lights the key light delight in the back light key leisure strongest light source in
the shot is this one right here is the wonder la bulb closest to me and say that the strongest
elimination the semesters an extra mislaid is revered it’s actually filling in the shadows
from this light because it’s filling me later for two
days the delighted to turn off the filet the civic union creeps pretty much
harsher of more dramatic effect which is also true that we have
flattering sincere on interviews enjoyment excellence facing evenly lips are mostly with we still have a
strong side week said you with the fill out on your lapel light on south to run
again the third light in the setup is live
backlight because it’s coming from behind you and i recently what health thirty five
are eligible clinton bookshelf above means also that there is a control
level but if you look at the show you can see that my hair and the sight of my
shoulders are illuminated by the slight which helps two separate me from the background never return the slide off like so you see the shots though is that ok uh… but now it’s also wrote a flat not separate from the background as much
as she’s not as appealing especially with new shooting this interview teo you don’t have a lot of depth of field
so you know wat has moved to create as much artificial dept as possible and do
that with black white turn their back on notice also to crank it all the way up
it creates more angelic affected creates a halo light from above often associated with heaven so its effect you’re going to get if you
have it all the way she created down creates more pleasing
effect separating you from the background some
of the background for a second because even though we’re done talking another
three lights in the shop in the fourth flight which is pretty much andheri shuttle seamless
some of the incident black backdrop and that’s the background lifetime i
have the book case behind me lit by a two hundred fifty wat were quite withstand and uh… that helps the background now look black patrol out that way they would turn it
off like that can’t reach it right now so i won’t but is a savings helping the wide shot of
that what is putting the backgrounds of its just helps to create just a more
evenly lit shot here are some other examples of three
point lead in action now here’s a setup which only differs in fact the rooms bigger and talented
standing this is christina interviewed her for
months ago and louisiana and which is led by the exact same so
that you just saw me being with my too incandescent bulbs and clifford fixtures along with a senate by what halogen
spotlight attached to a dinner all those lights are on pbc stands him and you can see here that the q_ a’s on
the left side and carol left the fillers and generate agency the strong so weak set interface
the backlight is hitting her hair on the right which gives a nice little accent the back right here is a really behind
goes nowhere to put this and you can see so it’s off to the right after camera right somebody axons or heroin nicely now the problem hearing counter was how
do you possibly light this room wasn’t light of similar color
temperature world the fact is you can’t so i couldn’t because i don’t have the
lights so what i did was i basically turn on
all lights on the room in the room you can see him they’re all on hope for instance use that to eliminate the room but i
white balanced on christie’s i make sure her skin tones are correct now know that
none of this footage is color correct at all memorandum retested done anything to it
crop that anything under the shows up looking pretty good
knee deep in the air for us since school quite so it matched pretty well when he is a couple really poor cell
phone shots that show my setup you may notice too that those up
gymnastics feather set up around the camera to hopefully improve the sound quality which i have a
surfeit there was a really a clearance i try to set those up to help trap the
sound of not make it so bad much reporter or not there is another example using standing
talent again uh… and other very big room that i
could not possibly light but it’s so same exact lighting clamp
lights and this involves a backlight certified what’s halogen cash to derail
accessing lighting setup for this time as you notice how blew the background is
now and i turn on all the lights maroon white balanced on a child’s face of the
entire room turned blue by his enemy walkers have been super cold but but i did was too achieve this officially turned off most
alliance between him and the stage that you can
see the background and i just turn on the ones that were
around the state agency had turned the walls blue because i think in a white
balanced on him effect if you look at the stage you can
see someone walking around back there and they actually looked correctly
litter the color temperature looks right at light on the very top of the state
looks white but that’s how i got around not having a flights to like the
background here but he looks pretty good the instruction we’ve said and finally we have someone again
seating this is actually the same big room of the stage unleashes sitting down men being with us in exactly with the
two into this involves a graduate student the senator was spotlight this looks pretty good thing because and a m him knowing the background at
all this decision as you turned on everything else is off so they can attest blue because i’m
white bouncing on her but if you notice is something that
makes the schuller good even though i do anything as the white that’s hitting the arms of the chair which shows some
of its coming from the back late you can see there’s a shadow bean
casserole or part of the left arm probably because of accolades casting a shadow on her her body is
casting a shadow from the back away but everything else is a he would buy
those to clamp flights and looks pretty decent and that essentially three-point
lighting feel free to take the set up a twisted all kinds of ways brokers
twisted effects if you like this tip please come through
florida comparable or you can find some instructables twitter and facebook we’ll
see later bye

93 thoughts on “3 Point Lighting

  1. Good job and thanks for the videos.

    What did you mean by "I white balanced on the talent's face"? How do you do that? That is, their face isn't white. Did you hold a white card in front of their face and white balance on that?

  2. @popper666 That's exactly what I meant, sorry I wasn't more clear. Since the background is under a different color light, it's important to make sure you get good skin tones by WB on the lights that are hitting the talent's face.

  3. The key and fill lights are both 100w soft white incandescent bulbs. The back light is a 75w spot light cranked to about 40% using a homemade dimmer from episode 1. The background light is a 250w worklight.

  4. Thanks for this! I noticed you had some blue gels on your lights. What was the purpose? How do you decide when to use gels as opposed to diffusers?

  5. @myhatbroke The blue gels are to give my bulbs the same cast as daylight. When daylight is coming in my window, I have to gel the lights to match. If I don't, when I white balance to the incandescent bulbs, the daylight will look blue. You can see this effect (or mistake) in some of my videos. I try to shoot my show at night, but when I have to do it in the daytime, I gel the lights.

  6. @thefrugalfilmmaker Cool! Hey, I have a frugal way of making difusers. Those same clamp lights covered with white tissue paper instead of gels do the trick. Do a video on diffusing light please!

  7. @myhatbroke I don't know if I would trust tissue paper over incandescent bulbs–they could easily burst into flame (this is also an issue with things like paper lanterns)! I would use wax paper over tissue paper. Still, you have a good idea for a show! I'll add it to the list…

  8. Great job! I was just wondering if you would use this same setup for shots in a short film, such as action shots or just regular daytime conversations. Also, what bulbs do you use?

  9. @JordanBlaze3 Lighting is a huge topic, but this setup will work for interviews or conversations or closeups or whatever you want. Experiment! Key light, fill light and back light is a very basic technique. I use two 100 watt incandescent soft white bulbs (key/fill) and one halogen spot on a dimmer (back light).

  10. @WigManPhil For that setup I'd recommend hanging a paper lantern with a 200 watt bulb in front and above the subject. This would create "butterfly" lighting (Google it), which is very flattering on women. Watch the "PVC Light Stand" episode to see one way of suspending these inexpensive soft light sources.

  11. @thefrugalfilmmaker I was all set and ready to go with my new 3 point lighting setup (for a music instruction video) and as soon as we powered up the audio equipment, there was a horrible power hum coming from the guitar. We determined that it's the dimmer switch on the backlight. Has anyone brought this to your attention before? If so, is there a frugal fix?

  12. @mike702dax It's common knowledge in the video world that you should avoid plugging in your audio recorder (or camera if you are recording sound to that) and run off of batteries to avoid AC line noise. I've never had your scenario before, but it may be the same thing. You could try putting the dimmer on a different circuit than the amp to see if that fixes things. If not you may need to purchase or construct an AC line filter.

  13. @thereelmovieshow Sure. I'd have a clampie (with at least a 100w bulb) per person, one backlight per person and and a second light on the background. Experiment and see what works best. Hmmm, maybe a video on this is in order?

  14. @thereelmovieshow Backlights can also work if off to the side. You're just looking for a little on the shoulder / side of the head that give you a little separation from the background.

  15. I'm having trouble with keylighting. I'm intending to use it at a desk, meaning I only have about 1 Metre space infront of me to place a light. I found a light at officeworks which has a led light on it. It's similar to your Clamp lighting video!

    Anyway, the problem for me is the source light is too powerful, and has no dimmer (2W led/35w equivlant). Can you reccomend a method to soften, diffuse and in general make it more tolerable?

  16. @supercockroach Have you tried wax paper? It should work great with LED lights, as there is no hot bulb to contend with.

  17. @callmeleelee If you've got the HFS10, then you've got the same camera I have, only yours has more internal memory.

  18. this is a brilliant – am also new to lighting for video. A strange thing though – these lights seem very low wattage compared to other videos Ive seen – one makeshift softbox seemed to suggest "worklight" with diffusers – 500w for one light source as a key light – yet here has 70 watt bulbs – is there something Im missing, or is it personal choice? Either way it looks great!

  19. @misterwillguitar if you were going to do a "infinite white" background would you still need a backlight? I assume you could do this effect with a sheet over your bookcase (kept as flat as possible) and the 250w light moved nearer to over-expose it in the camera? Again am new to all this, am just going off what I picked up on other tutorials…….

  20. @TheElectricRider I believe the idea of key and fill is to give your subject a more three-dimensional look (also known as "modeling"). Flat lighting is easier, but it doesn't have the dimension that is more aesthetically pleasing. As you say, it's all subjective. I like 3-point, others are fine with flat, to each his own. Thanks for the comment on my kid, I like her too.

  21. @1mrmproductions I believe I own four. The crummy Big Lots version has been stripped of its clamp duties and is now used for paper lanterns only.

  22. Great tutorial. I definitely subscribed. Question. What are the heights of the lights…I get the placement of them. I'm sure there are variable about how high to set it but I was wondering if there is a basic rule of the thumb? Like does the backlight need to be placed higher than the other lights?HELP thanks

  23. @EGOSWORLD1 I don't know if there is a rule, but I try to go for a 30-45 degree angle, but I would say experiment to see what works best for you. The backlight IS higher in my setup, but I don't know if it has to be. Again, experiment.

  24. @djmorange I think you're right, that is the general rule. I've adapted based on what I think ends up looking the best. Some people hate backlight, so it's all about what you want the end result to be.

  25. Could you tell me the wattage of the fill light you used? You said the key light was 100 watts and that the fill was weaker. Thank you very much for putting up this instructional video. Very helpful to me–"a beginner."

  26. You know I was trying to find lighting techniques a while back ago and nothing helped. You helped more than what I was expecting. Thank you!

  27. @christakylovesyou I am working on making a green screen video in my home. What do you do in the way of video and lighting, etc.? Thanks.

  28. I suspect somewhere in here there is a reference to the dimmer switch you use for the halogen. Do you have a source?

  29. Most tools and clamps should be purchased at harbor freight if one is around your area, Home Depot, I get my supplies, Pvc and glue, screws, nuts, bolts, Example, I saw the pvc cutter at homedepot for around 13 bucks, harbor freight they r 4-8 bucks depnding on the sale they are running at the time..

  30. First of all thanks soo much for all your videos!! I built the PVC stands as well! Question: You mention that the key light is your strongest and it's 100w but how many watts is your fill? Thanks in advance!!

  31. Thank you, this is the best resource i've come across in a long time, it gives me so much hope, thank you.

  32. For some reason 3-point lighting always makes people look greenscreened in to me. Like, it's not really a bad thing, but the added depth just makes it seem unreal, more like something flat in front of another flat thing than really deep. Might just be me.

  33. what would you do to get the best depth of field with a consumer camera? I know the easiest way is to zoom in as far as you can with optical zoom, but I don't have a good way to do that it I'm in a tight filming space. do you have any suggestions?

  34. hello there. thank you for your great tip on three point lighting. do you have any advice on applying this to a moving subject?

  35. You just have to really plan your lighting. Use a stand in and rehearse, seeing where the light falls on the moving subject. Adjust accordingly.

  36. What a gem of a find! I'm starting out in basic video/filmmaking with the goal of filming shorts. Lighting is one of the things I can never get a straight answer out of anyone on how they effectively light subjects. Awesome videos!

  37. I just want to way I appreciate everything you do. Very informative and to the point. I wish Film Riot and Indy Mogul would take notes from you.

  38. Amazing tips!

    I have a $350 – $500 budget for lighting. Would you suggest a 3 light kit with soft boxes for interviewing purposes? I have been shopping at B & H and came across an Impact Soft and Natural 4 Socket 3 Light Kit. Would you recommend the purchase for interview lighting? Any help is much appreciated!!

  39. Great video! We made a similar one recently. Check out my channel, I would love to hear your thoughts.

  40. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.
    * The only thing I didn't quite like was the last lady's black shirt drowned in blackness of the background.
    * Once I didn't have the secondary light; I used a reflective plane instead.
    * Maybe (just maybe) you could experiment with a color of the backlight to give (imho) even more film-tasty look.

  41. Interesting. I've heard the name before, but never REALY knew what was. I would have thought it would have had to have more expensive lights (don't know why I thought that) but any light will work. Thanks for the info and I will definitely try to use this technique when I can.

  42. I have a question about using the back light.  I want to use this system to light myself for doing Google Hangouts.  The problem is I have no hair so how do I lessen the "shine" on my head from the back light?

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