42 thoughts on “$300 Budget, Bathroom Remodel

  1. You can see here a 3d bedroom concept inspired by Game Of Thrones https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=GGp39iesvJc

  2. Love it 😍 this video just gave life . You did such a gorgeous bathroom,😍😍Know I could go ahead and try to do my bathroom 🤗🤗..

  3. Your videos are always a great inspiration, giving me ideas of how to make changes in my own home. Thanks for sharing

  4. Looks amazing! I didn't think mixing finishes could be a thing but…you totally pulled it off! And I totally dig the black finishes…my fave is the ceiling fan.

  5. Question pls:- I didn’t understand about the Shower curtain… did you use
    2 vertically
    so u can make it longer ?
    2 Horizontally
    so you can gather a little ?
    Both 🤔🤔🤔

  6. All I kept thinking was I wish I had $1200 to remodel my bedroom, bathroom, etc. 😂 Awesome job as usual. Wish I had your talent, eye for beauty or what looks good. 😊

  7. Hi Do you have any suggestions on how to clean or do something with the slip grids in a tub. They look gray next to the white and I have tried everything to try to clean them. I am thinking of getting a tub mat to hide the ugly grid. Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.

  8. I did the same to my bathroom, except I had a company glaze my dated, marble vanity top. Changing my vanity doors with a beadboard finish made the vanity look new.

  9. Love it! Btw what about just going to a fabric store and getting the length and fabric you need for the shower? The Black touches are subtle and elegant!

  10. You're a VERY gifted designer Rebecca.
    Great job! I love the 3 budgets…that teaches me a lot and HELPS me so much! Thanks! Great job!

  11. LOVELY!! I love the cute patterns. But I have bought one from Amazon and I have no time to do. It's nice and elegant. You can have a look.


  12. How absolutely beautiful! I love how you broke this project down to three budgets. I now know more or less where I can begin. I will be honest and say I've suffered from some kind of mental health issues, like if I can't do everything at once or how I really want it then I don't do anything at all, so I've had my bathroom in need of a remodel for many years but I am at a point where I know I need to start somewhere even if it's small and in steps. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  13. Love this remodel Rebecca! I live in a small apt. I have a problem… I hear the music and TV from our wonderful neighbor. What do you suggest??? OK not moving is an option:)

  14. Your work is devine…but it often feels so far from what I can do {I am starting over financially, due to illness-it is not wise for me to spend to much]. Thank you for this-very nice. [Also cool to not throw good cabinets in a landfill]

  15. Hi Rebecca! Not sure if you remember me. It's Michelle Vilanova. We were on worship team together way back when in SD. It's been so great to see you on these videos. I've missed your positive energy and your amazing smile. Please look me up on FB. I would love to catch up. God bless dear friend.

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