300sq ft apt looks expensive with no budget – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

300sq ft apt looks expensive with no budget – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

CHARLOTTE BROWN: I feel like the
small size really adds to the charm of the apartment. It didn’t matter how small the
apartment was, you really can make the space a home and
very warm and inviting. I’m Charlotte Brown. I’m a photographer
and illustrator. I live on the Upper West
Side, and this is my 300-square-foot apartment. My style is not modern. I’m very traditional in style. So when the doors opened, I
was love at first sight. And I knew the potential that
this apartment had, and how I could utilize the space to
create three rooms in one. I wanted a kitchen, a living
room, and a bedroom. I really love the fact that
it is over 100 years old. And after looking for probably
eight months for an apartment, this space definitely worked for
my budget, and for what I wanted to create. My style is traditional. I love French country homes. I have very expensive tastes
and a very small budget, so each item I found I really
had to save for. The first item I purchased for
the apartment before I even had it was the bed. One of the main elements to
living in a small space is that every item you have
has to be storage. And I was able to do that
by adding a bed skirt. I also keep my camera
equipment and clothing under my bed. I have a lot of art books that
I’ve collected over time. So I use the pieces of coral
to make it more decorative than just books on a shelf. I had seen in a lot of
decorating magazines everyone had the collage of frames, so
I definitely wanted to bring that element into
my apartment. I didn’t want it to look too
cluttered, and this is the only way I could really add
color to the space. So I used postcards. I used some of my
own photography. I used shadow boxes, and my
old Christmas ornaments. And in my kitchen area, I
brought in the kitchen island. And what I loved about it is
that it gave me storage on one side, and it blocked off the
rest of the kitchen from the other room. So I could have more
seating, and also I could have more storage. One of the things I did
was I bought a big piece of wrapping paper. I was able to measure
it out, cut it. The piece of paper cost $5. I used Mod Podge glue and I just
created my own backslash. I just recently learned that
I’m one of the five million people that has a
pink bathroom. So the way I tried
to decorate the bathroom was through florals. I added flowers to the bathroom,
flower prints, and I kept the shower curtain very
neutral, so it wouldn’t overpower the space. I’ve had 13 people in this
apartment, so I’ve been able to really utilize the space. I’ve had a Christmas party. I’ve had pot luck dinners. My friends are all in
awe of my space. We all live in about the
same square footage– some have roommates,
some don’t. And I definitely lucked out with
the fact that I’m able to live on my own, with my
budget, at my age. I really love the small space. I was able to really add my
personality into it and my creativity. It’s really taught me that it
doesn’t matter what size it is, it can still be a home. And my landlady said to me that
she really loves what I’ve done with the space,
and that I’m never allowed to leave. -Are you a social
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100 thoughts on “300sq ft apt looks expensive with no budget – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

  1. LOVE your space. I am 60 and I have never had the opportunity to live alone, but I am about to and SO looking forward to it. A lot of great ideas here in your charming abode. Thanks for posting.

  2. The space look smaller than really is because is full of stuff pretty much she don't have a clean wall all the walls are full of stuff portraits… I'm imagine how can you breath in a space where you live on that's full of stuffs?

  3. I absolutely love what you have done. This is inspirational! I would love to have that decor here. If only I could wave a magic wand, you would be my best friend and help me to do my home in the same style. 😉

  4. This apartment is so cute! I wish I could have done something similar with my place, but the layout is just really dumb. It's like 274sq.ft but it's divided into five different spaces (bedroom, kitchen, entryway, bathroom and a walk-in closet) so I haven't been able to figure out a nice decor solution :/

  5. Please come and help me decorate mine :/ I've been living and working from a one bedroom apt for 3 years. One thing for sure, is you have to be incredibly organized. I have IKEA tastes on my budget. What I wouldn't give to have this kind of warmth. Thank you for the inspiration. Good job!

  6. This is beautiful!!! I have a 3000 square foot space that would look so much better if it was in you creative vision and hands.

  7. not my style since have too much and i could not live whitout white wall….but i can see that is beautiful. a house should feet the people that are living there and this is perferct for the girl

  8. Very cute, very special…And very small, and many people can relate obviously judging by the number of views. The wrapping paper backsplash is genius! I wish there was an update video somewhere…

  9. As said before below, people living in small spaces are creative, and what I like even more, there seems to be a social element of not demanding more than the smallest possible space to live and be creative and think and enjoy the own creativeness.

  10. I know this comment is based on a very old video, but…….WOW!!!! This is just incredible!!! You have made it look so much larger. So creative!!!!

  11. The best backsplash I have EVER seen! The whole idea of a "backsplash" has become sooooo corny, hackneyed, hgtv-ed. This is so cute, so original so charming! I luv it!

  12. This is a great inspiration for me. I live in a similar space, about 430sq.ft and I will move in in about 2,5 months. Creativity and save for the stuff you actually wants in the key.

  13. I love small spaces & I love old places so that makes this a double love! The window by the bed- beautiful! Pink bathroom, very femme & I really like how the island was used- so versatile! However, all that brown wood everywhere, ( for me), was a bit of a downer otherwise I found it very charming.

  14. When she said ‘I really love the fact that it was over a hundred years old’ I actually laughed out loud because in the UK, all of our Victorian and Tudor houses are over 200 years old. 😂

  15. You want more storage, keeping with that old-fashioned grandma stlye bed? …..Double bed risers…… I used 2 sets, so my bed is high like an old-fashioned grandma's feather bed….. I have massive under bed storage & it looks puffy, pretty & cool….. You do need A fluffy quilt, & I used a king size flat sheet as a bedskirt, as a regular one is not long enough now….. Just took the corners underneath

  16. Ew that filter kind of taken away from the true feel of this place. Would've preferred to see the true colour of the space.

  17. I think your apartment is an extension of you, Charlotte. Beautiful, elegant, graceful and charming. I would love another tour but more in-depth. Like start at your door and go all the way around showing all of your beautiful treasures, how you group them…. especially the wall with your pictures that has the trim (?) that you prop some items on? I love a few different styles but they have to have class and look expensive. Please, think about doing your own apartment tour. Like someone mentioned, use your cell. Just remember to hold it sideways!! Lol

  18. OMG – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃❤❤ please could you tell me where you got your up blind from💁 I absolutely need one of those😌 ..? Thank you so much for sharing your space, it's beautiful 💕

  19. I would love to see more of this series, it's such a pity that this channel has been so inactive for such a long time 🙁

  20. So me! I would love help ASAP finding a place for me and my two loving fur babies . Can you help me?

  21. In all my years as a Landlord, I can count on just one hand the number of residents I've ever begged to stay forever! This is a rare compliment that no landlady would say if they didn't really mean it. The apartment is wonderful, too! Has a charming magic to it. I could easily live there. I can't speak for my husband and 3 dogs, however.

  22. I love a great traditional decor. So tired of the formulaic white box. So cold and boring. Your apartment is so warm and inviting.

  23. Charlotte ~ Thank you so very much for sharing your treasures and collectables that have such special memories while creating an amazing home. You have really achieved an awesome use of utilizing each valuable space to totally function for all your basic needs, plus opening your home with the pure joy of hospitality with 13 friends ~ Wow!!! You need to offer classes, If you don't already. Your concept is fabulous for students or senior adults that are on a fixed income. You are a perfect example that less is more. May oceans of blessings be yours.
    Fran ~ from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  24. It is so nice. I like that this place has personality and not bland and boring like most small apatrments.very good taste

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