3BHK Mumbai Home Walkthrough by Livspace Interior Designer

3BHK Mumbai Home Walkthrough by Livspace Interior Designer

Hi, I’m Heny Savla. I’m a Senior Interior Designer at Livspace. Honestly, the clients – they’re very simple
people. Sanjay and Neeta, and I wanted the same to
be reflected in the space. So I’ve used minimal straight line design
making it modern and very easy to maintain. This was a very transparent process where
Sanjay and Neeta were involved with us at every stage. From design till the final output. So on to even with the minute detailed discussions
of the materials to help them visualize the home better, we created 3Dviews for them and transformed
it into this beautiful reality. Also, Sanjay and Neeta are ardent readers. So we’ve created a small library for them
with some metallic accents. It’s a space where they can unwind. So every house is an aura of themselves so
I wanted the clients personality to be reflected at every space that I’m creating. In the master bedroom I’ve left a very minimal
design. It’s a floating bed with a floating side tables,
it looks very connected like one piece. And some diffused lighting here and there
to just add ambience and for accents. If we see the junior master bedroom, I’ve
played with beiges and sophisticated browns. So the different materials that I used, the
veneer, the glass, the glass beaded wallpaper. In totality it gives a very comfortable and
a very cosy feel. Talking about the living room, we’ve done
some panelling in the passage just camouflaging all the doors. And the bar is a very interesting feature. It’s a vertical sliding bar, so it looks like
a storage or just a very fancy piece that is displayed, but otherwise it’s a functional
bar. The silk wallpaper that is used in the living
room just adds a little more to the richness of the entire space. To now make the place look larger, I’ve used
a lot of mirrors around the space so that it adds a lot of transparency to the space,
adds volume to the space and makes the space look larger, bringing in the natural light
with the play of the beiges and the browns and the neutral colours to just go with the
entire palette. Actually, I like the entire house, it holds
a very special place in my heart. But I like the living room couch the most. It’s a Fendi replica with this beautiful Indian
hand art behind, and it’s the most comfortable space of the house.

14 thoughts on “3BHK Mumbai Home Walkthrough by Livspace Interior Designer

  1. Where is kitchen ? And in thumbnail it's show 3 bhk but u showed only 2bedroom…Video was not shoot properly, i didn't saw the whole view..Not even bedrooms cupboards..

  2. Plz try to add some more details so we could understand the concept just a go through is not enough to get your ideas clear…other wise supremely talented and executed

  3. Nice its simple and elegant with plenty of light streaming in which really gives it a fresh feel espcially the white and offwhite theme of the decor broken with wine coloured cushions looks good 🌹personally i luv whites and offwhites !!

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