3d wall painting designs for bedroom.

3d wall painting designs for bedroom.

1 inch masking type like this video and subscribe my channel

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  1. Awesome! Did something similar with black gift wrapping strings in my bathroom some years ago (using gift wrapping strings attached with blu tack have the benefit that you easily can rearrange them). Got inspired by your technique! I´ll try some day to combine it with the way I do it – hope you also can find some inspiration from my work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zH2YusgjD0

  2. 💘يالي مزيينين قعدتنا💞الصداقة حلم وكيان يسكن الوجدان💞👍 💞زينولنا المجموعة وضيفوا اصدقائكم💞 متابعة💞

  3. mira que llevo dias buscando cosas asi y nada… este es con diferencia el mejor video enhorabuena, se me ocurren grandes cosas con el spray haciendo los difumindos… gracias 🙂

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