$4 Million Tokyo House Tour w/ Japanese Home Building Cost

$4 Million Tokyo House Tour w/ Japanese Home Building Cost

have you guys ever wondered what a four million dollar house looks like in Tokyo well in this video I’m gonna take you guys inside of a brand-new modern Tokyo house and then break down the cost so we’ll be checking out this new Sethu Taku model house also known as a two-generation house so this is your Japanese take on a modern house it’s pretty common in Japan for the grandparents live with you and as you can see the two doors allow for more privacy and what’s pretty sweet is right here we have wheelchair access for grandma or grandpa when you enter a Japanese house you’ll notice the floor level is different at the entrance this is where you take off your shoes [Music] so on the first floor right next to the entrance this is where the grandparents live in this tatami room it has a table in the center for during the day and then at night you can move the table over to the side of the room and you can put your foot on down on the tatami mats if you’ve ever visited Japan and you’ve ever been to a yoke on this setup is very similar in fact a lot of modern houses don’t have Khatami rooms but older generations are just more comfortable to thali mats that’s why they offer this solution look at all these details so cool oh nice there’s a little display area now let’s check out the living room for all generations so this place is so big it almost feels like a restaurant one of the reasons why they made this place is so spacious is that it’s designed for two families so that’s why you have this big table behind me you have this huge kitchen right here and then you have that big living room over there to the right well maybe not in western centers but it’s pretty big here in Japan so just behind the tiny table you can see that there’s a desk over there and that dance is designed for the kids to study is a mom she’s in the kitchen or dad is in the kitchen cooking they can still watch over their kids while they’re studying and Grandma and Grandpa can also obviously help with their homework if need be this is the main kitchen in a traditional Japanese kitchen they usually don’t have dishwashers but in this kitchen they’ve built in a little dishwasher and they usually don’t have large stoves but they do have these fish grills in Japan many families cook a lot of fish and these fish grills are a time saver one of the things that I love about this traditional refrigerator is that it has two soft wheezing trays for your meats which I love because I just put beers in there and it just keeps my beer is super cold and then so it has this like cool electric right here and actually have an icemaker so you put your water in here and then just below you have your ice and in the bottom section this is mainly meant for vegetable it’s got a microwave stove and toaster that’s pretty convenient for your little appliances that you don’t use so often but then you once and all use it it just pulls out just like this this is the air conditioning unit in Japan houses that don’t have a central heating so what you’ll find is that each room will have its own dedicated air conditioning unit so this room may be hot but the next room if you haven’t turned on could be super cold but guys let me show you one of my favorite parts about this house [Music] I’m inside I’m outside yup it has an open balcony just outside of the living room I love how this is all connected it’s just one like free-flowing design this is a bathroom and changing room this is a towel rack cool it’s pretty nice about it you see these comment in the lodges and whatnot if you haven’t seen these before you basically you just hang the towels like so and it heats them up you can touch it it doesn’t get too hot but it will dry the towels even faster than if you just set it outside normally plus it acts as a little heater for the room this tub is pretty sleek but it’s not as sleek as electronic controls let me show you so what this tub does is it allows you to automatically fill the tub at a preset temperature so you can specifically set it to 36 degrees and the water will be that warm and then after using it a while you can just press the reheat button and it’ll reheat the water to the temperature you specified pretty freakin cool I mean hot it also has its own air conditioning with dryer feature so you can hang and dry your clothes inside of the bathroom dope and this bathtub even has a lid these lids are used for families because in Japan the families often share the bathtub water together and always one of my favorite parts of a Japanese home is the washing machine and dryer all you do is you put your clothes in put the detergent and the softener in and within a few hours everything is clean and dry you may think that this is just a closet but guess what it’s not it’s a mini office and it’s got grandma’s secret sewing room too now let’s move on to the second floor so [Music] since this house is designed for two families the second floor is generally made for the younger family and because it’s a younger family it’s a little bit more cozy than we saw downstairs and look this room is just so jazzy the kitchen size is designed just enough for four people [Music] cozy master bedroom with a walk-in closet connected to the hallway and check out this hidden floor on the top of the house and for sure it’s got solar panels pretty common these days all right so let’s break down the cost of building this house in Tokyo currently the average price of land in Tokyo and the central 23 wards is about 1.4 million yen per square meter which works out to be about 13 point $2,000 per square meter to build a house this size we’re gonna need about 264 square meters of land that gives us the cost of land 3.5 million dollars the house itself is about 230 square meters would cost about six hundred and sixty thousand dollars to build this house so the total cost comes out to be about 0.1 million dollars so what are you guys saying worth building a new house in Tokyo

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  1. For real that's nuts, that house with almost no real estate/yard outside, you can get one or build one for less than $500k (Canada)

  2. People! If you have a dream of building a house and owning your own land in Tokyo, please don't let this video put you off. This video is strictly talking about the 23 wards of Tokyo which has some of the most expensive land prices in the world. If you look at house and land prices in western Tokyo, you will find that its a hell of a lot cheaper than the 23 special wards. Also, many parts of the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area can be even cheaper. I have a friend who built a 5 bedroom 3 story house in Saitama for around 800K. Obviously, a smaller house would take up less land and materials, thus costing even less. My friends build in Saitama had the best of both worlds, the neighbourhood was more residential and very quiet, but it was only a 25-minute train ride away from the hustle and bustle of the Shinjuku/Shibuya wards, some of Tokyo's most visited cities.

  3. in the uk that would cost 300-400k depending on what part of the uk you are in. and you'd get a much larger garden my garden is 45 meters long and 20 meters wide,

  4. This place is a dump for 4 million. You get a couple of fish grills and your grandparents sleep on the ground. I heard they also have to eat in the bathroom.

  5. So it's a house or a duplex? or a house with two doors ? weird design but then again, many things from Japan seem weird to us from the West

  6. By the way in Munich a house cost 500 tausend Euro until 1.000.000 Millionen Euro or more. So this house in very expensiv. How do you will to pay for. How is such a huge summary of cost possible to pay? It is even hard enough to pay for a house which cost 500 tausend Euro. So yeah this is a question I ask myself again and again.

  7. in my country, that house would need around $500000 or less depends on the location. with $4 million, we could get a luxurious house.

  8. You’re talking about 40million Yen (400kUSD) but not 4million USD! Don’t make us confuse! 4千万と4億円が違いますからね!僕京都で一戸建て買ってるから値段についても知ってますよ!1億8000万円($1.8million)の家もっと広いからね

  9. My 2 storey house in Malaysia is bigger than that and only costs roughly USD60k. Even has spacious lawn around it. lol

  10. The first thing that came to mind: Cleaning! hahahaha Must take some time if you are doing it all by yourself.

  11. Damn. I live in Southern California in a house that is about 350 sq m or 3800 sq ft and I only paid 450k

  12. I was living in tochigi Ken.
    50miles from Tokyo
    House price is 300k dolares
    Not 4 Million .
    Tokyo is Very different

  13. in India, for this much land area with nearly these facilities, I guess it would be $3.4 million… and that in Delhi(capital of India)… Tokyo is a little bit expensive… looking at the comments, I'm feeling depressed. 🙁

  14. With 4m i would build a much nicer house than this outside of Tokyo and a summer cabin in Nikko and buy a Maybach S650 and a Lamborghini Aventador S and an AMG S65 Coupe and i would still have more than 1 000 000$ in my pocket.

  15. Why are people watching this video not realizing the price of housing in a different country.. complaning about price to m2 ratio sigh. Most of you still makes a living with minmim wage anyways don’t hate the price hate your self

  16. Ppl complaining bout this house and the price lmfao… go to fucking NYC and they’ll sell you a shoe closet for the same price!!!


  18. The video is nice but when you talked the music is too loud, it’s hard to understand. But overall everything is perfect.

  19. Better off just buying a much nicer place in the countryside for less than $1 million, and flying your personal helicopter everywhere with a couple million leftover.


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  21. So how much does this house cost?
    4 million!
    I told you to tell me how much this house costs and not talk about some fency castle you have seen on sale.
    4 million!
    4 million what? This house or the castle.
    This house!
    Are you fucking serious?
    What DA fuck!

  22. Even though it's a year late and I understand why it's so expensive. And I've been to Tokyo so I know apartments are small. Similar to housing prices in London. But I was so confused when he kept saying "huge: "big" and it was normal sized. 3 seater sofa 6 person dining table…

  23. When you were talking about how crazy big it was I was thinking, that’s not big at all over here but the Us does have bigger homes for cheaper to be fair.

  24. Omg why is it so expensive in Japan 🇯🇵 u can get a 6 bedroom house for that in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  25. Whenever I think of japanese house I only remember nobita (doraemon). But now that I think about it, his house would be worth quite a lot. Also explains why I remember his mom usually lecturing him about the house loan and stuff.

  26. After spending over 4 Million Dollars for the house, I can see why the family would have to share the bath water. LOL

  27. reheating the bath water is something I think westerners could live with now that everyone is getting more environmentally conscious

  28. Its a shame the building regulations limit the number floors residential developments could have.

    3.5 million would be acceptable if you could have 5 floors of 230 sqm (1,150 sqm).

  29. I really enjoyed that hidden spot on the roof. That house is a little smaller then my house with a large yard and two car garage and paid less then $200k. I understand conserving water but how many times can you use the same bath water and still get clean? Maybe the dirtiest takes the last bath?

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