48 Tiny Houses (Micro Loft Bedroom Designs) Part 4

48 Tiny Houses (Micro Loft Bedroom Designs) Part 4

Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. Today we show cool tiny houses and design ideas. Loft bedroom, beautiful decor ideas. Small kitchen, wooden countertop. Bright interior. Tiny office and lounge. Unusual tiny house. Comfortable sofa and blue pillows. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design!

11 thoughts on “48 Tiny Houses (Micro Loft Bedroom Designs) Part 4

  1. I love the tiny himes, and especially the funky music in this video! What I'm not liking is the trend tiny house videos are following of putting so many homes in one video, but no names/styles of the homes?

  2. I believe the red white and blue ones are said to be about $1000, I think they are so adorable and useful, although everyone's definition of useful may vary 😉

  3. These are really gorgeous,and I'm glad to have seen these a little more in depth in some other videos. Great video nonetheless.

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