4BHK Luxury Interiors in Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai

17 thoughts on “4BHK Luxury Interiors in Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai

  1. How is it easy to maintain? The cleaners will have to be thorough professionals. Marbles, wood, white, so many nooks and crannies, massive double curtains, fabric upholstery everywhere.

  2. Waste of space at many places, especially in living room with a big coffee table ..
    No sense of airiness or light in such a big spacious flat.
    Master bedroom looks claustrophobic
    Interior designer these days just copy paste things from internet. Don not use their brains and no sense of creativity.

  3. Livspace is addictive. The designs, colors, work quality, content n intent garnished with so much of empathy! It is addictive. Love in Livspace shows….now if only we could know the cost of this design please, we can start working for it, having worked for a house all our lives…
    Viva Livspace. Way to go

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