[4k]경기도 광주 타운하우스 품격 Luxury house design – With English Subtitles

[4k]경기도 광주 타운하우스 품격 Luxury house design – With English Subtitles

Fancy Town House (265K /USD) Hi! It’s Mr. Kim Today, i am at the yoanbeol-ri to check out Aria Village 2nd complex. This complex has community center and security office. It’s super fancy complex with state of the art technology. You can enter with finger print scanner. Also, you can check out who is coming in and out with the app wherever you at. There are shoe racks on both sides. Shall we take a look inside~ 🙂 One for all Light Switch 1,280 sq ft type, Aria Village’s Living Room & Kitchen Window & Royal foxglove tree shade as default option State of the art Controller Birch Art Wall Room with foldable door and storage CCTV for indoor. Hansam Brand Kitchen Furniture Refined Sink Top-class imported tiles Room for two refrigerators Utility room with Air Purifier and extra sink Indoor Air Cleaner Birch Interior Bedroom with dress room Property with state of the art controlling system with your smartphone based on IOT. 5 system air conditioners, Gas circuit breaker and checking in & out system. Smart World! isn’t it? 🙂 More storage in the living room Main bathroom with a tub Room for kids with storage We took a look on indoor interior. Now let’s enjoy the view out here It was yangbeol-ri Aria Village today. Let me warp up here with the summary! Summary 1. 20 buildings- Large complex with security room. 2. 1,280 sq ft Type. 3 Rooms property with the top class building material. (Better to take a look for yourself) 3. State of the art IOT based are Options available 4. 10 mins distance to gwangju station. Right in front of the elementary school. flatland ! no hills! Please subscribe & like this video. Thanks for watching 🙂

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    구독링크 : https://bit.ly/2EJaAJB

  2. 다 이쁜데… 우리나라 주거형태는 근본이 약한 느낌이 있네요…
    대체 한국을 대표하는 디자인의 줄기는 무엇일까…
    한 스타일에서 조금씩 변형해서 퍼져나가야 한국적인 스타일을 자리잡을 수 있는데
    너무 스펙트럼이 넓은 느낌 ㅜㅜㅜ

  3. 정말 보기드믈게 목욕실에 창이 있는 집은 처음 봤어요. 창에서 오는 빛과 통풍을 한국 아파트는 생각 하지 않더군요. 좀 아쉽다면 바닦재료가 나무였으면 하네요. 대리석 보단 훨씬 따뜻한 집이 되거든요.

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