5 Decorating Room Hacks | ANN LE

5 Decorating Room Hacks | ANN LE

– Hi guys, how’s it going? Ann here, so today I’m
going to share with you guys some tips that will make a huge difference when it comes to decorating
your room, your space. Now, anybody out there
who’s going back to college, you are going to love these tips, because it’s going to
give you a more cozy feel, like as if you’re at home again. I remember when I moved
into my first dorm, I just, I wanted to feel
like as if I was home again, and I just remember how
uninviting a dorm can be. I’m going to share with you
guys some tips that will make a huge difference. So, the first thing I
noticed when I walked into my big dorm room, now some people, you know, I noticed a lot of people
say that their door rooms are usually small and tiny, for me in my case, it was big, now it wasn’t big in a good way, they put us in this really
old historical building, so it was very creepy, I was near a, I was near a fireplace, and you know, it made
all these creepy sounds, and everything like that, the ceilings were very high, so you were in this huge space, it doesn’t feel safe and secure, and the first thing I
noticed when I walked over to my corner is my bed. My bed was just a plain plastic mattress on top of these wooden frames, and I looked at it and I was just like, this is so sad. It wasn’t cozy, you know, it just didn’t give me a nice homey feel, so when it comes to buying your bedding, I would suggest for you
to add texture, you know? Look for fabrics that are cozy, something with faux fur, or something that has
like a nice knit material, like give it a nice dynamic feel. I love to use throw pillows on the bed because you can add in more
colors and texture that way. Another way that you can
add in homey cozy feel is with an area rug, so I have this DIY that I
made a couple of weeks ago, you guys should definitely check it out, I have the link below this video. It is an area rug that
looks like a cow hide, and I love it because
it looks very trendy, at the same time it’s
very artistic looking, but this is a nice rug that
you can place in your space, and it also extend your workspace, because instead of just
studying on your desk you can now sit on the floor, have a group study with your friends, or just chill on the floor, watch TV, use your computer, you know? Instead of always hanging out on your bed or your desk, you now have a
nice cozy space on the floor, and some dorm rooms
don’t have wooden floor, or don’t have carpeted floor, so having an area rug will
definitely help you out, set the mood, make you feel
cozier or more at home. Lighting is so, so important. A lot of us overlook this, I notice in dorm rooms there’s those big fluorescent lighting that they usually use, you know those big tubes? And, that just irritates me, I can never concentrate
whenever I’m in a room with fluorescent lighting, or just any kind of lighting that’s just, I can’t like concentrate, I just can’t feel at ease, you know, I get anxious, so setting
the right kind of light will really, really help you out. There’s so many ways that
you can set the mood. There’s different color balance, you can use something that’s more bright, that’s more white, closer to the sun, or you can use something that’s more warm, it really depends on your
mood and what you’re feeling at the moment. You can also go for accent lighting, which creates a visual interest
for people who, you know, comes into your room, or for yourself when it comes to decorating shelves, or just little areas,
little corner in your space. It’ll definitely make a huge difference. These are battery powered LED lights, and I like to put this behind my shelf so that way it can create
a nice little ambiance. So, definitely play around with lighting, it will really, really help you out. I usually like to say
that the best investment is into your piece of mind. All right, I talked about
this before in my other room decoration DIYs, but plants, I love to have plants inside
because it connects you with the outdoors. You know, sometimes when we’re
studying we forget to go out, take a walk, so having
either fake or real plants it just really connects
you with, you know, nature. I feel like real plants
emits a positive vibe into your space, and that’s something that
we all can use, right? All right guys, so my last tip, and this is my favorite tip, it is to use a mirror
to brighten your space and give the illusion of more room. I just love having mirrors in my space. I usually place the mirror
on the opposite side of my window, so that way
it can create an illusion of more windows, and it can
bring in more natural lighting. So, aside from checking
yourself before heading out, you have this sense of openness, and that is what I love about
having mirrors in my space. I love these tips, I feel like they are my main five tips when it comes to decorating a space. I definitely felt more
at home when I did this to my dorm room, I felt like it was my second home instead of feeling like I
was homesick all the time. I felt like, you know, it was a second home to me. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video, and if you have any other tips to share with the rest of us, then make sure to comment below, and subscribe for more
weekly updates on my videos. I make videos every weekend, so make sure to subscribe, give this video a thumbs up, and I will be sure to
see you guys next week. Muah, chow.

87 thoughts on “5 Decorating Room Hacks | ANN LE

  1. loving it … i would love to see some room / dorm decor that has the colors black and gold and light blue.. something with mysterious colors

  2. YESSS!!! I've never been so early! I needed this video since I'll be dorming again this year! I'll keep those tips in mind <3

  3. I really really love your DIY !!! I 'll post photos on Instagram!!! Big kiss from your French fan 😘 hope you are well 💋

  4. Does anyone have a good idea for what color curtains I should get? My room is painted beige and the carpet is a dark red color. The ones I have now are pink but I want something that could go with a more trendy theme

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  8. I REALLY regret painting my room grape purple. I would make a lot of diys and such if they went with my room scheme. Hopefully I get to paint it white soon.

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