5 Designer Wardrobe Pieces to Buy for Professional Speakers

5 Designer Wardrobe Pieces to Buy for Professional Speakers

Five designer wardrobe pieces to buy for professional
speakers. A general rule for professional speakers is
to dress one level up from your audience and a way to follow that rule is to go designer. However, even if your mindset is designer,
your budget may not be designer so how can you pull this off? There are five pieces I would recommend that
you begin to acquire for your wardrobe. They will allow you to get plenty of mileage
out of them, plenty of compliments, and of course lots of caching. So let’s work head to toe. The first piece is a designer jacket. Here’s an example for one, you see it is absolutely
gorgeous and what’s great about it is you can pair it with a regular top. You see this one is from Target, but you would
have this designer jacket over it and automatically you look more tailored, put together, and
you just have to splurge on only the jacket. So it’s a great way to pull that off. So the jacket is going to allow you to add
some oomph, the jacket pulls you together. It makes any stage outfit look just phenomenal
and great in photos. So, for a jacket you can go more traditional
and decide to get a blazer-style jacket like the one shown here. You could try for a more moto-style kind of
jacket. You could also try something a little bit
fancier that really stands out. You can see the fabric in there has a little
bit of sheen and shine to it but it’s a blazer. But because of the material and the fabric,
it looks more than just a regular suit blazer and that’s a great recommendation to create
an outfit for the stage. Again, you just splurged on the designer jacket
and there’s a myriad of ways you can mix and match it. The next recommendation is a designer statement
necklace for that same reason. You can get a necklace and again pair it with
just a regular top and make the top look more than what it really is simply by adding the
necklace to it. It also works if you were to pair it with
a dress, so again you have this gorgeous statement necklace and you pair it with a regular dress. So the only thing with this is you might want
to get a statement necklace that doesn’t make too much noise, especially if you’re one of
them that has to walk around a microphone or you have a headset with a microphone on
it, if you have jewelry that makes too much noise it can be a little bit distracting. So that’s my only caveat with getting a designer
statement necklace, but again you saw you pair it with a regular top or pair it with
a regular dress and it automatically looks more fashionable. So the other thing is you get a designer statement
necklace it’s going to be something that’s a little bit more unique, a lot of people
aren’t going to be able to copy and replicate that look, Again, that’s what you’re looking
for if you’re trying to really get out there and make your mark as a speaker. The third recommendation is going to be a
designer dress, and so yes, this is again a splurge. So a designer dress is going to offer you
the opportunity to create different looks. You can pair it with different jackets as
shown earlier in the video, cardigans and necklaces are going to all make it look like
a completely different dress, and it’s going to allow you to get some mileage out of this
splurge okay. The designer dress is also typically going
to have a better cut, it’s going to have a more figure-flattering silhouette as well,
so this is another reason that you really want to splurge on this for the stage. And again, to get the mileage out of it you’re
going to do some of the mix and match options I’ve shown in this video. This is more of an A-line cut dress and then
this one here you can see is more forgiving. Again, it’s a flattering silhouette; it has
the billowy sleeves that can cover up any arm flab if you’re concerned about that. And again, all of these appear great, fabulous
silhouette; you’re going to look great on video and great in photos. Okay, the fourth recommendation is to get
a pair of designer non-everyday high heel. So an everyday high heel I would say would
be like oh you get a classic black or brown high heels and one you can wear with almost
every outfit. That’s not what I’m recommending here for
you if you are a professional speaker. You want to get something that is non-everyday;
you want something that’s going to pop, something that’s going to stand out okay? So that’s what you want, you don’t want something
traditional, you want something that’s going to drop people’s jaws right? So again, this is another splurge, to do that
you’re going to look for an unusual shape or color. So you can see these ones here or a very high
pair of high heels, stilettos in fact, beautiful shapes okay? And then it’s in an unusual color, so again
it’s going to offer that pop so you’re going to look for an unusual shape, unusual color,
pattern or height; all of those to make them pop and really stand out. Remember, you want an elicit from the audience
members, you want to have that “ooh” and people are whispering “do you see her shoes?” That’s what you want to have happen with the
shoes that you choose here okay? And so again, other ideas, you can see again
this is another really high heel. You can see the great fabric and color of
it and it has embellishments on it as well. This one, another great pattern and it’s the
shape of it, probably not quite as much pop but that’s what you want. You want something that is going to pop, that
is going to look designer. And the great thing is when you get it with
a shoe you can wear it with a lot of different things because a lot of times can have that
pop of color or that pop of a different pattern or embellishment or bling. You can have that on your feet. Lastly, I have one more recommendation for
your feet. Again, so you want that great pop of color. The next thing I would suggest is that you
get a pair of designer boots as well. So again, this is great because you can pair
it with a regular dress and it’s going to look paired together. So what’s different than those high heels
that I recommended, I do want you to get more of a classic style for the boot, so with the
boots people can just tell if it’s a well-made pair of boots. Women are going to compliment you on it, you
know because you’ve seen these women in your life. “Where did she get those boots?” Right? So boots are one that you can go and just
get an everyday style and it’s something that has a little oomph to it. In fact, the author Jackie Stafford has a
book called “The Wow Factor”. She says one of the ways to look really wealthy
or kind of she-she [sounds like 00:06:41] is to get a great pair of designer boots because
for some reason, I don’t know, subconsciously women we see this and we go “oh, she looks
well put together. Oh those are designer.” And you can see that the look just looks more
put together okay? And again, remember you’re trying to look
one level up from your audience that you’re speaking to and a great pair of boots is a
great way to do that. Getting them in a traditional black or brown,
you’re going to get mileage out of them, and I would actually recommend getting them in
a knee-high style. So you can see here, these go up to right
below the knee that’s what I would recommend. I do prefer the high heeled style shown here
on the screen. I know some of you can’t do the high heights
so you may want to look at something with a lower heel. They do have a lot of great options for boots
nowadays, so they do have like a kitten heel, they have wedge heels but those are a little
bit trendier not quite as classic but you can go that option. And then last but not least, if you cannot
do heels you can do the very low heel or no heel riding style type of boots, but I would
recommend the most classic style again because you can pair them with so many things. So you could be wearing these with pants or
as shown here on the screen you can just wear them with a dress, and like I said subconsciously
women we know those are designer boots so even if you have them along with a regular
dress it just elevates the whole outfit. So there are the five pieces and now I want
to just show you ways that you would mix and match some of the things were shown here in
the video. So again, designer jacket over a regular dress
okay? It’s not designer just a regular dress, you
can see it’s more pulled together and has some oomph to it. Okay again, mix and match this designer dress
and then the designer boots. You can see you would typically think “oh
I got to wear a heel”, no you wear the boots with it and you look fierce. Okay, so there’s a way to mix and match. Again, designer dress you’re going to wear
that designer high heel. Again that pop of color, see that red with
the pink that’s unexpected, and that’s what elevates that outfit and makes it a lot more
fashionable and not run of the mill. And if you’re on the bench and there’s multiple
speakers, you don’t want to look like everybody else that’s on stage right? This is how you pull it off. Again, mix and match, designer dress that
you think is very traditional and then you put it with a designer moto jacket. It has some great personality and kind of
grit and fun and I just love pairing that with something that’s thought to be a little
more traditional. So you see the grey with the black. Again, I showed you the designer statement
necklace paired with the dress completely transforms the look of the dress and it’s
really interesting, when you do a lot of these mix and match options people don’t even realize
that it’s the same dress that you’re wearing or it’s the same jacket. So you can get really good and creative at
mixing and matching. So hopefully the five items I presented here
in this video you will go out and acquire them. These are items that I would say to splurge
on because it offers so many mix and match potentials. And also again it’s going to elevate you so
that you look you’re dressing one level up from the audience that you’re speaking to. So these are the five items to get okay? So if you love this about what the designer
pieces are to get, I have a makeover for you. So you can go from Plain Jane to captivating
chic, you just visit www.nomoreplainjane.com. Again, it will allow you to elevate so you
can dress one level up all the time. Just go there and sign up, it’s just an email
course and you get an email once a week and you just follow it and eventually you’ll get
to captivating and chic. So go check that out. And also, if you loved this one, I have more
goodies for you. You can also learn how to get both styles
for hot prices with the video series on the YouTube channel. So it’s a video series called Haute Wheel,
so check out that video series and that playlist on YouTube. To learn more about how you can go about scoring
these designer pieces, without breaking the bank right? This is a great follow-up series to this video
here if you love the content in here. Remember, go check out the free makeover and
go check out the Haute Wheel video style series, it’s a playlist available on YouTube. Thank you for watching.

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  1. I am a public speaker and your recommendations are spot on. I like to stay with Calvin Klein dresses – love the fit, quality and I'm always getting compliments each time I wear. I am always on the lookout for designer shoes that not only look great, but don't kill my feet after 8 hours on stage. Suggestions?

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