5 DIY Phone Case Designs | Sea Lemon

5 DIY Phone Case Designs | Sea Lemon

hello in this video I’ll show you some different ways you can refresh and customize your phone cases I’ve been wanting to try this out on my own case which is for an iPhone but if you have a different phone these methods will work just the same on those cases and you can even try this out on a tablet or iPad case if you’ve been subscribed for a while you’ll notice that I use some of my designs and patterns from my past tutorials and you can find those in this playlist right here there’s also a lot of other ideas of artwork that you can apply to these cases in there as well and I try to make new ones about every month so be sure to check back and see if there’s any new ones in there that you can apply as well for your reference I will put a full list of all of the supplies I used including the cases and links to those in the video description below one method you could try is with a temporary tattoo I’m starting with this plain white phone case and I’m going to put a stegosaurus tattoo on it because why would you not want a stegosaurus on your phone case I got this one from the coolest online temporary tattoo shop I’ll put the link below but you can also use any temporary tattoo for this following the instructions I’m going to peel this off and then put it facedown on the case and press it down with a wet paper towel for about 30 seconds then remove the wet towel and gently peel the backing of the tattoo off if there’s any clear residue left over you can wipe that off around the tattoo I think this one turned out pretty nice and there are some air bubbles but they’re so small that they’re not really that noticeable so just be really gentle when you’re applying temporary tattoos because the material is really delicate to make this tattoo permanently then once you spray it with a clear varnish if you have a glossy white case you can also try a marble design I’m using the same type of white case and if it’s glossy I think it really makes the marble look more realistic this technique is a little different and you will be getting your fingertips dirty use a regular ink black pen and sketch out some lines which look like marble cracks and before the ink dries you want to smudge it like this the ink will drive fast so you want to do it quickly after you put it down and I recommend searching online for an image of white marble so you can reference while doing this so just keep making these lines that look like cracks and smudging and smudging and smudging and you can go back in places to darken the cracks to make it look more realistic and smudge even more to make gray areas if you mess up you can wipe it away with some water and a towel but if you just keep smudging it and working on it it does start to resemble white marble and just like the other one to seal it permanently spray it with a clear varnish if you have a darker case that’s a great surface for a galaxy I’m using this solid black one and I’m going to refer to my past tutorial on how to paint a galaxy and using the same paint and the same process you can check that tutorial out right here and you might want to put something down so that your case is stabilized while you’re working on it I’m using one color at a time and then to blend it out I’m using a dry brush then just adding on more color as I go I’m referencing photos of galaxies while I work but I’m not painting a specific galaxy so this is like my own galaxy and then I’m adding some blue and just blending it all out and if you want to add some more black in you can actually remove the paint with a dry paintbrush then blend it out and for the fun part click on the white stars then let the paint dry I let mine dry overnight and then I took the clear varnish and sealed it so it would be permanent another design you can try is a herringbone pattern there are a few ways you can make this pattern and you can check them all out in this video right there I’m using this electrical tape to tape off one single column from a herringbone pattern and I had in mind to make just a bold graphic with it this is going to act as a stencil and I’m just bringing the tape all the way around to the back to tape off the sides you can use any kind of paint you want with this I’m using this gold metallic spray paint and took them both outside to spray then I let that dry and I just ended up spraying the bottom portion to make a gradient effect then take off the tape to reveal the design I think the gold turned out nice on this one and just to protect it even more I sprayed this one with a clear varnish as well just to prevent the spray paint from chipping off this next option is the most versatile if you have a clear case you can print your own designs a regular Aiden half by 11 inch piece of paper at home and stack a lot of designs on that one piece I mean my artwork about a half inch larger than my case so that it has extra room around to cut out what you print out is totally up to you I just printed out something that I recently learned how to make pixel art and I just printed this out on my inkjet printer check that video out if you want to learn how to make pixel art and I use the same process to make this pixel heart I also added something I already had designed and I just printed that out next to it now place the case on to the artwork and trace around the area which you want to show then cut it out but you want to cut out the shape a little smaller than the shape you traced so just cut it out inside of the lines you drew it’s kind of hard to get the exact size inside these cases so if it still doesn’t fit you can trim off a little more on the sides once you have it in then you can trace out any holes that you might have in the case depending on what kind of phone you have and you can just put your fingers in the back of it so that you have something against the paper trim that out and then it’s ready to go you can also use that as a template for any future printouts that you make I really like how all of these turned out and I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful maybe it will spark some ideas on different ways you can update your phone cases and if you end up using any of these methods I would love to see pictures of your cases or any projects that you use my tutorials for go ahead and share any pictures with me on my social links right there and follow me while you’re there for more videos be sure to subscribe to my channel sea lemon and if you want to learn my latest pattern video that I made go check out this DIY circle lock pattern and for another case design you can try check out this video on the right which will go over a decoupage technique you can also apply this to your phone cases or other tablet cases let me know which design was your favorite in this video in the comments below and of course if you liked this video hit that like button again you can find me on those social links along the bottom to see what I’m up to and I will see you guys next time

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  1. Let's play a game… rules are you have to say yes to 1 question and no to 1 question

    Question 1: are you a beautiful, wonderful, smart, perfect person?

    Question 2: Are you lying about question 1?

    Have a nice day and thx for playing!

  2. These ideas are amazing, I just got the Vodafone smart ultra 7 and there are no good cases, I'm definitely using these

  3. Loved 'em! Especially the marble and the galaxy ones! This diy video is better than most others, which show stupid glittery stuff….

  4. I wasn't happy with the phone case I received, the colors (cherry blossoms) aren't as vibrant as they appeared in the pictures so I thought I'd google how to paint a phone case to add more color and perhaps other embellishments. I'm glad I came across your channel, your ideas/designs are great. 🙂 I believe the surface I have to work on is different than what you appear to be working on, but I think it'll be fine if I seal it afterwards.

  5. can you make a tutorial for SuperGirl symbol to pls is was one that i saw where the photo and or symbol was drawn out on what she used was baking paper here is the link
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BfNfaZ-isw and this one pls
    could you pls if you have time make tutorials on how to do it this way to pls and thank you 🙂

  6. I like the print one
    I tried it , it looks amazing
    I can also change it whenever I want , I made many different designs using print outs , textured papers… it's very easy to do , no mess to replace ..
    Thnx for giving this idea.

  7. I want a marble case but I only have a clear case,so can I print out a marble texture wallpaper and do the smae thing as 5:06? Pls reply me back

  8. If I wanted to sell phone cases and I I just put the paper undernetah the clear case and I shipped it out to someone would they think it would be liek a ripoff or would they know that it's supposed to be liek that?

  9. I find a cute and easy way to customize cases is to just cut a fitting piece of patterned paper and put in inside a clear case. Then when you want to change the design you can just take out the paper and put in a new piece!

  10. Poor girl is the only thing I can say about it she is my wife I know she will always have a great day with my son she's not even my mom or the one that has been a bad friend

  11. What I do is I just trace the phone itself and cut it out so it’s the exact size of the inside of the phone case

  12. Jenifer my mom wanted me to do scrible art no my backyard wall and I have not finished yet and I love your channel its awsome

  13. I have a question. What else can i use in place of varnish. We dont really have art supplies here so. Is something like mod podge okay?

  14. This is cool and I'd like to try the tattoo one but there is not a single plain color case for my phone, the LG Stylo 4, on Amazon.

  15. nice video 🙂 really aspired to do my own design.. is the print design using a regular a4 paper or some kind of specific paper?

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