5 Gadgets Every Graphic Designer Needs

5 Gadgets Every Graphic Designer Needs

– Hey everybody. This is Roberto Blake of RobertoBlake.com geeking out with you
today while we talk about five gadgets that every
graphic designer needs. So, let’s start with
one of the obvious ones that every graphic designer needs, at least in my opinion. I feel that today, every
graphic designer needs a drawing tablet. Today, I would say in terms of a brand, you’d probably wanna
go with a Wacom tablet. Now you can go with any
style of Wacom tablet that fits your budget. You can go with the Intuos Pro Series. You can go with the Intuos Manga. You can go with the Intuos tablet small. There are things in every price range under a hundred dollars
to as much as $500.00. If you’re feeling really
expensive, you can get the Cintiq models which are way
out of my budget right now, but again, I think that
having a drawing tablet is gonna save your wrist from working with a mouse and that’s painful. And I think that it’s
going to be very good for you to be able, especially
if you’re a logo designer, to be able to make complex
shapes and illustrations. If you rely on photo manipulation, it’s gonna help you work so much faster. I use it in the majority of my workflow for doing graphic design work. I would say that I overwhelmingly
use the Wacom tablet. I really only use the
mouse for web surfing and for doing video editing stuff. That’s the only real
reason I use the mouse at this point. I do everything else
with the Wacom tablet. The next important device that I would say a graphic designer needs and these are in no particular order, is
the external hard drive. Having an external hard
drive is really important because for one thing,
with Photoshop and programs like it, you can use it
as external scratch disks to increase performance,
so that that’s really good for when you’re working with a very heavy, intense, in between a lot of layers, that can be very helpful
in speeding things up but more importantly,
having a way to back up your files and secure them for yourself and for clients and to archive them is extremely important
to you as a professional graphic designer or even
as a hobbyist that just wants to keep stuff around forever. So I would highly recommend that. The brands I usually
use are Western Digital and Seagate I pretty much mostly
use them for everything. There are other brands
that are pretty good. I hear good things about
G-Tech all the time and the LaCie Rugged hard drives. So I have recommendations
to all this stuff in the description below
so you can check that out with those links and buy them for yourself but I recommend personally, my experience, Western Digital and Seagate
have been very good to me. That’s what I use and they’ve worked out for me for years without any issue. And my cloud drive is the Western Digital. My Cloud Mirror, you
saw that I did a review video of that, so feel
free to check that out. One of the next most
important things I think a graphic designer needs
and this is a fun one, is a good set of headphones or ear buds. I think you need a good set of headphones or ear buds. I use my Sony ear buds and I use some Sennheiser headphones and these are great because as web designers,
we need to be able to put on our music, put on our ears and just zone out, be dead to the world and really just have
our creative flow going and having the right
playlist and a good set of quality headphones
makes a huge difference in the ability to focus,
concentrate, buckle down and get the work done. So I would say that that
is super important for you to have as a graphic designer. I love just being able
to tune out the world on a great set of headphones. So, I’m gonna recommend
Sony, Audio-Technica, and Sennheiser for headphones. Those are the three brands that I’ve used and that I’ve gotten a
great experience out. Obviously, other people
have their preferences, Bose, Beats Audio and again, I have links to different ones in the description below but personally, on a budget,
I like my Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and Sony headphones over the more expensive brands. The more expensive brands are good but a lot of times they augment the sound. I like the sound to be
pure because I double these headphones as monitor headphones for my video editing, so I
don’t like the extra base. I don’t like those other things. I like to have the audio be what it is. I don’t want the enhancement. I wanna hear what’s
actually going to come out of the machine in a pure way. That’s me, though. Fourth on our list. A digital camera. It might not make sense to you at first, but a graphic designer
needs a digital camera but I think it makes sense because I find that as a graphic designer, one of the most important
things you can do is effectively market yourself. Having a digital camera
to be able to be able to take snapshots of your work, do YouTube videos like this or do recordings of your work, talk about your work, practice video interviews, any number of reasons why I would say you need a digital camera. I can go into a whole video just about why you need a digital camera today regardless of your profession,
but as a graphic designer the ability to promote and market yourself effectively and yeah, you
could use your smartphone, but I think on the quality
digital camera is a lot better and I think that’s gonna help you. I also think that
creatively being able to use another device like that
and possibly incorporate the photos you’re taking
into your work somehow and having it for
yourself instead of buying stock photos, is a useful thing to do and I think creatively,
it’ll just open you up more and there’s gonna be a better eye visually and give you a better
appreciation for lighting and composition. So I think especially if you’re working in Photoshop and having a digital camera is important for you as a graphic designer and it’s one of the top
five gadgets that I think you should have. Finally, last gadget. Some kind of digital
tablet and I would say you can get an IPad. I have the IPad Air 2 or you can get a Samsung tablet. A lot of people say
absolutely get the IPad because of the Adobe mobile apps. Guess what? Adobe mobile apps are coming to Android. I got a whole ‘nother video about this. You should check that out. So you aren’t locked in to just getting an IPad anymore or an IPhone if you want to use the Adobe mobile apps for creating stuff, you
now have some more options beyond the Apple workflow for that. But I think having any kind of tablet whether it’s a Samsung, a Kindle, an IPad is gonna be good for you because you can have your entire reference slide right at your finger tips all the time on a good size screen. You can see how content
that you’re putting out there in the world,
a lot of stuff is now being consumed on tablets. You can see how some of your design work is being viewed that way online. How your portfolio website is doing and this is good for
presentations as well. So I would say that having a tablet like this whether it’s an IPad, a Kindle or a Samsung Galaxy tablet
or a whole ‘nother brand, even a Windows tablet. I think having some kind of tablet even (mumbles) device
is gonna be very helpful for you both for presentation purposes, content comsumption, and content creation. I think that that’s just good to have. So, those are my five gadgets
that every graphic designer should have. There are other gadgets
that would be useful to you obviously. There’s charging ports
for your mobile devices. Obviously, card readers,
different things that you can get and maybe I’ll recommend
some more of those in the description below,
so make sure you’re checking that out. But I think these five
gadgets if you have them, that you’re in really good
shape to be able to do a lot of things creatively
and that’s really gonna help you out in creating awesome and always creating
things on a daily basis. So, make sure you’re
checking out the links in the description below so you can find that stuff for yourself,
make your own decisions as to what you’re going to buy. If you guys already
own some of this stuff, I wanna know how it’s helping you in creating things every day, being as awesome as you possibly can. Let me know in the comment section what this stuff is doing for you, what you’re looking at
buying or some other gadgets that you think graphic designers need that I have left out. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so much for watching and geeking out with me over five gadgets that every graphic designer needs.

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  1. I use a Toshiba tablet to watch video for education and entertainment, and research topics by web browsing.
    Toshiba is first brand of tablet I've used, so I have limited insight about quality relative to other tablet types. I have used a small Android, that was smaller and more difficult to navigate and type.

    I'm interested in graphic design for learning to compose animation, to utilize software to illustrate stories or lessons.

  2. Howdy! I'm an amateur photographer and video producer/editor. I find your video extremely useful as many of the gadgets for graphic designing cross over into the photography world as well. I shoot and record with a Canon 70D, have a 27" Mac as well as a touchscreen Windows laptop, since I have the Adobe Cloud whether i'm on iOS or Windows my work synchronizes all over thanks to the mighty cloud. I use my iPad Air2 for seeing my work on the go and for showing it as well. You can't always have a computer around and the phone does photographs no justice, too small to really appreciate intense colors and vibrant details. Looking forward to many more of your tutorials. Thank you

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  7. I agree with having a good DSLR camera. I also think you need to take a class and learn to use your DSLR. Having the ability to take high resolution photographs with great exposure, lighting, etc, and the knowledge to make your own adjustments to them in Adobe Lightroom, is extremely valuable. Speaking of Lightroom, I used to wonder why I'd ever want to use it when I already knew how to do things in Photoshop, but honestly the amount of fine-tune adjustments and tweaking options available when you're editing camera RAW files in Lightroom is a whole other realm of photo editing that I'd never want to try in Photoshop again now that I know what Lightroom's capabilities and strengths are.

  8. This is a really good video. Having a digital camera is good for research purposes in general. Sometimes it's good to get out and get ideas for your projects. So having a camera handy is good for that I use mine for either filming videos or to do a documentary photography shoot. Even though you could hire a photographer and a model(for example) if you need photos for your marketing, but it would be helpful if you could just do that yourself.

  9. First of all good video! Very usefull. I'm not a graphic designer, although I am a little into this matter. I think that another good gadget for such person could be a 3D printer, just to visualize some projects in real life. It could be some kind of extension for computer screen. Maybe it's not terribly necessary in graphic design but I guess some people might find it useful.

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    don't know if it even possible to be as fast by using tablet only. (My tablet is very big, the table is too small, can't use keyboard + tablet at the same time, can't rearrange furniture)

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  25. Totally agree! Have all the things you mentioned, essential for a designer's tool belt. Senn. HD 202 all the way, on my 2nd pair – quality for budget. Great work space with natural lighting, Chris Do, great books, and most importantly… COFFEE! Is what I would add.

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    So, my question is:
    Is the time of drawing vectors in the Illustratir over with these drawing tablets now?

  28. If you're getting an iPad just add an Apple Pencil and Astropad instead the graphics tablet, and you may save on your budget and on space/weight if you work on a laptop. To this list I'd change the digital camera for a second display — dual or triple 27in displays make it super effortless to get your work done, you can have your canvas/document on one and the tools, the Finder windows with different assets, an XML editor, Notes, a couple of web browsers, iTunes/Spotify, Mail, RDP/VNC, etc on the other…on the other hand I have a full frame dSLR I impulse-bought some years back, costed me a quite a bit it, used it for a like month and it's been on its bag since then. 😔

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