5 HORROR Lighting Setups with 1 LIGHT

5 HORROR Lighting Setups with 1 LIGHT

It’s that time of the year again where everyone
dresses up like the Clown from IT or a cute little princess. Either way, we’re all looking to scare
the hell out of our friends. And if you’re planning to do that
by making a horror film, well, then we’ve got you covered with
these five very simple lighting setups. What up guys, Jordy here for cinecom.net
and it is Copy Cat Friday. The series where we break down the effect
from a popular film or music video. And today it’s not just about
one particular film, we actually took five ideas from
five different, iconic, horror films. The music that you’ll hear throughout
the video is provided by Premiumbeat. A high quality, royalty-free
music stock library. They’re sponsoring today’s episode. And they have put together a playlist, specially
for Halloween or just scary film genres in general. You can visit the first link in the description
below to go to that playlist and we also have a link further in
that description where you can find… …30 chilling sound effects that
you can download for free. First up on the list is of course
Stranger Things. Season 2 will actually air today
on Netflix, really looking forward to it. Of course there’re many lighting situations
in the films that we cover, and for Stranger Things we’ll be
recreating the forest scene. Like the title says, you’ll only
need one light for this. We’re going to use the Aputure
120 D LED light. They have a pretty good output and
can be run from a battery, which is kinda useful when
you’re filming outside. The idea is to place the light high up.
Ideally in a tree or something. Aim it in an angle to the floor,
so that it functions as a backlight. Don’t soften this, keep it
as a hard source. And that’s all it takes to recreate
a mysterious forest at night. Because the light comes from the back,
we see many shadows and silhouettes which are pretty typical
for its genre. Now, ideally you also want to
have some fog as well. You could wait for a day that has natural
mist or use a big haze machine. Speaking of smoke, this brings
us to the film Exorcist. Silhouettes where here created very often,
like in the poster image or in the bedroom. For a more dramatic look and to visualize
the lighting beams, they’ve added smoke. Looking at the bedroom scene, the light is
straight behind the talent, giving a nice halo. Now after we’ve filled up the room with
some smoke, we did the exact same thing. Make sure to expose dark, so that your subject
is completely dark and thus be a silhouette. Now, horror films are not
always about backlight. The next example comes from IT, where you have
the clown Pennywise sitting in the sewer drain. For this lighting trick you wanna try to
push your lighting through a cone. And you can easily wrap a toilet roll or
something like that around your light. Be careful though that
it not gets too hot. For this example, I needed
Yannick to be a clown so we had some help from Ellen, who actually
has a channel by the name of Luna Black and she does all kinds of
cosplay tutorials. Definitely make sure to check it out, I’ll leave
a link to it in the description below as well. We are in a dark environment, now simply point your light from a little
angle to the mouth of your subject. Try to only illuminate his mouth and keep the rest of his face in the shadow
and the background in the dark. This is also possible with a flashlight,
as you don’t need that much output. Next up we’re taking a look
at Annabelle, The Creation. Annabelle is a doll so
she sits still, at least for the first part of the film. Very iconic is this stripe
of light over the doll. This is to show that she’s
sitting still in a closet. Here’s how it’s done: Take a piece of carton and cut out
a stroke from it in the middle. We’ll use this as a sjabloon through
which we’ll cast the light. And that’s how simple it is again to create
that peeking through a door effect, without a door. And the scary thing about
this lighting effect is that you have hard shadows and only
one part illuminated. Even though Annabelle is a doll, we do get the feeling that she’s secretly
watching us like a living being. Which also becomes the case. We’re going to continue with the front
lighting for the last lighting trick. You can use a real flashlight for this, but I’m going to attach the fresnel
mount to my Aputure 120 D. It’s a lens that can focus the light
into a smaller beam. Using the Aputure light, I’m getting a good output
which might be easier for the camera to handle. In the film Insidious you often see
a point-of-view shot where someone holds a flashlight to look
for something in the basement. The camera goes pretty steady,
so we’re walking slowly forward. But the flashlight shakes very much, looking quickly around,
which makes it tensius. What works best is that you have
a lot of stuff laying around, so that the audience doesn’t have enough
time to scan the environment, leaving them wondered if they
saw something or not. And to make the beam from
the flashlight a bit more visual you can add some smoke
to the scene. Even with a very simple smoke machine,
we where able to get a good effect. So that where five scary lighting
setups with a single light. If you have any other ideas, let us know
in the comments below. Thank you all so much
for watching… …and stay creative! -We have a filming clown!

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