5 Reasons Why I Became A Designer | Sonia Nicolson

5 Reasons Why I Became A Designer | Sonia Nicolson

hi guys so today I wanted to go through five reasons why I became a designer number one I love design it’s that simple it’s Who I am it’s what I think about I see analyze and critique pretty much everything I surround myself by things that completely inspire me and motivate me and confine new projects and ideas everywhere number two I get to express my creativity in my work and pretty much everything that I do I work with other creative like-minded people and we collaborate we problem solve we work together push and encourage each other and most importantly we think I played the box number 3 i’m constantly learning I designed redesign tests redesign some more it’s never easy and it’s certainly not nine till five but the things that I design and make are quite often built and those buildings will hopefully be there for a very long time number four my job involves a lot of critical thinking and understanding of psychology I design for the end user so it’s not about color and fluffy decor but it’s about designing out spaces workplaces and homes so it directly affects people’s daily lives number five I’m an architect but I teach too so I get to give back I’m truly passionate by what it is that I do and I love working with students and young designers in their studies and projects if you like this kind of design tap video please give it a thumbs up and comment down below letting me know what your reasons for going into design are and i’ll chat to you in the comments thanks for watching

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  1. Hi there, thanks for your lovely videos! I'm an interior architecture student in my last year of master degree in paris. I don't know if I really had a choice at the time, right after high school, to go in to architecture and interior design. But there is one thing I'm most certain of, is that I love beautiful things. And later on, I discovered that I love reasoning. So my answer is Beauty+ Rationality = Design 🙂

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