5 Ways To Make MONEY As A Designer (NOT FREELANCING)

5 Ways To Make MONEY As A Designer (NOT FREELANCING)

today I’m going to show you guys five
different ways you can make money online as a graphic designer
without freelancing what is that people welcome back to
super graphics him a graphic design content right here on YouTube
I quickly want to give a big shout-out to lmds watches who have sent me a wash
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their store so go ahead and check them out in the link description below so
when it comes to making money online as a graphic designer
most people instantly swarm to freelancing now I think this can be a
really good and lucrative way to make money but there are many many easier
more beneficial ways you can use your graphic design skills to make Bank
online there’s gonna be a whole host of links in description below this video
related to ways to make money online as a graphic designer now most of the
things in today’s list I’m in as passive income when it comes to making money
online with these methods you simply set up the original content and then you
don’t have to do anything at all now one of the most obvious and easy things to
do is to sell your graphics on a t-shirt one of the most notorious and
high-quality platforms for doing this is teespring
or spreadsheet many youtubers use spread shield he
spring to sell their teachers to their viewers in the audience you simply
upload your designs and they do the rest for you so you’re gonna get a commission
a kind of percent on each sale this means that you don’t have to worry about
any of the printing or any of the shipping anything like that you simply
upload your designs permits on the social media and they have monthly
income depending on how good your designs are how are you permitted but a
quick disclaimer here any kind of service that used to print a
self-loathing online is passive income you need to test out the printing first
so by us I’m poor by an order using your design and then set it afterwards now the second way you can make money as
a graphic designer online which doesn’t relate to freelancing is selling
templates now again there’s going to be links in description below for sites to
sell templates on but two of the main ones are inked and theme forests now you
can upload things like business cards or WordPress themes anything like that just
use your graphic design skills upload them onto these websites it’s a really
really good way to make income and you don’t need to do anything at all I can
promote the products after you’ve uploaded them so for any of you budding
photographers out there for people such as myself we just enjoy photography you
can say your 5th crafts online for a bit of money some of the most obvious
options here are fertilia and also Shutterstock but of course when you
actually sell your photographs on there you give up the rights for anybody to
use your photographs wherever you want there’s one really really good tip here
that I’m gonna offer you guys when you sell your photographs online such as
fertilia or shadow stock you can put your website or even like a YouTube
channel link or something like that in the description of each and every
single photograph this will not only draw traffic to you as a graphic
designer but it’s also gonna boost the SEO of
your website or your YouTube channel you can also do this with blogs of course this next option of how to make money
online is a graphic designer that doesn’t involve freelancing is
something I’m gonna look into in the next month or two and that is studying
online courses as a graphic designer the big player in this field is of
course Skillshare now I’m gonna be uploading courses in there soon they’re
going to be in debt tutorials on specific things in graphic design so if
example or complete master class when the pencil in Adobe Illustrator all you
need to discipline the course on your account and Skillshare promote it and
you can make money doing what you do best we just grab the design let me know
in the comment section below if you guys would be interested in my
in-depth courses on Skillshare so the last point on today’s video and how to
make money online as a graphic designer without a freelancing is simply an I’ve
already done and has to design a font and then sell it on font sites or your
own website one of the best font sites to upload a font to is my fonts calm but
it is a kind of process that you need to go through they require that you design
the font in specific programs I need to help those five graphics representing
your font and how you think it would be used in a graphic design situation you
can also sell your font from your portfolio website so I’ve done myself
with satori sans you can check the link in the
description below for my phone if you want to participate or download section
on my website so there were five ways that you can
make money online as a graphic designer without freelancing I really do think
that a lot of you guys can make quite a bit of money through passive income as a
graphic designer online once you set things up what you need to do is promote
it use the skills that you’ve got to go out there make money aside from
freelancing let me know what you guys solve today’s video in the comment
section below and drop a like if you did enjoy it if you really find my content
useful share on social media so other people can see it too and of course the
captain already go ahead and subscribe to stir graphics for weekly graphic
design content just like today’s video I’m gonna be back soon so until next
time design your food today piers

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  1. Howdy, hey and hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend..?
    Remember to check all the links relating to todays video on how to make money as a designer in the description above. Also check LMTS watches for 20% off any purchase using the code available πŸ‘Œ

  2. awwwwww my internet sucks, so slow. πŸ˜€ anyhows, i've signed up in this freelancing platform and i cant seem to get clients huhuhu maybe i'll try some of the sites you got here Tom. Haha! I need money man, im broke. haha! Great video again! Xoxo! <3

  3. sir great video.
    sir please make course on how to make fonts. start to end. your graphic skill. how to you think. how to be more creative.
    i will surly join your course on skillshare if you will make it.
    thank you sir. Love from India.

  4. I've actually just created a TeeSpring store!

  5. Uhhh, I'm back again πŸ˜‰ Thanks Tom for these very useful tips. There are some interesting ideas, I'll check out soon. Have a good start in this week. Here in Germany near by Frankfurt, we've sun and snow and minus 3 degrees. Cold and windy, but springtime will starts soon, the weatherpeople promise it. HAHA. Hope you're feeling good. Take care, buddy. Greetings Tati

  6. Thanks for providing value always man! This is the best passive income video for graphic designers this is amazing I needed this video! Thanks man

  7. Really good video! I finally got some time to watch your videos again and it is great fun and knowledge base. Thanks.

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