50 Amazing Modern Concrete Homes

50 Amazing Modern Concrete Homes

Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. Today we show modern concrete houses. House with pool. Landscaping ideas. Modern house with large windows. Luxury house with pool, design ideas. House in the forest. Small garage, wooden gate. Beautiful pool and backyard. Glass house and beautiful courtyard. Thank you for watching!

14 thoughts on “50 Amazing Modern Concrete Homes

  1. Ok, but how to solve the temperature problem. On direct sunlight inside will be like a oven. The winter on -20 degrees what the f..ck. You just can't live this building like that. Need from monster insulation. I write this bullshit because i have concrete building in Bulgaria and i know the disadvantages and the minuses. For pluses i can not remember.

  2. looking to have a standard 800 sq. concrete house built in USA West Virginia 3 bed 2 bath no basement concrete counter tops, dinning room table, platform bedframe, fire place would be nice my family think I'm crazy they said I want a flintstone house and yes they are correct I'm ready to build if a contractor can reply

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