500 PRISONERS IN ONE PRISON! | Prison Architect Part 10

500 PRISONERS IN ONE PRISON! | Prison Architect Part 10

hey guys Dan here welcome back and to the greatest prison that has ever been created and the place you would get sent to if you burned your school uniform don't do that because last time someone might have microwaved their Nintendo switch please don't do that it's just it's just a theory please you'll get me in trouble yeah don't do that seriously don't you go to prison yeah welcome back sir it's been a while there's been a lot of things I've been doing but I haven't had time to get back to my very own prison and there's not really much left to do here to be honest we've got I think one more grant to complete I can't remember where it is here cellblock E which needs 500 guests no guests you know one of you prisoners treated like guests here to be fair we have 500 prisoners we're currently at 355 so I think we can do it as long as we make this bit much bigger wait we still we still kind of recovering from the riot before I believe we are which is a little bit crazy I think everything's gonna be okay though go jail doors locked up on each sides we've got more cells over here I think this is all let me check let deployment maximum security only is gonna be here as well so this is our only maximum security place because I want them all contained or do I last time they fought each other I'm not sure but I'm you know I do need I do need a bank loans I've got to wente $1,000 and I need a lot more than that would be helpful if at least one prisoner could just pass the education course please are you are you stupid that was kind of mean but revised come on I guess we have closed our um our intake do I need how many maximum securities are left I've got loads that are waiting for okay I've just done it I've just done it 115 prisoners arriving gives me 52 grand which should be allow me to have enough money to get this okay this is gonna be fine it's gonna be fine I'm just gonna tell myself it's going to be fine have I got the food distribution correct I think I do this kitchen only feeds these and they go nowhere else to get their food that is fine basically I need to fill up here I just need enough money to do it and for that to happen I'm gonna have to have some more some more prisoners hopefully everything goes swimmingly because last time things didn't go so well and I got fired from my job which was great hi yeah the visitation area I completely forgot about this we've created it we got an hour until the new prisoners come I'm scrapped the weight because I need them to arrive so that I can have myself some money Wow look all these visitors let's go it's working so many family members I wonder if we'll see the visitation fill up oh wait wait wait Prison prison but who is going to arrive at the jail today we've got two of them there's 99 arriving I don't I haven't got any more maximum security because there are pain in the butt but if these cells aren't filled I'm gonna have to accept some more I don't even know if I have enough space for all these guys that could be a problem because I didn't I didn't give any oh no I didn't give any allocation to max this isn't for then they're just gonna be chilling outside oh no I got 70 grand though so I need to fill this up like right now here we go that's a start let's to start building is to start building as quickly as we can I think I'm just gonna do this but that costs 23,000 Oh I've done it ah that really uh wallet not my heart my pocket oh man I need to remember that all of my staff have to take these guys to 32 years for multiple crimes you looked at why are you wearing this eh you know like Shakespeare here they come new recruits okay can we get moments um we have moments for clothes please he's also trapped in a doorway jeez this is where it gets messy isn't it great we're already fighting battens and stuff when we're dear Oh Bing them how can you keep a baton in there I don't even know what I don't even want to know I don't want to know where you hide it yes here we go they're gonna get really angry aren't they if there's no one to let them in this was bad timing this was real bad timing jeez this is a mess such a mess there's still more people arriving there's more Jail people arriving why and why they call them jail people prisoners stay calm just stay calm if you get mad I am going to I'm gonna lose it I think they might have missed yeah I think they might miss their food time okay this is bad it takes long to process these guys they're just gonna get hungrier and hungrier how did these guys get in they're gonna be trapped in there – uh no I might just have to hire another God just to do this he needs to do it oh wait he said he said he said look your Savior your Lord and Savior is here eats my pretties go on get in get in eat your grub why are you booing what's going on evenly what one chef is that the problem maybe that's because you murdered them all here have two new ones you'll everyone in please come on wait this guy is getting rowdy oh no it's starting it's starting again here there's another guard I'm just gonna buy things to help to help them out we just stopped Angelo you're not helping the situation oh no here we go this isn't gonna go well is it this isn't gonna go well at all no no no no just comet's comets do not get angry open the door before they destroy you this many prisoners I'm an idiot yeah that's what I thought he doesn't have a cell this prisoner requires solitary confinement he's extremely deadly look at that no I was not accepting maximum security because I wanted to avoid those guys and whoa what is going on here this whole place is a mess all I want to do is get to 500 prisoners and leave sell it to someone come on shore get out get out of there jeez trying to take a dump in peace oh this is working though this is going well I just need to fill this with cells and then I'm done Oh things to get a bit rowdy in here there's me just chilling eating behaving himself Oh No please don't start riots he's right – getting out of control right now it's okay use your tasers the tasers are there for a reason do I still have my yes stop my god tower you guys are in trouble if you get in trouble then you'll be a trouble you don't mean I think it's calming down now we still have no guards available to do anything can we get these guys some clothes please I honestly think reception was probably the worst thing I added so it makes the administration process so long I think you find contraband I think that's the plus side but we have gates and these metal detectors anyway so long though not close to close that okay I think we're good all this left behind dirty jerseys that's okay whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what's going on who died what happened here kill being a snitch what have I told you guys come on if we find out some information don't snitch keep it in there keep it in your brain turn it to the wall or something now someone's getting tasered it's always oh Jesus it's always dinnertime can you not just enjoy yourself enjoy your food apparently not people oh whoa whoa just don't die we can't be having any more investigations into my competence of prison running okay we can't have that anymore I'm almost near the end could we just get rid of this guy herd of evidence please great what's happening now the showers real well I can kind of understand that because the showers are an awful place to be you could bro you were killed for being a snitch as well you know what you deserve it this time your ex law enforcement as well you should know better well we're making 20 grand a day that's insane I think no matter what there's always gonna be someone that fights there's literally nothing I can do everyone's pretty happy family is way down which is good how is this done yes let's go okay this is good I probably don't need any of this though let's get rid of this door and then we can just get rid of all of that get rid of it get rid of it get rid of it get rid of it and it's gone right build a wall there now high priority do it right now instantly there we go done okay so now they're all locked in that means I can now take away all of this and they shouldn't be able to escape yes there we go sweet I'll just figure the prison like just got a third bigger that's crazy oh yeah door servo place a servo over a door you wish to control remotely ensure the motor gaze directly above the door once installed the door be opened when the server itself is triggered by a door control system or a timer Oh sick yeah we need to do this so you can get a door control system I don't do it in utility it's gonna go into objects and get it yeah door control system let's buy one of these and then hopefully we can make everything just a little bit more automated so get a door there and then it's share as well one of you homies can operate that so we should be able to add servos to doors now door serve let's see what happens I want you can do it on this you just do that let's see what happens because then that means that the person that's at the the board can just lay it can press the buttons to open the doors instead of guards having to do it every single time and that should be able to free up some guards too so we're gonna test it on this one after this has been installed and then see if it works cuz that could automate the prison like crazy and then I'm gonna have to start putting some cells in here we go it begins okay so I don't know how much this is all gonna cost and I don't know how many cells that is but I guess we're gonna find out you get rid of this please it's random goodbye the doors install jack we make this a high priority to please there he goes look at this bad boy I think we're gonna need to get this connected up though here come the bills oh jeez this is gonna sting and there it is dog control system done looks like kids okay it's connected up already which is good where's the servo so the server is here did that just work I think it needs wiring now connect this needs to go to here is that done it looks like it's done something's flowing from it so let's see if this works are we I seem to keep an eye on this oh wait electricity what needs electricity does it need direct electricity I don't really know I'm gonna put it in anyway and see what happens hi this is a big project right here oh jeez Jake here would be really good cuz the janitors will get stuck as well so as long as it works I'm happy to install it wherever really let's see what happens okay oh it's definitely not working yet I need these as a high priority please high priority because he's still having to open it the idea is that the servo just does it for you from this guy is that your most important job buddy here would be a good place to whoa whoa whoa where you going oh no they've got out somehow they went down here how did they just do that is that a tunnel oh wait that's pause let's pause this pause okay there's a tunnel with some where the nearest cells are here there it is where the dummy's at right I need that on a high priority where are these tunnels I can't see any bed dummies right now that's not what I thought it was but it's not deep Ray's just chilling ooh look this has been installed okay let's see if this works – that's all powered up it still says electricity though Oh cuz this isn't done yet here we go done Hey look it's working it's got the red dot has anyone come in to do this where you at okay you're on your way huh you take it a while okay let's see if this works then I mean let him in nope let him in it doesn't work why why is the servo not working it should work but for some reason maybe our guy isn't at the the controls what are you doing son are you okay operate door control system you better do your job let me try operating another one they're not too expensive so it doesn't really matter if you mess them up there and then it needs direct electrical supply so we need to go like this then it needs the wire so it needs to connect but it needs to be installed okay this is confusing but hopefully it will work with you it's in the right place connect it's already connected to this well well okay here we go let's find out where these are all the way along that is some mean tunnel oh my goodness dude where did this guy this just came out the tunnel I wondered how he got in his cell he's just been shifted out look at that that's so funny all right let's get rid of these I almost forgot about the tunnels I was distracted but my goodness that is one oh my goodness it's all the way up here dude why do you guys want to get out so badly this place isn't that bad right oh my goodness that's so many I can see the dummies now jeez yeah get zapped boy I think these guys these guys all got caught they were on their way out that's way more than four that's like at least ten so that could have gone way worse I'm glad it didn't of course yeah dinner time means one gets aggressive I guess do we need another canteen I think we might do because this is getting out of control and I kind of wish I built my um I built my prison like this because this seems to work out the only thing that isn't working are these servos right now because look they read connect this to here and it's got the power go into it maybe the other way rounds oh wait wait that might be it that might actually be it need to connect them the other way around as well oh did that just work I think it's working it's sort of that's cool cable I don't really know I think it's working here it is yeah we just need to connect them back with an Ford's at the same time oh that's cool but I call these guys get in trouble for digging that's what I'm talking about let's fix these real quick so don't want anyone else getting out please they went underneath this this is supposed to stop happening right this is completely full now or up to three hundred sixty eight that's not as many as I thought it was gonna be we can't fill here as well I could do some more dorms maybe yeah you know what let's do that let's attach some more dorms to here just so we can fit loads in the same place and that's pretty much all our space kind of taken up and then we need to fill it but I need to get to five hundred this is gonna be intense dude let's get some more servos up in here this is working servo there and then I think we need some electrical cable to that too and then connect it up both sides this is definitely working because that they're going through yes oh this is great so much better and then things can operate without a guard and the guards kind of aren't in danger as much anymore they're not trapped in a room with hungry psychos yeah this door gets real jam so this servo is going to be perfect oh jeez okay be careful be careful there buddy there's a lot of angry people around you connect so this goes to here and this goes to here that looks really confusing but I think it's fine get up yes everyone's getting their meal oh this is great sir sir I applaud you I know you're different from before by I applaud you well done what else do we need to automate I'm not really sure I guess we could all to me this but normally lives there yet let's do it anyway okay so I realized that my danger level was going up it's going down now and I realize that I haven't got any shower period for my my solitary guys my my high-security prisoners so I give them a shower time and then this guy call me is hitting everything and killed someone literally five times his size so that's pretty impressive but can you stop it I give you one chance to have showers and you do this crazy someone sort out please excuse me punished you're gonna look down 24 hours oh you're going wait you're going to get the dead guy no no no I need what do you do kill what this isn't the place to be buddy oh no oh no oh no what's gonna happen Gilmore please I'll tase through your wall not bad anyway we're at four hundred and sixty six prisoners I have filled literally every space that I can with cells and I think if I fit few more in here and then this side gets finished we should be really really close and then we can start having them fill up the cells because I want to finish with literally five hundred people in five hundred cells oh no it tells you maximum capacity so I can take 40 more maximum security so I guess I should do that no protective custody which is good death row is something we haven't even explored yet because a little bit of a touchy subject I guess so I think this is going well I need this to all finish up and then we should be able to fill him I just need 34 more I don't think that's 34 so where can we squeeze some more in I've literally managed to put one shared and one normal here that's four people though that will bring us up pretty high well I don't know this might be it this might be close this might be close enough this is the perfect way to do things though this with the servo doors is amazing because it's all kind of automated but they're kept behind as much bars as possible it's really good so next time I do a prison it has to be in separate quadrants because in separate buildings because that's the best way to do it Oh things to get rowdy please don't are you can you see could you not see these guys to sort them out they just killed a janitor oh this is bad I just hired five new janitors and now they're just punching each other in the head at least it's just two people Davies can you help me out here buddy nope shouldn't have done these servo doors should I well this is all good you're just punching a guy you've already knocked out zapping zap him good you missed get him buddy go there we go much better see my officers have got this down we need 28 more cells I think only counts and when they're finished as well so I reckon Eric we might have done it 500 prisoners that's insane this does not look good does it that is horrible my prison is a mess but it's about to get so much bigger I think I should start allowing new prisoners in I don't know if that's a bad idea or a good one I could let some more maximum in you know let's do that we need how many cells can we do we can do 42 I think my maps is correct we can do 42 so let's allow let's put all these down all these down that's 50 all there's only 50 available okay let's do 50 that fills it to 474 really okay that's fine these cells are gonna be completely full then I'm pretty sure I just want a triple check yeah there we go insecure what does that even mean anyway yeah this is all max okay let's let's risk it fifty maximum security prisoners in one day it's gonna be awful but I get 50 grand for it so this shouldn't be too bad these doors by the way our amazing Monday what's good it's Monday how you doing buddy but yeah these doors are a lifesaver especially in wave I done all these I don't think I've done this one yet no I haven't so especially in the maximum security place these are amazing so these should all work now wait I've just realized I've accepted fifty I'm only got 42 as the maximum how can I just do like 42 of them I should just be able to do this right yeah 42 that should work that could have gone so badly oh my goodness I did my maths completely wrong then these ones are all done ready okay that was quick and these are almost done as well I just need to give as much water as I can so that they can poo in peace maybe I should have servo on here maybe that would be a good thing so servo I didn't have to go I've completely forgotten oh hold on oh goodness sake what what who did this was it you killed for being a snitch he is literally known for being a snitch look Lee what are you doing guys come on well my work is is dead they're trying to make a better place for you right for a place to don't look to your left another one oh it was just these two goodness sake here we go the prisoners are they arrived yet it says there's more coming no I don't want any more after this that's done I just want these ones and then we're done it cousins the family the servo should help with that too I don't know whether I should serve over this door as well I don't know if that's safe over for 97 I didn't realize whoa aren't you really close to doing it 49 dude how many more cells don't say I've only got one left that would be the most annoying thing it can't be one left are you kidding me now we just need to make it so we can get up to 500 so if we do fill capacity not with these guys like half and half 198 how much do I have left fail it's a 502 okay 198 prisoners arriving in a day I don't know if that's a good idea but the servos are being installed which is great actually I just need them to hurry these up so put these in real quick please oh the maximum Security's coming in now shower time is always full of death you know what whatever it's so bad man to try to bring in screwdrivers and stuff right let's connect to this servo to the server there we go I don't know if we yeah I don't know if we that's like a maximum that you can have but this guy does the servo then we should have these pretty good to go but but um there's so many wires it's actually looks really complex but it's so simple I think that's enough you know we have one guard just doing these front two the rest can just open automatically which is sweet ler it's working yo we got this we just need these guys to be done before the five hundred turn up cuz we're literally doubling away away with doubling our capacity but not everyone has light or food or a bed which could prove to be a problem right now let's put all of these high priority because they just need as much as they can get in terms of water this way this way boom no one put lights here come on guys I have 39 spare lights need seemed pretty good sleep is the highest so let's change their regime they want more sleep huh fine you don't need three hours to eat have some more sleep there we go done if you complain about this you're an idiot okay I think all these guys are almost checked in I'm a little bit worried that you know what I'm gonna have another I don't have another armed guard I think it needs another locker Bochy let's do just an armed patrol around here yeah there we go arms patrols gonna be patrolling the high security it should be firing and we've got a sniper tube let's go this is perfect but 92 grand as well 78,000 more coming when we get these new prisoners and look at this place it's absolutely insane I can't believe we built this from this tiny little bit down here to this 500 prisoners in one prison oh I'm so proud so proud this is working so well as well look they're all in the canteen together we've got the servo doors working together I'm a bit worried this isn't big enough now now that we've got 100 in there but let's see there could be fights and stuff yep wait wait wait wait wait wait wait okay yeah it's happening it's happening right now this guy is just okay he's fighting a table you idiot you guys call everyone call you good great just like that reception apart from us colo is chilling we're waiting for out of 13 hours until we get up to our big 500 and then we're done here guys I'm actually I'm astonished I just need some electricity over here that'd be great the canteens gonna get huge though I guess if I were to continue I'd need to add another canteen space cuz this is too small for over 200 prisoners sooo happens hey you know what what if I turned all of this room into a yard so they could have separate sections so that is all yard now down here and then if I do deployment yeah maximum security only they've got their own yards we just need to add some weights I got the money for these weights right now we can add we could have phones outside as well there we go sweep they should be much more happy and more separate which is perfect Jo bus Jo bus give me a hundred no wait 200 prisoners this is gonna be horrific if we can make it through this we can make it through anything okay here they come look at them all look at them all all the greys and all the oranges oh geez okay what was like why snitch yeah see snitch Dylan Steven what's wrong with you buddy you're an idiot stop snitching oh no showers again okay the shower situation is real bad oh no afro afro dafu is everything okay down here I don't know who's that in who this is the worst I need to sort my shower situation out Oh No if there's oh come on this is this is the day that we've got two hundred people coming what are you doing what are the serious complaints hygiene it's always hygiene you guys hate it here now there's 200 prisoners coming in oh my goodness wait why are the high security ones going up here they should be down below the only place they can go is here this is working perfectly I got to get a server on the other door but it seems to be fine we're at 444 two prisoners are unable to be assigned a cell but I think I think that solitary I didn't really think that through your needs a pretty good guy so please chill thank you I think it's because most of them are naked that there are the clothes needs a pretty high it'll be fine don't worry this is horrible what is going on what's wrong with our laundry department and who's this Mary osya outfit who is this I can't even get on him because yeah this is him abandon all hope he's a Mario outfit and you're drinking poison that's kind of cool I didn't know that was a thing we're five away I think the others have just been delivered four nine five we're on there's some people in some really interesting outfits this guy's a normal scurry but he's wearing grey for some reason uh we keep coming down as well I guess people are being released at the same time people are spilling into the the classroom never take this many on at the same time but I do have always a quarter of a million dollars that's no Bad's whoa whoa whoa Jude this guy needs to be punished instantly like instantly he's got the keys he's got the keys he managed to shoot this guy I only just put him there get him get him get him get him oh he's shot I snipers shot he did it oh my goodness yes the dog is injured no don't kill the dog Oh let's go dude that's what I'm talking about I can't believe that just happened we need another armed guard now dude these maximum security if you had a maximum security only prison that would be insane at least the guards our works we actually got to use it once oh no oh no our laundry is too small and another shower period another day and another snitch I think I'm gonna Ford some more guards that's adds nine guards there we go fifty guards that's quite a lot per person still but hopefully we can get these prisoners out of here because I need to move on ten more and then we've got the big 500 you know what I mean computers start 5 – this is gonna turn into a riot isn't it you guys need to stop instantly or I'll be in I'll be really upset with you stop stop stop stop please please stop this is a riot I'm not joking this is a riot are we good look this is a riot keep like the keys people have the keys oh no no no no with the right police where's the riot police lockdown lockdown needs to happen they've broken the doors Oh No they almost caught him as well it walks straight out the front door oh my goodness ok this is bad how do i cool I need to pull SWAT the riot police come on guys let's go all of you right in here please thank you very much let's go do they come let's see if this is gonna work I don't think it's gonna I can't turn this can't turn into a riot this cannot happen the court is unconscious we need paramedics we need two sets of paramedics absolutely yo this is getting crazy real crazy become the paramedics the riot police already here how are they doing are they doing okay I think they're doin okay let's undo lockdown so that everyone can just chill yo some of the riot police died too I don't know what you're fixin what are you doing CCTV okay that makes sense this is mad these guys they're injured paramedics go just be with be one with the medical ward these guys are just stuck naked and alone in reception while the rest of the prison shuts down this actually went well though considering what could have happened this was okay we stopped the right happening with 478 prisoners that's not bad yo Mario Mario what have you done yeah what now what now what is happening who died the guy do you good bro overdose oh my goodness cuz we've got loads of um cuz we've got loads of people already hung up in the beds that's not good either and now this is happening oh why why why what am I doing wrong come on everyone chill we've got 84 people waiting for solitaire that's not gonna work out is it disaster over everything cleaned up okay we're good everybody chill oh no why who's got tunnels the same tunnel again they don't make it this easy for me are they all dude how many escapes they try to make it harder for me to get to 506 that's what they're doing going show me where it is show me where it is ignore all this this doesn't matter where we go in this way yeah yeah okay all the way around here fantastic get out here you punks yeah this cat CDs leaving oh and these these showers are a big problem that's the the most needs is oh it's family food things getting worse real bad hey we made it I don't know if you can see the achiever we go up we got the achievement good iron bars which means you've got 500 prisoners in your prison we did it the only thing that's wrong over here is the laundry is out of control so much so that no one can get in and out of here I wonder if like if I got rid of this this this this this this I wonder if that would help I think someone's firing off some yeah fighting is happening we needed to keep all these guys separate minimum normal maximum all of those guys need to be separate but we made it to 500 there's fights breaking out oh my goodness be avoided of riots and things are about to get crazy but guys I did it I did I'm gonna save it before I lose my mind there it is the TVM prison went from a mere ten prisoners to 510 episodes which ain't too bad I'm gonna call it quits on this for now cool this season one or prison architect if this series get or if this video gets enough likes then I'll consider a season two where will either start again with mods or different rules can you because you can have lots of different rule sets I kind of had it on the easiest one you can get stuff like gangs different contraband and their mods obviously like zombies which is pretty crazy but so far I done pretty much all I can do the grants are completely complete which need to wait for these ones and this one you just need to wait for as well but everything else is done worth three hundred and seventy two grand in the bank were making forty grand a day there's not much else I can do here apart from stop people fighting I don't think that's gonna happen so guys thank you so much for the support in this series it's been absolutely amazing I really didn't think this series would go so far but it did and it's all down to you guys enjoying it thank you so much watching leave a like if you were to see a season two or you can suggest some different games in the comment section down below maybe we could do like something like this like theme park world or what's that that game called planet coaster we could do stuff like that that'll be quite cool don't forget to subscribe if you're new as well to find out what the new series is or just follow my videos every single day and I'll see you next time goodbye hostess bar swing wagon candles canvas full of pork rubber band

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  1. Who thinks he should do a series on planet coaster that he seemed to enjoy playing when he tried it?


  2. Dan: “These doors are a life saver!”
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  3. **104 dining seats for 208 prisoners**
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