52 Amazing Organization Tricks for a Stress Free Home

52 Amazing Organization Tricks for a Stress Free Home

Spring may seem far away, but if you are planning a big Spring Clean and Organization effort, it will be here faster than you think. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and this is 52 Amazing Organization Tricks for a Stress-Free Home. 1. Don’t Just Save the Knobs – Save the Whole Drawer. Well, OK, just the front. Before you toss that old dresser to the curb, salvage the fronts of the drawers and ‘zazz them up with paint or add stenciled designs. Then, hang them on the wall in a decorative pattern and use the knobs as hangers for coats, bags, keys and more. 2. Do you have a cardboard tube taking up room in a closet? Simply cut the tube lengthwise with a sharp box-cutter to get two semi-circular pieces and then attach the halves and decorate. 3. Get Creative with old Leather Belts and Scrap Wood for Fun Shelves. With two sturdy belts, hammer and nails, and some lengths of wood, you can create a set of hanging shelves that will be the perfect set for your decorative keepsakes. 4. Take advantage of the Unclaimed Space below your Doorknobs. With the help of premade or homemade hanging pockets, you can easily find your keys, sunglasses and more as you are walking out the door. 5. Turn Your Wall into a Quick and Easy “Clipboard” with Binders Whether you use a premade decorative color or DIY your own, binder clips can be hung on your home office wall. Attached it with a simple nail or screw for an instant Clipboard effect for memos, bills to pay, calendars, pics, etc. 6. Vintage Suitcase to Decorative Table. If you still have one of those classic hard sided boxy suitcases at home or manage to find one at a steal at a local thrift store or garage sale, consider converting it into a decorative table that can be used anywhere. 7. Vintage Suitcase to a Nightstand. It’s all in the legs. Like the coffee table above, just add longer legs to create a statement nightstand. 8. Vintage Train Case to a Charging Station These adorable little cases are perfect for creating a decorative place to charge all your smartphones. 9. Vintage Case to a Bathroom Cabinet Yep, another use for a classic suitcase. The ideal size for this project is probably the old “carry-on” version. Attach to the wall above your bathroom sink or to any other wall for a decorative shelving display. 10. Make Hidden Storage on Your Bookshelf with Wrapped Boxes Many products these days come in fabulously made and durable cardboard boxes. These boxes are great places to store smaller items and spare cash. Just wrap them up in decorative paper and tuck them in among your books. 11. For More Secret Stashing – Add a Framed Picture For larger items, grab a sturdy cardboard box or wooden crate and attach a framed art to the front. Once set on your shelf, what looks like an inventive way to display your art doubles as hidden storage. 12. Save Your Glass Jars. From pickles and olives to salsa, it’s easy to build a collection of matching glass storage containers just by buying your favorite foods and washing them out when they are empty. The beauty of these reusable containers is they not only don’t cost you anything extra; you can easily see what’s inside. 13. Arrange an A-Frame Multi-Media Display. Books and Blu-ray and DVDs…Oh, My! Get all of your media, be it print, video or audio set up and easy to find. With a standard stepladder and some planks of wood, you can create a modern looking space to sort and display your movies, CD’s and books. 14. Turn a Through-way into Floor-to-ceiling Storage. Create tons of storage by adding floor to ceiling shelves the length of an underused hallway. 15. Declutter Visually by Going Neutral. Make your bookcase appear less cluttered by wrapping your books all in the same color. White butcher paper or brown paper shopping bags from the grocery store will do the trick nicely. 16. Ladder to Pot Rack in an Instant. Lean a standard ladder against a kitchen wall and hang your pots and pans from the ladder steps with S-hooks. 17. Paint some pegboard to match your kitchen, then hang your pots and pans and skillets where you want them. Finally, trace each item in white, so you’ll know exactly where they go after you’ve used them. 18. For a nifty way to store your magazines, use S-hooks and bungee cords stretched horizontally for a custom rack. 19. Keep Your Cards Organized. If you’re one of those, who like to reuse old greeting cards, use a decorated shoebox or cigar box to keep them dust free and organized. 20. Stop the Never-Ending Search for a Pen. Keep all your writing materials, from pens to paper to stamps, together in one place. You can buy a decorative box or be creative and covert a shoe box. 21. Short on Places to Put things? Make Your Own Paper Boxes! If you are short on storage but long on cardstock, make your boxes using stiff paper and tape. Customize the size of each to fit exactly what you need. 22. Need a way to creatively display utensils at a party? How about a way to corral your various pens, pencils, and scissors? Just re-use the cans your veggies come in. 23. From Straight-backed Chair to Multi-Purpose Nightstand Create even more bedside storage with the help of a straight-backed chair. In addition to the table space, the seat provides you can use the back to hang clothes for the morning or attach a clip lamp for easy reading. 24. Need More Versatile Storage at Night? Use a Mini Filing Cabinet! Need more than just a table top to keep all your nighttime supplies? A mini filing cabinet will provide extra drawer space for meds, lotions, eye drops and tissues while keeping them out of sight. 25. Cubic Shelving Makes a Cozy Fire a Breeze. Only need a little storage? A simple 1×2 cube shelf will work. Want to really make a statement? Stack them floor to ceiling on one side or both sides of the fireplace for a truly stunning display. 26. Need an extra room but don’t want to deal with construction? Create one with a screen or room divider. 27. Bring Some of the Outside In. Go green with this handy mail and bill holder created with glass jar terrariums and spare wood. 28. Divvy up Your Drawers with Cardboard Dividers. Want to reorganize your dresser but not spend extra money on premade storage bins? Measure the length, width, and depth of your drawers and cut out cardboard dividers instead. Fit into your drawer and sort your items into the four areas created. 29. From Eating Utensils to Decorative Hooks. Ever bent a spoon, fork or knife trying to pry something apart? Instead of trying to bend it back, mount it to a block of wood or a cabinet door and turn it into a hook or door pull. 30. Easily Color Code Anything with Tiny Yarn Tassels Use these handy tassels to keep straight what key goes where. 31. Streamline Your Mini Storage or Create a Message Center with Altoids Tins. If you are a regular user of this popular mint, you can easily collect the handy tins to keep your odds and ends in. Easy to decorate, throw one in your purse to keep your “mad money” or stamps in. Been saving for a while? Attach a whole bunch to a piece of wood, stiff cardboard, or directly to your wall and create your own magnetic bulletin board. 32. Create a Catch-all with Leather and Wood Have some leftover leather belts from the shelving project mentioned above? Use them to create this handy “basket” to store outgoing mail. 33. Build a Table Using Your Extra Books. This postmodern side table will become a designer statement piece everyone will be talking about. 34. Convert a Book into Portable Hidden Storage. Camouflage your smartphone or mini-tablet by converting an old book into a handy storage area. 35. Make Smaller Spaces Work Harder with Corner Shelving. Even the smallest storage room has more than one corner. Utilize the space with corner shelves to extra storage. 36. Speaking of Corner Shelves – Convert a Magazine Holder in a Snap Whether you have a floor-to-ceiling area to work with, or just some extra room above a chair shoved into the same corner, magazine holders make easy to hang corner shelves. Just drill holes in the back and bottom, turn them on their sides and attach to the corner for a sturdy 2 tier shelf. 37. Create instant coat racks for parties that can be stored easily with this coat rack on wheels using simple piping you can find at any plumbing supplies venue. 38. Stuck with CD Storage After Your Music Went Digital? Repurposed that set of CD storage drawers into useful kitchen storage that will let you tuck aware your extra spices, herbs, and other odds and ends. 39. Visually De-clutter by Color If wrapping all your books feels like a chore, you can still make your bookcase look less cluttered simply by grouping your books by color. 40. Visually De-clutter by Color…Some More! Feeling overwhelmed by your closet but can’t part with anything? Just organize your closet the way you organized your books for a more visually appealing storage display. 41. Utilize Your Office Wall Space. You only need the most basic sewing skills to pull off this handy wall organizer. 42. Quick and Easy Desk with Oodles of Storage. Get an enormous amount of desktop space for multiple computer monitors, writing area and more plus have your files right there next to you. Just use wood boards or a plain door on top of 2 filing cabinets. 43. Take Advantage of a Shallow Area by Turning Your Books Face Out. This works especially well to help your child find exactly the book that they want without having to thumb through volume after volume or thin paperbacks. 44. Find the Right Piece of Jewelry Fast and Easy Frame pegboard or mesh in a picture frame or mount them to wooden framing then hang your dangle earrings through the holes. Convert paperclips into mini S-hooks to hold your necklaces and bracelets. 45. Mount Storage Hooks Vertically for Floor to Ceiling Accessory Storage There is no law that states hooks must hang horizontally. Use the space on either side of your closet door to keep purses, briefcase and more out or the way but still easy to find. 46. Art or Storage? How about Both? If you have a large collection of scarves and ties, why not display them and store them at the same time. Simply stretch some wire across your wall space. 47. Small Desk? Mount your Screen Instead. Attach your computer screen to the wall above your desk to free up workroom. 48. Maximize Your Library Space by Stacking. Stacking your books by size lets you use more available space within the confines of basic shelves, allowing you to add even more to your collection. 49. Awkward Niche to a Built-in Shelf. Any shallow cut-in in your room and be used to put up shelves for extra storage. 50. Awkward Niche to Clothing Storage. Especially useful with space is at a premium, turn any extra area into clothing storage. 51. Awkward Niche to a Mini Office. Pay your bills and surf the web without taking up extra space. 52. No Handy Awkward Niche? Pay your bills and surf the web without taking up extra space using a sturdy wall mounted shelf that is big enough for a laptop and pencil holder. And… that’s all for now… For more DIY hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next videos…

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  5. Cover all your books in the same paper….books are for reading not decoration..you kinda need to see the titles and wrapping them in paper is wasteful. That suggestion is not the only mistake on this list

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  8. Instead of putting your tv on a plain stand, use a dresser. On one drawer I removed the front and put my dvd player and the Wii for the grandkids. One drawer holds all my candles and wax-melts. The other 3 drawers hold all my dvds and blue rays. I have a taller dresser in a corner, it holds all the extra blankets and the throw pillows. My coffee table top actually raises up and has storage . Thrift stores are a great place to buy dressers. For a side table next to the bed, I bought wooden filing cabinets. Think outside of the box and you will find many answers. This isn't mine, but similar. We didn't paint ours or change the knobs, ours was in better shape. http://www.ourkidsmom.com/diy-converting-a-dresser-into-a-television-stand/

  9. Some cute ideas. However, please don't upcycle vintage suitcases that entails destroying them. These are part of the past and fads will come and go (chalkpaint, legs on everything etc 🙄).
    Don't upcycle them to a point of no return…once you do they lose their value. I'm positive the younger generations will find this out the hard way.

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