6 Bedroom Design Tips From the Property Brothers – HGTV

6 Bedroom Design Tips From the Property Brothers – HGTV

I believe in a master
bedroom and bathroom that feels like an oasis
for the homeowners. Everything about
this master suite says relaxed,
rich, and inviting. When it comes to designing
the master bedroom, the challenge is to make
it appealing to both sexes. While I do have a lot of
soft accents and decor, I still have a
neutral color palette and some masculine
elements that makes it appeal to both
the man of the house but most importantly,
the woman of the house. That’s me getting
in the good books. I knew that I wanted to have
a master wing on this side of the houses because
with all the bedrooms on the other side of the house,
you’d have complete privacy. And I decided to keep it in
line with the mid-century modern feel of the home by using
clean line furnishings and also going with a
more modern, muted color palette, something
that was soothing and just created a
fresh inviting vibe. You can’t help but feel like a
king or a queen in this space. There’s plenty of
room for two to share and the walk-in closet
even boasts a window. As far as challenges
go, everything was a challenge in this place. I had an electrical panel
that was on one of the walls I had to demo. So I managed to find a new
location just a few feet away and a very clever
way to hide it. I love the simplicity
of this master bathroom. It’s just fresh
and crisp and clean and the pallet is very Zen. The retro tile definitely ties
back to the design aesthetic for the rest of the home. That was time-consuming
but so worth it.

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