6 Luxury Motor Homes You Need to See

6 Luxury Motor Homes You Need to See

hey guys have you ever dreamt of getting
a luxurious home well who hasn’t but in this video I’ll show you some great
homes that you can travel from one place to another from deserts to lakes from
mountains to forests from villages to cities however people still think that
these expensive and restrictive concrete boxes are there only homes number one
Madge Olano the company mercedes-benz has been
working nonstop to ensure that all their client’s needs are met
while some mercedes-benz developers have focused on creating light duty cars and
SUVs others have been designing sophisticated highly advanced homes on
wheels this camper modulo know is the perfect tool for long-distance college
it is not only particularly economical but it also offers outstanding poise and
assurance at the wheel and boasts a high standard of comfort and safety this vehicle is ten point six meters
long 4 metres high and 2.5 metres wide its living spaces are painted in
Pleasant sandy colors it has two TV sets Wi-Fi and an additional onboard diesel
generator which supplies electricity for a long time
in addition rooms are equipped with a Boise sound system and satellite system
like other camper models it also has two slide outs sections to give additional
living space with capacity for 8 people just perfect for a big family or to
invite a few guests it is worth noting that this camper is powerful enough to
tow a trailer which could serve as a garage you can transport some bicycles
in the trailer or even a car moreover it has underfloor heating electric heater
boosters and air conditioning in every room number two Vulcan or performance this
campervan combines everything you need for a comfortable happy life both on and
off the road it has a unique feature consisting of an automatically
retracting hidden slot specially designed to function as a garage to
carry a light duty vehicle this camper is 12 meters long it is spacious enough
with 830 square metre living space and elsewhere this vehicles slide-out wall
allows its owner to maximize its interior space adding extra five square
meters it can comfortably accommodate up to six people as it has a bed for
everyone this camper also has 8,000 litre water supply system and a sewage
water tank with a storage capacity for 800 liters its engine power can vary
from 430 to 460 horsepower this vehicle load capacity can reach up to 18 tons
every detail on it combines functionality and aesthetics its
interior is as stylish as your ideal home number three centurion 1200 this
campervan design is based on the mercedes-benz truck Actros it combines
the luxury and comfort at the highest level it is built for those people who
have always dreamed of having a drivable castle there is enough space inside it
for big rooms and a garage the weight of this luxury camper is 26 tons is evenly
distributed along its 12 meter length it is 2.5 metres wide and a little less
than 4 metres high having a vehicle like the Centurion 1200 is just enough for
living a quiet and moderate life and for inviting a few guests it has a 476
horsepower engine its creatively developed design lets furniture lines
inside this vehicle flow with style and Bund right into rounded wall panels
adding those rounded panels would prevent people from hitting or getting
hurt with any object inside of it the dark walnut color floors match the
wooden surface of the cabinet’s which are elegantly decorated with stainless
steel touches number four hallmark 45 DB campervan
manufacturers have been working hard nowadays to design vehicles that would
ensure maximum comfort level on the road this fantastic camper is available for
those who can pay four hundred fifty thousand dollars to get it this company
Volvo created hallmark 45 GB which is equipped with a 600 horsepower engine
with two thousand seven hundred eighty foot-pounds of torque and automatic
twelve speed transmission this camper can be made wider which increases inside
space it has enough room so you can take all
of your toys with you it comes with plenty of overhead
cabinets for storage and has a king-sized bed in its bedroom a
refrigerator and a trifold sofa in the living room there is a shower enclosure
with the mosaic walls in the master bath and the half bath has a toilet and a
wash basin a particular advantage of this camper is its control panel this
panel allows to control the camper with just a few taps on it from the panel you
can change the lighting inside and outside the camper you can also change
the position of its outside armless awning the position of its retractable
parts and control its air conditioning system number five canna dream mAh a
maxi several campervans are designed to
accommodate large families of four or more members Hannah dreams mhm a maxi is
no exception and has enough space to comfortably accommodate four adults and
two children every detail and this camper absolutely ensures the maximum
space functionality for instance its cab over design provides flexible sleeping
options and arrangements for all occupants it allows for up to three
single beds or a queen bed configuration a small group of people can sleep here
without interruption in addition this camper has some appliances and amenities
such as an oven air conditioning systems and a 167 liter freshwater reservoir
which provides the highest comfort level there is also a three burner gas stove a
microwave and a large fridge in the kitchen area this camper is actually small if
compared to other camper vans it is not more than 10 metres long however its
size is not a disadvantage if we considered its amazing capacity as a
living space number six lux
LF 42 MD the RV factory is the company
responsible for manufacturing this campervan it can easily become an office
on wheels or even a cozy home its creators paid special attention to
furnishing its living space every Luxus cabinet is made of natural hardwood its
full body paint job with two clear coats and sand and buff is the best paint
finish on the market the living space is divided into three rooms the first room
is an area to relax and receive guests this has a kitchen a sofa armchairs a
dining table and a TV the kitchen is small but it has all the
necessary appliances such as a refrigerator a stove and a microwave
oven the second area is a small bedroom with a bunk bed and another TV it also
includes a washing machine and a dryer the last area is the main bedroom
and has a double bed a TV and a big closet in this motorhome there are a lot of
lamps all over this camper to give it a modern contemporary feel there is also a
powerful generator to supply permanent power to those lamps thanks for watching
which motorhome did you find the most impressive let me know in the comments
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