6 Quick Tips For A Cleaner Interior | Autoblog Details

6 Quick Tips For A Cleaner Interior | Autoblog Details

– Keeping your interior clean is easier than you might think. Follow these tips to keep your car looking new all year round. (upbeat music) These inexpensive and disposable covers are perfect for protecting your seat and steering wheel for
those cringe-worthy moments. They store easily in the seat back pouch or armrest, and are installed in seconds. Perfect for dropping your
car off at the mechanics or after a day of dirty work. And added benefit is
your mechanic will think you’re nuts, and less likely to leave greasy hand prints everywhere as he’ll know you’ll be looking. Rubber mats prevent dirt,
mud, spills, and oil from penetrating your
carpet on a daily basis. Constant shampooing,
scrubbing, and vacuuming will wear out the carpet fibers and destroy the mat quickly. Rubber mats absorb our daily abuse, and can quickly be tapped out or washed with soap and water, dried,
and reinstalled in seconds. Every car should have a
moving blanket in their trunk. This should be used
whenever carrying heavy, sharp, or odd shaped items
in your trunk or back seat, and especially when Fido
needs to visit the vet. The blanket can also
be used as a drop cloth in case you need to get under your car on the side of the road for a repair. This will keep your clothes clean and minimize the chance of
getting your seats dirty. Once a spill or stain occurs, speed is the best remedy. Don’t wait, pull over and
address the issue quickly. Keep two to three microfiber towels in your arm rest or trunk
with an interior cleaner. Allowing the spill time to penetrate and dry will only make the
future cleaning more difficult. Keeping your tools nearby will prevent a small issue from becoming a big stain. We can all agree the most obvious dirt within the interior of
the care is the floor mat. Our shoes pick up little
rocks, dirt, and mud, then we deposit them on the floor within two seconds of getting in our freshly vacuumed interior, which drives car people crazy. Developing the habit of quickly tapping your feet before entering your car will decrease the level of dirt on your floor by 60 to 70%, prolonging the life of your carpet. Keep a pair of gloves and hand sanitizer in your arm rest or glove box in case you need to change a flat, check your oil, or need to freshen up before
touching your steering wheel. As commuters, we spend a good portion of our day on the inside of the car. That new car feeling
of a spotless interior makes it much more enjoyable. If you found this video helpful, please share and keep up with all the latest detail videos by liking or subscribing to the Autoblog page. I’m Larry Kosilla from ammonyc.com. Thanks for watching.

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  1. arm rest not big enough… Larry, could you inspect my trunk for leaks, I might need to close it for you to have a better look…

    drives off solves the storage problem

  2. Having a 2005 Ford Expedition is handy after watching this has a big storage unit handy with all the products I need to go buy at the store now 😹

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