7 Crazy Amazing Furniture Design You Need To See

7 Crazy Amazing Furniture Design You Need To See

hi welcome to another video of TTI today
we’re going to show you the world’s greatest furniture so don’t miss any
part of this video parisa face up the paresis pace up was
designed specifically to cater to owners of spacious high ceiling red rooms
this bed is designed by the French company Paris oh that offers more than
just a comfortable sleeping experience it also offers great savings on space in
order to use it simply install the Paris au space up and pay close attention to
the sides you’ll see that there are lots of stylish Li designed medium sized
shelves to help you pack extra stuff into your room without messing up the
design aesthetic this convenient device also offers super durability to aid in
the storage of books and other midsize to bedroom paraphernalia as a lot of
beds have a similar design there’s only one thing that makes the pair so space
up really stand out this is the fact that the mattress tilts back and under
it there’s an amazing 2.3 cubic meters of space for storage this face is also equipped with drawers
and it’s even possible to store large sized objects such as suitcases and
sports equipment in order to prevent any issues with space access the person
space up comes with a smooth open Abul hinged mechanism which makes it even
more convenient to manage the space in your room living cube
are you searching for a stylish yet cost-effective way to spice up your
living space well search no more the living cube
offers an attractive way to aid space utilization this innovation comes with a
large number of all kinds of drawers and shelves on the side you can place books
music records a player a TV and even some clothes this is a product of the
mind of notable designer till Conacher and manufactured by Remo Zimmermann the
living cube also features a ladder at its end as well as a door which lets you
inside the structure the space could serve the function of a storage room
where you can also park your bicycle to the living cube comes as an assortment
of various pieces which can be put together to form a cohesive cool and
very little time the design is also variable that inside the living cube
there may be a dressing room or even a bathroom the upper surface of the living
cube also has a space which may function as a lounge area or as a space for
sleeping arrangements la cocina da futuro the la cucina del
futuro derives its name from the German technique and the Italian style La
Cucina del futuro is the smartest kitchen for your use because tomorrow is
already now it works with the belief that preparing and eating tasty meals is
a basic human right for everyone this creation is an amazing product of the
minds of the specialists from the Italian company filigrana Ave and makes
use of every available meter to produce a space that breathes a space which
reflects the amount of thoughts that creators put into its design by the
large amount of advantages and features it possesses
from the east of using a remote control to open the drawers to the full
exploitation of the most previously useless corners in the room in addition
to this the outer labels of the device can be rapidly removed for quick
cleaning while the refrigerator drawers look just like any other and are easily
accessible right under the worktop so that food can be taken out and put away
faster the drawers also feature integrated
separators making it easy to organize kitchen appliances to all these features
come in a modern and technologically advanced design which includes the
option for a wireless charger to suit your mobile device needs slumber shelves if you’ve ever been down on your luck as
a student or a young person in a new country then you already know the space
constraints of living in a one-bedroom apartment a Singaporean company known as
spaceman seems to have taken these problems to heart and has offered a
possible solution to the problem the slumber shelves this device is made to resemble a TV
console or bookcase when closed but when it’s open it reveals a comfortable wall
bed this represents a great advancement in space-saving and hidden bed designs
as it combines two pieces of furniture indispensable for any modern home and
can alternate between them in a few seconds flat the slumber shelves are
designed in such a way that the safety of the expensive breakable things stored
in the shelves are never in question as the unit is equipped with rotating parts
that don’t need to change their position in space breaking the box all these pieces are
the product of the mind of a Chilean artist and designer named Sebastian eras
eras they fork part of an exhibition of pieces in New York called breaking the
box and they are fully realized sculptures rather than just furniture they are designed in such a manner that
at first it seems like an ornamental device which serves a number of useful
functions and the aim of the artists is to apparently draw the line between
aesthetic and functional at first glance the cabinet in its original state
doesn’t look like it can handle up to ten drawers but due to its extraordinary
design it has been shown to do so with relative ease the components of the
cabinet’s are attached to one to the other and opens when the person performs
a rotary movement without a doubt I love this piece of art smart living a product
of Osseo designs smart living is the brainchild of a decade-long study to
innovate technologies with complicated mechanisms ports multifunctional space
saving products carried out in collaboration with FEMA and mobili smart
living gives you the option of utilizing your additional space in a creative way
for example area such as the TV’s location can now be tweaked to handle
two functions rather than one and this is accomplished in parts the folding chairs are hanging on to
them in the lower parts of the furniture there’s a hidden folding table that you
can unfold it to prepare for guests in just a few seconds there are so many
other unknown features that could endure the total transformation of a room in a
matter of seconds re pocket closet the Ori pocket closet appeals to our
inner diva who has always wanted to have their own private dressing room or e
pocket closet is their product from Ori living a company dedicated to the
development of transforming furniture this company wants to give you room
within a room the Ori pocket closet in essence allows the transformation of any
standard bedroom become a dressing closet without the use of more space or
any other hassle in the folded State the Ori pocket closet is extremely space
friendly is equipped with a large number of shelves to fit your belongings and is
technologically advanced capable of being operated with a mobile application
or on voice command the pocket closet can also serve as a mini library as well
as a storage room for sensitive materials hey why are you waiting
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