8 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage from Southern Living

8 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage from Southern Living

8 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage from Southern Living

100 thoughts on “8 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage from Southern Living

  1. I'd like to have seen the layout of the house. All they showed was staged interior decorating. Where were the tips?

  2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Southern Plantation Style- in 660 square feet? YES- can you believe it? Absolutely stunning white be-shuttered cottage; just the perfect South-flavored vacation retreat. Thanks to the Le Tuan Home Design Channel for yet another utterly charming little home for you!

  3. This would be perfect for me. Ilive with my daughter but i love my space and privacy. We have about800 sq ft. We. Are looking into our options and i know i would love it.

  4. It would be better to see the rooms from a wider angle. I am not watching the video to see details of the objects in the room. I have no idea what the interior looks like.

  5. إستاو بونيتاس ، ماس آس نوساس ساو مني مانسوس سوا جنتاو ، مناسوس بوسناس سنتاومينيتاس إماراتيستواز 😎

  6. Adorable white cottage where can I buy one its exactly what I've been looking for. Looks so warm and cozy it looks like home

  7. I absolutely love this ho,e, how adorable! For empty-nesters or ppl w/no kids like us! Fascinated with the white, makes it feel big. The tall bookcase draws the eye up? 5 stars and a round of applause.

  8. Hard to tell what this home really looks like because you do so many close ups. Do a pan out so we can visualize what The Whole areas in the Home look like please.

  9. Very good!

    Signed on your channel! Sign up there on my channel to help too! Appreciate! Everyone helps each other and everyone wins! Together we are stronger. Big hug from Brazil


  10. Lovely but Europe and the rest of the world lives in such houses. Never understood the American need for big houses…walk in closet , 26bathrooms open plan , hardwood floors….you buy oversized houses which you have to pay for the rest of your life because it is a status simbol…dont you think this is enough space, paid off in couple of years and the rest of the money can be used for say…better medical insurance , travel, education….?…..just saying. Greetings from europe

  11. The house is gorgeous. You are kind to share it with us, and the table must be a family heirloom. 😌👶👴👵👏

  12. @ Le Tuan Home Design – You post a video titled "8 Tips for Living in a 660 Square Foot Cottage". Instead of including those tips in the video you type them in the description. For the love of all things that make sense I do not understand why these "tips" were not just numbered like a normal person would do: 1, 2, 3, etc. Some weirdo in your office decides to do the following: 1 of 8, 2 of 8…so annoying like this twangy country music used. Nice house. Nice home decor. The video panning from frame to frame was awful. Kept pausing to see each room.

  13. The title should say how to live in a small house when you're privileged spoiled entitled person. Poor people live in smaller houses and trailer houses all the time since the beginning of time this is not new this is not anything that's video worthy or newsworthy they make it

  14. I would have appreciated seeing the house but all I saw were close ups and decor. And what about supplying a little information? C'mon!!

  15. Hey ding-a-ling, where are *tips*??? This is nothing but clickbait to watch a video tour of a home.

  16. I live in a 600 sq. ft. apartment that's like an attached cottage because it has a front and back door and a small front porch but unfortunately, it doesn't have a private patio or any sitting area in the back. I hate that the backdoor opens up to a parking lot!

  17. I like cute little house. Is that for government employee.I can avail how much monthly for how many years to pay?

  18. The tips are in the notes and not in the video. "Tip" number 5 isn't actually a tip, just a bit of enthusiasm. I don't get the point of this video, unless the title is a thin disguise to get accolades and admiration from others about what someone did. No idea how the house is laid out. I cannot use 1 minute 33 seconds of close ups for anything applicable in my life.

  19. After watching so many tiny house videos, this cottage looks pretty big..660 sq feet is a lot of space if planned well..

  20. "ENVY" never say nothing about your dreams, i was going to buy a house and the families, and friend, can target and destroy your dreams, one day i will have a home, small or big, i have faith,

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