80×100 Metal Building Update: Interior Tour

80×100 Metal Building Update: Interior Tour

Hey guys!
A couple of people have asked for an update on the building project.
It’s getting a lot closer. Still not done.
As you can see here we’ve got garage doors in and all the people doors are in so it’s
locked up. Still really happy with it.
I’m going to show you around a little bit here.
You can see the trim colors that we’ve got here.
The corners are the same color as the building and around the windows and the garage doors
are a different color. This corner close to us is where the living
quarters will be. I’ll show you inside in just a second.
Here’s the other corner. This corner with the windows will be a shop
bay so it’s got a lot of natural light in it.
The shop has doors on either end so you can drive straight through with big trailers.
A lot of water comes off this. You might consider gutters if you want to
invest in them. It’s starting to erode a little line already.
Eventually we may put some under roof lighting out here and fill in the soffits but that
will be down the line a little ways. Here’s the back of the building.
It’s got the same overhangs. Not a whole lot of useful space back here
but it’s great for storage. Here’s one more quick angle of the outside
before we go inside. There’s the air conditioner for the living
quarters here. Quite a bit of room around the building to
turn around. Here’s the inside of the building.
All of the lights are off now. It’s a sunny day and I wanted to give you
an idea of what it looks like, how much light there is without any lights on in here.
It’s easily workable in here but not exactly bright.
Here’s the building with the main peak lights on.
You can see there’s quite a bit more light in here.
The are high bay units and there are four of them.
Hopefully you can see those up there. They have 6 T8 bulbs in each one.
They are fairly expensive but they do a great job and they light up fast.
So, something to consider. We’ve got 12 high pressure sodium lights that
are also in here. They take a while to light up and don’t give
quite as nice of a light but they were actually free so that’s why we’re using them.
I’m going to turn them on and then we’ll get the rest of the tour here.
Ok, the lights are pretty well warmed up now. We’ve got a couple out but you can see there’s
plenty of light in here. I’ll give you a little walking tour here.
Got a couple of boat projects in here. It’s really not set up…
We’re right in the middle of the project still. Some big racks….
Pass through door on the south side. Continue and drive right through the north
side if you want. Bunch of other projects and stuff for the
living quarters. Over on this corner, this is going to be a
work bay with all of the windows here. A lot of light coming in from outside.
Big doors on the east side. You can see the living quarters are studded
out, the heat and air is in, electric has been run.
Up on top can be expanded in the future to another level but right now it’s kind of a
great hang out spot. We’re going to put railings up there for safety
but it’s pretty neat up there. Here’s the living quarters.
You can come right in from outside into the shop area or straight into the living quarters.
Stairs going up top. I’ll take you through here real quick.
Going to be a coat closet there. This will be living room and kitchen area.
To the right is a guest bath, half bath. Going through the living room.
Got some big windows. TV in the corner.
Back here this will be the master bedroom. Fairly big size room.
Then you get back into the master bath back here.
And behind here is a master walk-in closet. You can walk back through the guest bathroom
back into the shop area. We’ll go upstairs.
This is a pretty cool view up here. This is a large space up here.
It’s kind of like a deck that’s inside. Good hangout spot.
You can see the garage doors here. The garage door openers are a commercial Lift
Master belt drive openers that work pretty well.
Here I’ve got all of the garage doors open except this one.
I’ll show you. Nice moving doors.
Gives a lot of light in here. It makes it feel really open.
I forgot to mention in this video that over here this will be a bathroom right here beside
this desk. It just hasn’t been framed up yet.
Here’s one last shot from in the work bay.

100 thoughts on “80×100 Metal Building Update: Interior Tour

  1. This is an Awesome & Large shop building w/ living quarters – Great Concept.  I would like to build something similar to this but, maybe in the 60 x 80 x 18' range with a 2 story living quarters.  Question: What kind of steel was used in this building? Galvanized?   It Does Not look like the standard typical Red Iron.  Would it be safe to guestimate that this 80×100 building total completion cost to be around $150,000? – Not including site prep & utilities.

  2. Seeing all that roof area and your remark about all the rain made me think of water collection for plants, lawns, toilets, filtered for showers, cooking, drinking?
    That's assuming your state isn't in the pockets of the utilities. Oh, I forgot solar (if pointed correctly)?

  3. hey man this is like the 3rd time i have watched this vid and i was hoping you would do a update a few years on

  4. I noticed exterior light coming in when you were on top of the living area. I’m from Florida where hurricanes are common. Are these shelters hurricane proof and and difficult do you think it would be to keep it cool in the summers?

  5. I am single need stop renting in the city. I want my own land and place. A place for my adult children to come and live on the property build their own on site. Any property in TN?

  6. Ive watched this 5 times today 😂 this is your brothers right? God what job does this man have?.. You should do a new update! Please! And next time you see him ask him how much this costs!

  7. How hard is it to get this to code? Or is this something I would need to have out off grid? Of course I intended to have it on a good size piece of land but I want to be still connected to power, internet, ect.

  8. Do you mind giving me the specs on the your shop?
    Height, roof pitch, center height, side height, etc. please.
    Beautiful Beautiful shop!

  9. If you get that much rain, you can do a rain catchment system and use that water to power wash your heavy equipment, water the grass and plants or even the toilet.

  10. This is living at its finest you designed the main living area very well and man you can party it up in that garage. I’d be curious as to what the cost per square foot to build was. Very cool!

  11. This is so awesome. I've always wanted to do this. About 15-20 years ago there was an ad for metal buildings and something close to this size was like $25,000. Then a few years later I saw a guy built his house in his hangar and decorated the exterior to make it look like a normal house. Half the hangar was house and the other half was full of toys.

  12. Hey God's Country I'm planning on buying land in Northern Nevada and purchasing metal buildings like yours as soundstages for my Independent Film Studio productions!

  13. having a house inside a warehouse is an AWESOME idea.
    I would much rather build myself something like this than just a normal house but I would also add more rooms.

    3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bath, 1 livingroom would be great.
    and all that warehouse space is just so cool. it can be used as a shop, storage, garage.

  14. I've been thinking about building something like this (but I have 50'x100' in my head) I've even drawn out my own little concept idea using Revit https://imgur.com/gallery/nqxqBhk but instead of putting the living quarters on the main floor like in your brothers building I think I would build a loft structure about 2,000 SQF or whatever I feel I need when I actually get to that point so that way I keep the shop floor open for maximum working space. But I'd probably get a 17' building but build it on 2' tall footing walls so you could get 19' from it, then 8' living quarters, and 9' ceilings for the shop space (Maybe even consider making the footings another foot or 6" taller just so larger trucks will fit under the house part) but then that would leave roughly 2' spacing for the loft's floor structure and support beams to be ran because I'd like to keep it free span if at all possible.

    I've also drawn up this smaller one encase the big one is too expensive lol, https://imgur.com/gallery/ny0mWyq I was pretty surprised you could get everything done from the slab to the building dried in within 31 days on your time lapse. Probably wouldn't be no more than 2 months from first dirt moved and all the way to dried in and running power and stuff. Also, maybe I missed it but was there a septic put in? And was that any more challenging than a normal septic might be? I'm hoping if I decide to do a 50'x100' shop in Montana that I could get it with the slab, footings, septic, power, plumbing, dried in for like 150-200k and then I can build the loft living quarters myself and get the tools in the shop setup to do it all. One good thing is Montana doesn't have sales tax so that saves 6-8% off the top on materials lol. Bad part is it's like 3' below grade for the frost line to run the footings and probably to run the septic and plumbing systems. I've read your comments on how you don't feel comfortable really getting into pricing which is fine, you did say you estimated it at about 200k+ but your building is bigger than what I'd probably end up getting, but after sort of going through it with your brother do you think 150-200k not counting the lot would be a reasonable guesstimate ball park video on getting something like I explained done? I know I need to contact building professionals to get a real price but this is just a couple years in the future probably at the minimal so everything's gonna change anyway, I'm just curious if this is even something I could dream about building or if it's something I'm gonna have to start saving for 5 years or more to be able to afford it, because I really don't think I could push more than 250-275k with the lot on the initial building. But I could also do some of the work myself to save costs. Just looking for a little bit of words of wisdom from someone that's done it.

  15. shop with living quarters is the way to go, especially for someone starting out, you will always have a place to make a living and live or can ALWAYS be rented out at a hefty price.

  16. I’m so glad you posted this! My wife and I just started looking into doing a big metal building that we could put our home inside of! This is the perfect size for our needs.
    Thank you!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  17. Are you able to put to wanna have cars straight in because on collect cars and I'm running on a space where I keep on now and I'm by a nose lips that you could store one on top and 1 at the bottom

  18. I think this is the most fantastic thing! That's a HUGE space, even minus the living part, and you live IN your shop? Does it get any better? I also think $200K for something like this is a steal. Now 5 years later, maybe 300K, completely finished and fitted out? Still a great deal.

    Starting at 6:47, is that light shining in at the end of every purlin? Some of those holes look big. That can't be good…

  19. What would I be looking at price wise for the 80×100 , concrete work , and what company did you use . Looks amazing

  20. What does this garage Go for price wise and how high is it and what are the sizes of the doors the overheads I wouldn't put that many windows in mine

  21. I was wondering at what so I'm like this building cost and if you have heated floors in here or no please comment back thank you very much looking to find a building this size to get built for me I need a Big toybox in a man's cave A place to get away

  22. I doubt those lights are high pressure sodium, HPS lamps emit a distinctive orange glow. more likely they
    are metal halide, or mercury vapor.
    NIce garage, I'm jealous.

  23. This is exactly what I want and in Arkansas none the less! This would be a dream for me to have one. I would put a skate park in there for me and my kid.

  24. This would be on my bucket list because near future I’m getting 884 acres of land to build a nice big luxury home I’m going to work as electrical engineer so I would be pay a lot and could build a luxury home so this would be on property too maybe a race track if it come out right

  25. Would love to see and update after being finished! Great build idea this will be an idea to pitch for my next house.

  26. Very cool! Pre Engineered buildings are my profession. What brand of steel building package is this?

  27. Just curious where about this is located, im from New Brunswick Canada and was curious as to how or if this building is heated

  28. For the concrete work and for the building around how much do you have invested please comment back Thank you very much I can always find out how much it would be for the heated floors with them a measurements thank you very much

  29. I am building a Kwanzaa hut in Alabama I want to make it a 2 Story with living space upstairs then the Garage space downstairs I was told I to use clothes foam and put it on the roof Coming Down the Walls about 3 in otherwise if I put it inside it building be raining from the top down all summer long do you have any ideas please give me a call my name is David thank you and have a blessed day 256-318-5111

  30. In regards to people asking for price, you should just say what you said in the pinned comment and pin your own comment so that's the first thing everyone sees when they go down into the comments, rather than someone else's comment. Might take some of the weight off your shoulders.

  31. Thank you all for your comments. I have quit responding to cost requests because no one reads the answers that I've already written. So every few days I get the same question. The answer is that this building is probably not as cheap as people think. It's owned by my brother so I don't know the specifics but I believe it was around $200k+. But keep in mind that is has a house inside of it too. Another reason I don't want to answer cost requests is that its been over 5 years since this video was made and costs go up all the time. Everyone's building needs are different and companies charge different amounts. The bottom line is that you need to talk directly with a building manufacturer and a contractor. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific.

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