9/11: An Architect's Guide - Part 3: The Twin Towers and Extreme Heat (5/16/19) Webinar - R Gage)

9/11: An Architect's Guide – Part 3: The Twin Towers and Extreme Heat (5/16/19) Webinar – R Gage)

welcome everyone to our AIA continuing education course nine eleven an architect's guide a three-part series today is Thursday May 16th 2019 I'm Richard gage AIA member of the American Institute of Architects and founder of architects and engineers for 9/11 truth we're a 501 C 3 non-profit organization representing a growing body of now more than 3000 architects and engineers who are signed onto the petition demanding a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11 last week we presented part two the Twin Towers explosive destruction this is part three the Twin Towers and extreme heat in which we'll be looking at the evidence of very high temperatures and incendiary chemical reactions involved in the destruction of these two skyscrapers first let me introduce you to our operations manager Andy Steele andy i richer the lo everybody thank you for tuning in today Architects and engineers can receive learning units for taking these webinar 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firm or a a chapter for the benefit of your colleagues and know that the AIA does not endorse any of the content of their third-party continuing education providers finally we'll be having to take your questions at the end of the course just submit them also in the questions and information form online at a e-911 truth that o our G and with that said back to you Richard thanks so much Andy just so people know something about my background I was responsible at a local firm here in the San Francisco Bay Area for the construction documents for these three and 10 million-dollar gymnasiums the construction administration for this one hundred and twenty five million dollar high school more recently before launching full-time on this outreach effort I had similar responsibilities working on this four hundred million dollar mixed-use project near Las Vegas with six L mid-rise office space and parking structure altogether about twelve hundred tons of fireproof steel framing I now work full time educating architects engineers and others to understand what really happened at the World Trade Center using the material in these courses as documented extensively by the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST molten metal was seen pouring out of the South Tower during the seven minutes leading up to its collapse molten metal was also observed in the debris of both buildings well various other evidence of extreme heat and incendiary chemical reactions have been documented since in 2005 Ness concluded that the twin towers destruction resulted from the combined effects of the airplane impact damage and the ensuing fires both of which are phenomena that failed to account for the extreme heat observed before and after the twin towers destruction does their explanation for these unprecedented structural failures explain the evidence well after today's course you'll be able to describe for yourself the characteristics of building fires in the aspects of design that have contributed to make fire news failure in steel frame high rises a rare occurrence as well as being able to recognize the distinct features associated with fire induced failure versus those associated with the procedure controlled demolition and you can describe for yourself also step by step the series of structural failures that nist claimed to be the cause of the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and analyzed the physical evidence of the dynamics of these collapses according to how consistent they are with these two competing hypotheses so let's get into it with what the scientific method we've added in the West for a hundred years or so we use it to winnow error from truth fact from fiction we have a question out of the towers come down we do some background research make observations construct a hypothesis that's our best guess as to how the towers might have come down jet planes may be fires explosions controlled demolition we'll look at all these hypotheses today test them with experiments make predictions and analyze the results draw conclusions if the hypothesis is corroborated we report the results in an open transparent manner now in the scientific method if the hypothesis is not corroborated we go back construct another hypothesis that stands a better chance against the data the experiments and so forth this is what we'll be doing today until we find and we will a hypothesis that is corroborated with the evidence by the evidence let's start with doing some background research what are some of the forces that do destroy buildings we've certainly seen fire destroy a lot of buildings not a high-rise building before 9/11 but say in a wood frame building a fire is an organic process that moves through the building slowly in a modern steel frame building for instance we only have about 20 minutes of fuel in a given area so the fire burns that fuel up and moves on looking for fresh new fuel sources but saying in a wood frame building we might have where the structure is combustible itself that's wood building would fall over in stages it's a chaotic process following the law of entropy increasing disintegration now how would we know in how buildings behave in steel frame buildings well we have tests that have been done in fact the largest test of its kind in 1995 in the UK we have an eight story building that was set on fire with huge amounts of kindling where we have 2,000 degree fires burning in a building that was laid out of steel frame but part of it was fireproofed and part of it was not fireproof they want to know what happened in each case well the beams began to sag as would be expected but the connections did not fail not one of them its inherently stable says the executive summary due to the highly redundant nature of the structural form so that's fires and what might be expected in steel frame buildings how about buildings high-rise buildings that fall due to natural causes in this case earthquakes the building falls over to the path of least resistance to its damaged site typically the concrete is not pulverized to a fine powder remember that the columns and beams are not all severed one from another remember that and we have a building that's recognizable as a building at the base of the pile remember that because we're going to be setting these this phenomenon assigned this evidence of buildings that are destroyed by various forces and then comparing them with how the Twin Towers came down now these buildings were exploded we have thick billowing enormous pyroclastic like clouds that are expanding in cauliflower shaped forms due to the incredibly hot gases produced by the explosives and that's chemical reactions we have pulverized building materials chemical reactions causing this the these sounds of explosions which are heard by witnesses flashes of light seen by them if we have these features we know we have explosions remember that because we're going to be seeing a lots of evidence of that in fact we did last week in part two of this three-part series the explosive nature of the towers destruction so we have a set of controlled demolitions from all around the country a hundred of them producing a lot of evidence for us to so we can determine what what looks like a controlled demolition what doesn't what are the features of controlled demolition we've looked at these last week let's just review real quick we have a sudden onset of destruction usually at the base of the structure not always a straight down symmetrical collapse into the building's footprint typically we have because there's a patterned removal of column supports simultaneously with an infraction of a second of each other and this results in a near freefall acceleration straight down through the path of what was the greatest resistance resulting in the total dismemberment of the structural steel frame often and limited damage of course to adjacent structures feature number six that's one of the goals of control of demolition feature seven patterned explosions and flashes of light heard and seen by witnesses broken up concrete floors they don't want to have to go back and jackhammer those concrete floors at all odd angles so they break them up with explosives so those explosive charges are visible at many floors these are called squibs in the controlled demolition industry and we also have chemical evidence of explosive devices left behind in the residue if we have these features we have direct evidence of destruction with explosives fire does not create these features any of them let alone all of them because fires cause structures to collapse asymmetrically with gradual deformations as we've seen following the path of least resistance for instance we have plenty of fires in high-rise buildings but not one of them have collapsed if not in Los Angeles where it's burning three and a half hours over five floors Philadelphia 18 hours over eight floors Caracas Venezuela 17 hours over 26 floors no collapse prior to 9/11 why well one reason is steel conducts that heat away it said very dense material and so it conducts it away from the source so the steel doesn't ever really get to its 1200 degree critical temperature Fahrenheit 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit is when steel can lose half of its strength and begin to sag so if you get temperatures over that yeah steel can sag that's that's true the steel beams but to keep that from happening we put fire proofing on them protect those beams and columns for two and three hours that's a whole lot more protection than is required for the 20 minutes of fuel that might be available to burn to allow a fire to burn in a given area so we don't have problems with collapsing as in skyscrapers as a result because we also regulate what you can build these buildings out of they're non combustible and the contents which tenants can bring in is highly regulated as well on top of all of that we put fire sprinklers and buildings to keep them from fire from ever becoming a problem in the Twin Towers the sprinklers were said to have been compromised by the impacts of the airplanes so with additional circumstantial collaborative evidence such as government documentation this can be very helpful determining whether something is a controlled demolition when we have it for knowledge because you don't just bring buildings down in an afternoon or a day or even a month that takes months of planning to place these explosives and engineer them in the first place experts agreeing that's a controlled demolition at least those experts without financial or political obligations that might sway their objective opinion in the matter for instance controlled demolition companies throughout the United States which rely on their thousands tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of income from the federal government which is fairly typical for controlled demolition companies here with video documentation of course all this can be proof of controlled demolition well why don't we just apply that body of proof to the twin towers and see what happened there last week in part two of this series we saw there was a sudden onset of destruction without a jolt hesitation or impact upon the upper section colliding if you will with the lower section we saw that there were patterned explosions and flashes of light if you missed last week's webinar highly encourage you to go to youtube and search 9/11 : an architect's guide part two we have because all of our all of our webinars are archived on YouTube there's like a hundred of them now so we have straight down symmetrical progression outside the footprint of the building the concrete and the steel is outside the footprint so we found last week for instance what's crushing the rest of the building if a hundred thousand tons of steel and ninety thousand tons of concrete in each of these towers is well outside the footprint of the building ejection zuv buildings materials at the lower floors these these sir squibs occurring 20 40 60 stories down below we found that there's a near freefall acceleration of this building straight down through the path of what should have been the greatest resistance the hundred thousand eighty thousand tons of steel below the point of jet plane impacts in the South Tower for instance the total shattering of the structural steel frame we found one beam from another completely shattered with lateral ejections of eight ton structural steel sections at 60 to 80 miles an hour landing 600 feet in every direction with pulverized concrete we found also ninety thousand tons of it pulverized to a fine powder all of that of course was direct evidence of destruction with explosives none of it complies with the features known of destruction by fire so we're looking today in part two at feature number eight nine and ten in this case prior hot pyroclastic like clouds the National Fire Protection Association guide 921 professed ocation of fire and explosions says look for thermal effects that's what we're gonna be doing right now large volumes of gas and the large amount of heat released in chemical explosions caused rapidly expanding plumes of hot gases do we have this yes in the twin towers every photograph every video shows these rapidly expanding plumes of hot gases racing away in fact 10 times the volume of the building in just 30 seconds an incredible amount of energy heat energy producing this phenomena covering lower Manhattan in a three square mile area with three inches blankets of concrete powder which we looked at in detail last week also but in terms of these fires are they produced those incredibly hot plumes by these small fires which are quite diminished at the time of the collapse with thick black smoke indicating oxygen-starved and cooler fires no that can't be it has to be something a whole whole lot more heat on the order of this perhaps we'll look at the what might be producing that heat right now in fact let's listen to Massimo Mizzou COEs film 911 new Pearl Harbor possibly the most important unexplained phenomenon at Ground Zero are the extremely high temperatures registered under the rubble for many weeks after the collapses on September 16 NASA shot these thermographic images of Ground Zero indicating unusually high temperatures at the base of the three collapsed buildings despite the heavy rains of September 14th the hot spots registered peak temperatures of more than 1,300 degrees under the rubble ten days later the fires kept burning the tower goes down five stories underground we had ABC crews come back just in the last few minutes and telling us there are still flames coming out of the base of the Trade Towers for the rescue workers this became an additional burden on their already gruesome task still on the rubble it's still I believe about 1,100 degrees the guys foods just melt within a few hours on October 8th the hot spots under the three collapsed buildings remained clearly visible six weeks later as the excavations progressed the situation seemed only to get worse and as we get closer to the center of this it gets hotter and hotter it's probably 1500 degrees we've got some small windows into what we thought was the board some point it looked like a another you know it was just were destroyed if it's a bright bright reddish orange ego the consequences of such extreme temperatures were quite visible on the steel that was being extracted from the Louisville where the Bradford's really were pulling stuff out big sections of Myers net was literally on fire on the other end they would hit the air and burst into flames which was pretty spooky to say we've created an air pocket by moving steel killing the fight to the ground but underground fires were just defined to help if you could make a video of what you perceive Hell to look like from fire shooting up at times that's what would happen you'd be in the middle of it would look like steel and then fire distant pop-up firemen will coming out with and I work with the boots literally melting and then the hose would come over try to put that point out my god there charlie pitchers was a supervisor of removal operations at Ground Zero from PBS's America rebuilds page we read pitchers crew picked up forty to sixty foot long pieces of steel impaled in the pile where the bottom 20 feet would be glowing red-hot pitcher said trucks loaded with steel would pass by and you could feel the back of your neck burning standing 20 feet away in an article called a dangerous worksite the US Department of Labor wrote underground fires burned at temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit this was confirmed by Mayor Giuliani there were fires of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit below the ground the Journal of the American Society of safety engineers wrote thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400 to more than 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit eight weeks later and the fires still had not subsided smoking that's when the fires gonna stick burner eight weeks later we still got by his burning I mean these things are burning at one point I think they were about 2800 degrees 11 weeks later and the fire's kept burning as recently as the end of November it was still 1,100 degrees down underneath the rubble as November turned into December ice was noticed in the mornings above the ground but the debris underneath was still smoldering the weird thing was it was very cold when we were up there I believe it was it was in the middle of the winter but the ground wasn't frozen the ground kind of like bubbles underneath your feet which was kind of strange to me it took until December 19 more than three months after the collapses for the last underground fire to be extinguished this is extraordinary because structural engineers and iron workers are describing this material again and again red-hot steel being pulled from deep within the pile dripping from the molten steel says this firefighter saw pools of literally molten steel says the president of Tony construction the cleanup company seeing the molten steel uncovering red-hot metal beams ranging from molten metal which was still red-hot weeks after the event molten steel at the heart of the towers remains streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores and flowed down metal dripping from a beam molten steel beams the end of the beam would be dripping molten steel molten steel was encountered primarily during the excavation of the debris sesmar closed o of controlled demolition we have video tapes and still photos of the molten steel being dipped out by the buckets of the excavators a little river of Steel flowing says who the structural engineer the World Trade Center himself Leslie Robertson and his associate Richard Garlock who says the debris past the columns was red hot molten run molten metal was pouring out of the South Tower minutes prior to its collapse we know it must be steel or iron because molten aluminum doesn't glow bright yellow in daylight conditions its silvery though nist it tries to tell us that was molten airplane dripping out of the the South Tower as we can see here falling out of that crab claw excavators we have liquid molten metal steel or iron and concrete I didn't even know concrete could melt it only melts above 3,200 degrees fire temperatures so intense says this exhibit at the New York Police Museum that they it it concrete melted like lava around everything in its path including this handgun emerging from this blob of cooled molten concrete steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinary high temperatures says the author of the FEMA report I saw melting of girders says Abu Hassan a stunning özil structural engineer who had access through the National Science Foundation grant to study the steel do you remember the Salvador Dali paintings he says a clocks that are kind of melted it's like that that can only happen if you get steel yellow hot or white-hot perhaps around 2,000 degrees not realizing that those temperatures are impossible with normal office fires or even jet fuel let's go back to Massimo mizuka knew Pearl Harbor another proof of extremely high temperatures reached it during the collapse are the twisted and mangled steel beams found at Ground Zero architects engineers people who work with steel welders have just never seen the level of destruction and the level of deformation of this material in our lives you saw it still some of the thickest feel I've ever seen bent like a pretzel this 8 ton steel i-beam is six inches thick it was selected to be preserved for future generations for the near-perfect horseshoe like Bend formed during the collapse size of it and how there's no cracks in the iron they bent without almost a single crack in it it takes thousand degrees to bend steel like this in fact the temperature of 2,800 degrees mentioned before is not casual at all as that's exactly the temperature at which steel melts and this is documented by who fema who did the first report on the destruction of the Twin Towers in May of 2002 in their building performance assessment and report but in Appendix C they have a metal metallurgical examination let's look at it a one-inch column reduced to half inch thickness its edges curled like a paper scroll thinned to almost razor sharpness what causes this rapid oxidation sulfonation they document inter granular melting liquid iron sulfur forming during this hot corrosion attack on the steel where does the sulfur come from they have no clear explanation perhaps the deepest mystery this is called uncovered in the investigation by the New York Times yet it's completely ignored by NIST omitted from their report the presence of sulfur indicating a possible demolition with thermite this says sulfur is present in gypsum wallboard that was prevalent in the interior petitions wait a minute gypsum wallboard contains inert calcium sulfate not sulfur in its hundred-year history of protecting steel it's never turned around and attacked the steel that it's designed to protect it's absolutely ludicrous to have this insinuation on the part so anyway we have experiments that can tell us whether or not that's true John Cole civil engineer in his backyard created 2000 degree fires put plenty of gypsum wallboard against the steel beam and wanted to see if it would degrade the steel no no D great degradation whatsoever yet these demolition workers and ground zero say it burned the smell of sulfur I can never block it out it's advanced me sulfur burning and yet we have this denial on the part of John Groce Co project leader of the NIST report I know but witnesses testify otherwise get down below and you'd see molten steel molten steel running down the channel rails like you're in a foundry actually melted beams were it was molten steel that was being dug out underground it was still so hot that molten metal dripped down the sides of a wall and the cleanup was very difficult in the beginning ski was coming out red in certain areas from the first couple weeks his fused element of steel molten steel a river of Steel flowing and yet it's denied by John Groce who's actually photographed on the pile choosing the very piece of steel beam from World Trade Center seven that was documented by Jonathan Barnett as having been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures and yet he's nine this kind of evidence well the fires are about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit according to Thomas Uyghur the supporter of the official story NIST claims 1800 degrees well could it be from the building contents or the jet fuel the jet the jet field let's look at the jet field manufacturer they say in open air burning temperatures are only 600 degrees maximum Fahrenheit so that the jet feels not creating temperatures like that and yet steel and it definitely melted an iron by the physics of molten metal is such that you can tell by its color what temperature it is here we have a at 2500 degrees and even hotter given the white-hot material underneath so where is this what caused that what's causing this to melt well mister has a response to this to any molten steel in the record was more likely due to the high temperature resulting from long exposure to combustion within the pile afterward than to short exposure to fires or explosions while the buildings were standing oh yeah let's look at the physics of that it's called the conservation of energy in a closed system such as fires burning under pulverized concrete powder in the basements of the World Trade Center the amount of Energy's fixed you can't create any more energy inside the system in other words the fire can't somehow get hotter than the capacity of the fuel that it's burning these are hydrocarbons thousand degrees maybe 1500 degrees as hot as they could possibly get maybe 2,000 degrees that you have extraordinary amounts of kindling such as that office fire that was created that test in karting to under 1995 you can convert only convert the energy you have from one form to another so that heat is dissipated it's not increased feature number 10 let's look for evidence of what might be creating this incredible heat could it be thermite well let's see what is thermite anyway an incendiary used by the military thermite is a compound of iron oxide and aluminum which when ignited sustains an extreme heat reaction creating molten iron in just two seconds thermite can reach temperatures over 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit quite enough to liquify steel we know that open-air fires cannot burn hot enough to melt steel but metal had melted at the base of the towers Appendix C of the FEMA report describes sulfur residues on the World Trade Center steel the New York Times called this the deepest mystery of all sulfur slightly lowers the melting point of iron an iron oxide and iron sulfide had formed on the surface of the structural steel sulfur used with thermite is called thermite producing even faster results maybe we're getting somewhere here because if there might were used it could explain the incredible heat that we have four thousand degree temperatures is the byproduct of thermite which is what liquid molten iron not steel but iron we haven't used molten we haven't used iron in our steel structures for a hundred years or so I'm not quite that certainly the hot in the World Trade Center steel has a bunch of alloys in it but this is elemental iron as you will see it could also explain by the way the presence of sulfur which is added to thermite to become thermate becomes much more effective at cutting through steel let's go back to the National National Fire Protection 9:21 listeners look for unusual residues that could arise from thermite or other pyrotechnic materials this says well we found no corroborating evidence to suggest that explosives were used later a year later when they were pressed they finally admit this didn't test for the presence of explosive residue you can't find what you're not willing to look for but others did it wasn't that hard to find Stephen Jones physicist formerly from Brigham Young University nuclear physicist says well if thermite was used it would produce a characteristic burn pattern a white yellow hot liquid metal which is iron I like you see pouring out of the South Tower minutes prior to its collapse again this says this would be molten aluminum from the airplane but we saw that that can't possibly be true it would also produce a whitish cloud of aluminum oxide ash as you see rising from this liquid molten metal pouring out of the South Tower and as you see trailing these laterally ejected freely flying structural steel sections from the Twin Tower let's go back to is steel our steel beams combustible no what what's burning here fascinating huh this thick white ash trailing by the way all of these freely flying structural steel sections distributed laterally outside the perimeter of the World Trade Center one looks more like a volcanic eruption in the Tongan scene 2009 with freely flying objects trailed by thick white smoke clouds due to the incredible molten heat and in a geometry of fireworks not like a gravitational collapse more like something that you see and both of them are the same by the way the identical collapses but what are these thick white smoke clouds well let's look at the signature of thermite they would leave behind Stephen Jones has unique chemical evidence iron aluminum copper calcium silicon but more unusual elements also fluorine manganese left behind in the residue these elements in the periodic table of the elements well somebody sent a chunk of this huge molten metal sample these are called meteorites molten iron pull them up from everywhere underneath the World Trade Center towers Oh a piece of this was sent to Stephen Jones he does electron microprobe data and determines that it's predominantly iron so it's not aluminum from the jet planes it has abundant manganese so it can clearly rule out he rules out structural steel as a major component and it also has aluminum sulfur potassium so this molten metal is the residue of thermite fascinating what's that doing in the dust I mean in in this chunk of molten iron manganese and fluorine in abundance so that confirms it as well so what is manganese and fluorine come from well manganese is from the potassium permanganate commonly used as an oxidizer in thermite fluorine used in sol-gel thermite charges these are very special thermite configuration so the potassium manganese and fluorine are often present in the residue they're part of a thermite fingerprint very clear interestingly Sal Jones would leave one three diphenyl propane well the EPA analysis of the dust says one molecule that was present at levels that dwarfed all others one three diphenyl propane we've never observed it in any other sampling we've ever done in other words this is extremely unique so it's not from office and desks and chairs and so forth because they've never observed it and in these other samplings well another sculptor got a piece of World Trade Center steel from Manitoba in this international peace park they called it this piece here he performs x-ray fluorescence analysis and finds what iron sulfur potassium manganese these elements and determines that with x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy also he finds the same elements and this is clearly the signature of of thermite also well you can make thermite cutter charges in your own backyard like John Cole civil engineer did here forcing the material through the steel cutting it quite cleanly and a homemade shaped cutter charge you can see here the web was reduced in thickness with gaping holes thin to almost razor sharpness with a Swiss cheese appearance exactly like what the steel that was found and documented by FEMA before NIST took over the investigation in 2002 and throughout the Appendix II metallurgical examination and discarded it did not include it in their final report which came out in 2005 while there are much more efficient shaped cutter charges that are designed with thermite they're much more effective at cutting through even thicker sections of structural steel it's just very expensive so why would they use this device if they did whoever they are well c4 and RDX are high-energy explosives which would produce much louder blasts and much brighter flashes maybe that signature visual an audio signature would not want to be used something less visible perhaps in fact there are cutter charges world devices in this case a igniter but the casing itself is made out of what consolidated thermite so it burns up in the process too leaving what molten iron so was found in all of this fine powder three inches thick across lower Manhattan three square miles by who the US Geological Survey billions of molten iron microspheres documented very carefully in their particle Atlas so why are billions and billions of molten iron microspheres found in the World Trade Center dust comprising up to 6% of some of these samples estimating up to 10 tons of these spheres in all of the World Trade Center dust together I'm comparing that to the amount of iron found in common office building does it 150 times that quantity you see on the left a speck of an iron in common office dust on the right spiracles well how do they get sphericals RJ Lee says these are formed during the event this is a very well known environmental consulting firm doing talks illogical studies also like the USGS did finding these iron elemental iron not steel dust aspheres which were molten how did they get molten there's so many of these that it's a common it's a it's a signature component used to distinguish common office building dust or other dusts from World Trade Center dust in other words it's not even World Trade Center dust unless it has all these iron spheres which we don't even know where they came from well what happens when thermite is burned thousands of what spheres of molten iron which cool and fall with the dust to form these spheres because the surface tension of an aerosolized liquid forms it into spheres that's just what it does look at a spray bottle for instance when you spray it that's what you get molten iron spheres could that be what explains the toasting of the tops of these cars surrounding the World Trade Center towers what else could explain this incredible heat falling from above and what else was found in this dust seven independently collected samples documented by eight international scientists led by niels harrit Stephen Jones these samples for instance the one in jeanette McKinley's apartment that you see here her windows were blown in her of Liberty Street across the street from the towers to her apartment filled with it as dust she was an artist and she collected she was traumatized by this it was a way for her to try to process this experience but this team of scientists took that sample and three others and documented them in a 24 page peer-reviewed paper because they get real curious they come up to a magnet so they think oh my gosh this is the iron content what's going on here they're about a sixteenth of an inch long these samples they get they do on their on the red or the red layer they do x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy and they find what a carbon-oxygen aluminum iron the ingredients of thermite iron oxide and aluminum powder what's not doing in there that should not be there they get real curious zoom in fifty thousand times in this red layer and find what nano sized particles of iron oxide crystals and aluminum platelets a thousand times smaller than the diameter of human hair these thermitic materials are set in an organic bed of oxygen silicon carbon this is what causes the gas expansion in TNT or high-energy explosives so we have an incendiary thermite that appears to be engineered to become more explosive while they put it in a heater a differential scanning calorimeter and this is the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory who had done tests on this material before say they found it this is this exists in the in the literature but at about 420 degrees centigrade 758 or so Fahrenheit it ignites producing much more energy watts per gram indicating it's a aromatic material for sure and indeed that's exactly what these four documented chips did as well so it's the same stuff it's called super thermite it's it's a energy it's an energetic thermite and what happens when it ignites it produces what it produces iron microspheres with the same chemical signature as the iron microspheres found in the World Trade Center dust so we know where these iron microspheres came from there's no question it's internally consistent self corroborating set of repeatable experimental data that can be brought into a court system to show a jury what really brought down the World Trade Center towers as if we didn't know where these spheres from there found attached to partially ignited red/gray chips as you see here and here you see when you get the particles down to the nano scale the surface volume is the surface area is increases exponentially so you have instantaneous chemical reactions so again you have an incendiary that's engineered to become more explosive it's not made in a cave in Afghanistan it's an extremely sophisticated process made only in the most advanced defense contracting laboratories so it's concluded that by the bentham open chemical physics journal 24 page peer-reviewed paper by these authors that the red layer is active on react unreacted thermitic material incorporating nanotechnology it's a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material this stands uncontested in the peer-reviewed sense you you I mean people will say they all it's just paint but paint doesn't do this it doesn't have these exotic properties and it's no so nobody's submitted their own peer-reviewed paper challenging these results that's how you in in science that's that's how it's done you you challenge results in with peer-reviewed work of your own so in this series today we documented features 8 9 and 10 of controlled emotion that's all it can be this is direct evidence of destruction with explosives in fact incendiaries that have been engineered to become more explosives explosive fire doesn't create these features fire cause less robust structures to collapse when they do so it's asymmetrical with gradual deformations following the path of least resistance that's not what we have here and these fires come on thick black smoke oxygen-starved at the time of the collapse not gonna happen NIST finally released their thermal imaging videos when forced to through the Freedom of Information Act these videos show 200 degree temperatures maximum and these fires at the time of the collapse in fact you can see them in the videos here both of this is prior to the collapse and certainly prior to the collapse of of the first Tower both of them so you can tell by the scale there that were we're not talking over a couple hundred degrees and this found evidence that some of these steel reached maybe five hundred degrees but then they claimed there's an 1800 degree fahrenheit fire well if that was true it would be true here in the World Trade Center five certainly this fire fully engulfing this building would bring this building down if it were too bright bring any of these buildings down right did it collapse no mid rise I rise fire proof steel frame buildings don't collapse due to fire how about there were first responders we looked at that last week data from the FEMA and NIST reports we had investigations we 2002 we talked about the FEMA report they had six hundred thousand dollars worth of funding but their efforts were hampered according to the New York Times they couldn't get access to basic data like the blueprints of the drawings with bureaucratic restrictions keeping them from interviewing witnesses keeping them from making forensic inspections getting their hands on the actual steel and so forth this is a huge problem prompting bill Manning editor-in-chief of Fire Engineering magazine to say they have good reason to believe that the official invest Gatien blessed by FEMA is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests to put it mildly live far afield of full disclosure this is a damning indictment from the editor of the magazine used by fire protection engineers to communicate with each other the structural damage from the planes and explosive ignition of jet fuel and themselves were not enough to bring down the towers selling out the investigation in 2005 NIST put out their own investigation they had three years twenty million dollars worth of funding their part of the executive branch dist is whose leadership by the way he was replaced when the Bush administration came into power so what did they find their objectives how and why World Trade Center 1 & 2 collapsed in building 7 also but hidden in a footnote on page 82 was their own agenda not what they were tasked with by Congress from the national construction safety team act that Congress tasked them with they had their own objective the folks of the investigation they say was on the sequence of events from the instant of aircraft and impact to the initiation of collapse what it doesn't actually include the structural behavior of the tower after the conditions for collapse initiation were reached wait a minute you had 10,000 pages 20 million dollars a thousand pages modeling the airplanes and only a half a page talking about the events that followed the collapse initiation in other words the actual collapse you were tasked with explaining the collapse not the initiation of collapse what does that half page say structure below the level of collapse initiation offered minimal resistance the large building mass far exceeded the capacity of the intact structure below to absorb it came down essentially and free fall floors below were unable to arrest the moving mass this is not analysis with supporting calculations it's pure speculation should have been called the final report on the initiation of collapse this is a travesty and nobody seems to have caught it we submitted a request for correction to NIST signing these and other issues like them you can do this with the data quality Act with federal agencies who produce reports like this they write back and say we are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse of the Twin Towers yeah that's putting it mildly one of the experts say hundreds of structural engineers questioning these here's Braun Brooklyn doesn't look anything like a heat induced gravitational collapse of mechanism why did the collapse the complete collapse of the Twin Towers become inevitable as NIST claimed why would all hundred 10 storeys drop straight down to the ground in 10 seconds pulverizing the contents to dust and twisted steel truth is in the details let's not sweep it under the rug Edmund yak fire protection engineer the fires were very weak NIST reports at the end confirm the NIST reports confirm that the steel temperatures were low the metallographic paint analysis for instance show only 600 degree steel temperatures World Trade Center and those are the areas of the fire you're the jet plane impacts and the tests on that steel their World Trade Center collapses have no resemblance to any previous high-rise fire call destruction of evidence surely the two worst structural failures in modern history we have the preservation of evidence in a crime scene let's listen to Al Hassan Astana özil the structural engineer had access to this steel Authority of New York and New Jersey has sinned only Steve that we need to study that's why I'm here to study Steve I see no steam to recycling plan to go to China for recycling for what for 15 cents a pound just nothing and all the evidence I still went through nothing but the evidence of the steel went to the melting pot to China for recycling before investigators could get their hands on it prompting bill Manning again editor-in-chief of Fire Engineering magazine crucial evidence that can answer many questions is on the slow boat to China showing an astounding ignorance of government officials to the value of a thorough scientific investigation the destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately but it didn't it was put on barges sent to China for recycling 400 truckloads a day in easily the three largest and most perplexing structural failures in history this is the illegal destruction of evidence in a crime scene prompting many to question through the use of the scientific method which we've shown NIST did not do to determine a hypothesis of controlled demolition is proven through the first seven key characteristic and some very uncharacteristic features that we looked at last week this week the eight nine and ten and none of this of course is destruction by fire all of it supports the hypothesis destruction or with explosives with additional circumstance corroborated supporting testimony in our eyes this is proof of controlled demolition what do you think as we conclude the educational portion of today's seminar we've got some other announcements for you and some interesting information we want to take your questions but first let me go to Andy and he can let you know for the architects and engineers among us how to get credit continuing education credit for today's course Andy and there yes hi Andy hi so we're getting off mute today okay at this time be sure to submit your name your AIA number your email your city and state on the questions and information form if you're not an AIA member just ask us for a certificate of course completion which you can then submit to your other Association for credit also you can submit your questions now in the same input form and we'll do our best to answer them in the meantime we're going to take just a few minutes to answer some questions and tell you about some of the ways that you can get involved if now that you're informed you agree that this evidence is quite compelling and warrants a new investigation fantastic and be sure everybody to if you don't sign the petition itself at least subscribe so you can get on our email list every other week or so we sent out some really important stuff that we're up to additional evidence efforts that we're making toward getting a real investigation and get informed go to the website we have a lots of videos and and extraordinary information available on our website and do sign the petition now join three thousand architects and engineers who are staking their reputations on what truth and twenty thousand others you don't have to be an architect and engineer it was many there's opportunity and room for many others to support them and donate that we're a nonprofit organization a 501c3 we have all kinds of efforts we're making across the country to wake up the public but we can't do it without your help so we have couple of thousand folks who have actually become members sustaining financial members join the family of AE 9/11 truth support us for a cup of coffee a month as little as that you can support us you can also volunteer by the way we have all kinds of things you can do isn't that true Andy yes we do we have people hurt at work actually right at this moment reaching out to architectural offices people in the media at a tone but the FBI lawsuit gathering contact information on these people and so many other things that you can do here these people are my heroes and it's just a few hours of work each week we'll work around your schedule we're just happy to have the help so if you want to be part of this important historical efforts and be with they're with us at the finish line when we finally have an acknowledgement of the evidence Richard is presenting you just go to a e-911 truth that orj you can get involved there it says at the top of the page and sign up to volunteer it's a very short application we'll get in touch with you and see what we can do to put you to work and have your efforts really maximized to good effect awesome and there's other things you can do on your own to call for a new investigation reach out to your elected representatives the media television radio newspaper send everybody the AE 9/11 truth org link particularly architects and engineers that you can find tell everyone you know in fact you can screen our DVDs which are available in our store and free on youtube share them get a hundred brochures passed them out one-on-one support the effort which is the finite element a modeling of World Trade Center seven by the University of Alaska professor Leroy Halsey that one of the top forensic structural engineers in the country he's the chairman of the civil engineering department and he has been for three years undergoing an investigation to do the report that NIST was tasked to do by Congress but as we've seen failed miserably he's already included that fire did not bring down building seven you saw the results of that in part one of this three-part series and you'll see it again when we start up part one in June first week in June so you can support this effort we have fifty thousand dollars to pay on this three hundred thousand dollar project so if you have means that can assist us toward that end we can get this report out in early July mid July and so it's coming so help us out there too he has proved that building seven could not have come down by fire he's done the work as you see here that NIST failed to do and expose the fraud as a matter of fact in this work and we'll come back to that next week in June but first I want you to know how you can help get a real investigation through the legislation can you tell us about that Andy absolutely and that World Trade Center seven study is gonna really put a lot of fire behind this effort here the Bobby McIlvain World Trade Center investigation act is two pathogens for the nearly 3,000 people who died that day among them was Bobby McIlvain he was killed by an explosion as he was entering the North Tower that morning and of course that story does not jive with this official story we've been told so by the nature of that part of 9/11 of how he died we immediately draw attention to the need for a new investigation so it's named after him his father Bob has worked with us for years and continues to work with us on this effort and what it would do is it would create a select committee it can be passed in either house of Congress that would do exactly what a II and so many other people in the movement have been asking Congress to do for years that is to reinvestigate the destruction of these three towers and actually look into the hypothesis that explosives brought the towers down it's written right into the legislation we made sure of it so how can you get involved and make this important legislation get introduced and passed well you can contact your congressman's office you can go to town halls you can down a copy of the bill along with a letter from Richard and Bob and take it to their offices take it to them at the end of town hall events when they're shaking hands and tell them that they need to get behind this you can also be involved with us by texting 911 justice seven nine seven nine seven nine that'll put you on our list to activate you whenever we have mass actions like the big call and day that we had a while ago over a year ago so definitely get yourself on that list and you get all this stuff by going to a e-911 truth that orgy forward slash justice there you can learn about the act you can download all the materials and really get yourself arm to go out and pursue that justice for this new investigation so definitely check that out awesome and we should have another national Coleen day this year that would be incredible and the grand jury investigation is underway the US attorney has received our evidence in a petition submitted by the lawyers Committee for 9/11 inquiry and guess what they wrote back and said we will comply with with the law here and which requires them to impanel a special grand jury to look at this evidence very very exciting development we're standing by waiting for evidence that that this is underway and the attorneys are backing it up with a mandamus submitted that's coming up real quick here's the attorney Mick Harrison Dave mice Winkle lawyers Committee for 9/11 inquiry also on the eve of having submitted a lawsuit against the FBI for requiring the FBI to to submit our evidence to Congress as they were required to do by Congress but they didn't submit our information even though they told us it was backed by thorough research and analysis yes michael haibach chief counterterrorism expert said just that in writing and very exciting that they've got themselves on the hook then they were required to submit that to congress but didn't as well as the nano-thermite paper which we talked about earlier today so this lawsuit is under way to stand by for some response here from the FBI on this now that we have you know a new leadership and the FBI maybe we'll get somewhere so beyond misinformation is the 50 page booklet that you could read and get to more hsw learning units you could download it and read it for free at beyond misinformation org and and by the way that completely under under undermines the NIST report for the three World Trade Center skyscrapers as well it's very easy to read not just for architects and engineers nor is our landmark documentary in which we've assembled witnesses 40 of them high-rise architects structural engineers metallurgist chemists physicists controlled demolition experts all laying out this evidence that you've been seeing a small part of in today's part 3 of this series here's a text just four minutes I don't want to be involved mr. Percy theories I think you know there are lots of them they can go on with it's speculated on that forever what we really need to know how how those buildings came down war Trade Center seven collapsed because of fires fueled by office furnishings it did not collapse from explosives or from fuel oil fires undermine scientific integrity is to undermine our democracy this is what NIST has done denied and ignored crucial evidence the American people absolutely need the truth of 9/11 more than 1500 architects and engineers and 12,000 others including many scientists have signed the petition calling for a scientific investigation of the destruction of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center building 70 the report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology referred to as NIST was not valid science they're talking about a single columnar collapse or failure that resulted in a total collapse of the building building number seven descended in free fall for the first 100 feet which means that there was absolutely no resistance that dissent whatsoever so all of the columns really needed to be severed at the same time the symmetry is the smoking gun NIST has admitted it went into freefall for eight stories you don't need to be an engineer or an architect to see what happened to those buildings this is Davis control there Melissa sake of eight so commuted what I saw it was a classic implosion the center of the core the penthouse area starts to move first and then the building follows along with it NIST excluded the documents from FEMA and Appendix C that documented the evidence of melting steel in an office fire you cannot generate enough heat to melt steel there were these iron microspheres a present in all of the dust samples they needed to have been formed in extremely high temperatures all the characteristics of the microspheres along with what I see in the attack of the the beams that were actually found tell me that thermite was involved in the dust we have found is a modern version NIST concedes that they found no evidence for explosives so then we asked them well did you look and they said no we did not look for explosives or residues of explosives and in fact the evidence is overwhelming that these red/gray crystals are very high-temperature incendiaries and we have watched as scientific integrity has been undermined and scientific research politicized in an effort to advance predetermined ideological agenda if this is a prime I think everybody agrees it's a prime evidence was removed from the scene of the crime you can't do science when you are deprived of the evidence and when your hypothesis is the least valid instead of the most likely but the most likely hypothesis in the case of building 7 wasn't even mentioned this is not science and yes you can earn another hsw learning unit just for watching this hour-long hour and a half long video and you can see it free on YouTube as well if even if you don't take the course if you have 15 minutes watch this one it's free on YouTube solving the mystery of World Trade Center building 7 Ed Asner narrates just building 7 it was made for PBS extraordinarily high production quality and anybody will be convinced so go ahead and look at the Twin Towers after they seen this by the way bringing our courses into your firm architecture engineering firms we can do this virtually all around the world hey any do we have any questions at this time I guess we have for questions today the first one asks if FEMA thought something unusual happened to the steel then why didn't they test the dust this raises a number of questions I don't know the answer to this question this is a great question FEMA clearly documented evidence of hot temperature corrosion and sulfur attack on the steel with liquid molten iron now I don't know of any tests on the dust by FEMA and by that time I don't remember the date of the release of the US Geological Survey or our jelly's studies of the dust that may have been out before FEMA came out in 2002 with their report or not do you have any insight on that one Andy no I don't I mean this would be a great question for FEMA where this this attack on the steel is documented in the section of the report and then sort of forgotten about later on so I mean yeah you would think that when you see this kind of eye attack on the steel that they would pursue that but if they had then of course we wouldn't need to be discussing this right now and we wouldn't need to exist to bring this evidence to light but that would be a great question to pursue with FEMA well one wonders by FEMA even did a metallurgical examination they didn't have to I don't think they did but they did do it and they opened up a can of worms boy did they just had to you know eliminate that from their final report and boy I would love to have seen a dust study by FEMA and of course by NIST and a metallurgical examination by NIST and a whole lot of other things by NIST great great question I'm gonna leave it unanswered okay our next question asks the molten steel was said to be a surprise and I believe all of the eyewitness accounts but why wouldn't that important evidence have been recorded with video cameras while it was still in a liquid state if it was recorded on video than I haven't seen it this didn't show up until October of 2002 which was eight months after the hundred days of fire had ended shouldn't that kind of video evidence have been waiting for them when they finally did show up where cameras banned from Ground Zero during the cleanup certain the cameras were banned they were confiscated by the FBI in fact but nevertheless we have a number of pictures as we've all seen on the internet but there is a video of molten metal pouring out of the South Tower minutes prior to its collapse and it can only be as we discussed steel earth or iron and it's obviously iron given the other evidence of thermite in produced and tested by these all kinds of various people and agencies but the additional video evidence like the firefighters described it flowing down the channel rails like lava from a volcano and and even Leslie Robertson World Trade Center structural engineer describing a river of Steel flowing boy would we like to have those videos absolutely I don't know if NIST got their hands on and didn't show it to us or what well it sounds like a good question to propose to nest so we'll definitely have to look into that our next question asks did any of the FEMA evidence of molten steel the hundred days of fire the eyewitness reports of molten steel the photo of the molten metal pouring from the South Tower or the NASA thermal images ever make it into the 9/11 Commission report and they say 9/11 if not then why yeah the 9/11 Commission report of course parenthetically didn't even report in the third-worst structural failure in modern history World Trade Center building 7 its collapse nor did they mention any of this molten steel or iron so we they left a lot of things out you know them the 9/11 Commission report was written not by the 9/11 commissioners people don't know this it was written by the their staff who was appointed them by the Bush administration and the lead of the staff Philip Zelikow who was appointed by the Bush administration he wrote it what was his thesis by the way does anybody know his college thesis it was called the creation of public myth myth I just find that uncanny and of course we have the parenthetically the the untold truth or the ground truth is a book written by the lawyer for the 9/11 Commission John farmer in which he says there was a decision not to tell the people the truth about 9/11 that's a fascinating indictment by the lawyer himself of the 9/11 Commission report and of course you have the 9/11 Commission the lead commissioners who stated that they were set up to fail by the Bush administration not enough time not enough money and of course President Bush and Cheney wouldn't even testify under oath and weren't allowed and the commissioners wouldn't weren't allowed to take notes when they when they did talk to them anyway we can go on and on about things outside of our scope at architects and engineers for an 11 truth but we would like to refer you for those kinds of questions to the incredible works of David Ray Griffin who's written books such as 9/11 commission omissions and distortions okay a final question today asks wouldn't the molten metal from the airplane that just happened to pour out of the South Tower just moments before the collapse have another coincidence we are asked to believe so he's asking about the the molten metal pouring out the South Tower what yeah and NIST tries to claim that this of course has to be the aluminum from the airplane because aluminum melts and much lower temperatures than steel and iron 1,200 degrees or so which is possible to get in office fire but you go melt some aluminum and you pour it in daylight conditions and see if you see any yellow or orange bright glowing liquid you might see it in the pot but a faint glow of orange but it's going to look silvery just like the experiment we just showed you today so it's clearly not molten aluminum and it's not LED because lead doesn't glow a bright bright yellow either and people say that it's led from batteries which were stored in the area because of computer banks have battery backups and so forth so no it's not that it can only be molten steel or iron and and iron is what the tests show of the iron microspheres for instance that we looked at today of the the meteorites they were pulling up and the tests from the ends of the beams and so forth so it's it's a molten iron molten iron again is the byproduct of thermite this is the information we're trying to get out to everybody and we are doing everything we can and today for instance today's presentation we looked at high-rise fires pyroclastic like clouds molten steel and iron iron microspheres the evidence of thermite and nano thermite a very high-tech form of thermite so get this information out don't sit on it whatever you do share this information with others architects engineers and media as we've talked about last week we looked at the part two the twin towers explosive destruction now coming up in June the first Thursday in June 1 o'clock Pacific we have part 1 World Trade Center building 7 a third tower that collapsed on 9/11 join us yet again in June for our three-part series consecutive Thursday's and we'll start with building 7 now that is coming up and I think given that that's our last question and the day I want to thank Andy and and all our listeners and come back and join us share this video just take the link and say hey look what I saw today I was blown away by it most people are I was 12 years ago when I heard this information from David Ray Griffin while driving my car back from a construction observation meeting it was the first time I'd heard any alternative theory and I was just blown away so it took me for a loop it turned my worldview upside down so you can hear that story in other places but you know it's hard hearing this information but we have an obligation to share it once we become aware of it people have the right to know the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear right so join us again in June we'll talk about building seven thanks everybody bye for now

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