A 65-Year-Old Designer Proves It’s Never Too Late

A 65-Year-Old Designer Proves It’s Never Too Late

(audience applause) – [Steve] What was it that made you decide to finally jump into fashion? – I couldn’t seem to find my place, I guess, in life and in the community, Couldn’t do the sports
thing but I wanted my space, so my older sister sewed
all the time, okay. She did wonderful fashions.
I liked what she did. I wanted to sew. In the eight grade, I took off my journey and started sewing and doing fashion. (audience applause) – Your designs got shown at
New York City Fashion Week. How did it feel when you saw your clothes walking down that runway? – It was the most fantastic, awesome feeling that I experienced
since I’d been sewing. My very first designs were displayed at New York Fashion Week. (audience applause) I kept telling myself,
this is going to happen. – [Steve] Yeah. People have to understand
this, going into 2019. You can never ever give up. – Oh, no. – The road to success is
always under construction. It’s never smooth. (audience applause)
You will always be faced with the I’m not gon’ make it. The dark moments, that I’mma quit now. – That’s right. – It’s never too late. This story is fantastic. He’s here today. Had he quit, he’d never been here. And Freddie, you brought
your collection here today. – Yeah.
– Are you ready? (audience applause) You ready to showcase your clothes? (audience applause)
– Let’s do it. – Now, this is the first
time, for the television debut of fashion designer Freddie
Reynolds’ runway collection called Uniquely Fre-di. – Yes.
(audience applause) – Let’s get it started. (upbeat music)
(audience applause) Yeah Freddie, that’s clean right there. (upbeat music)
(audience applause) Yeah. – Oh my God.
(audience applause) – Look at that Freddie. (audience applause) (audience chants Freddie’s name) Freddie, I gotta tell you man, you’re a very talented guy, your collection just debuted on TV. How does that feel, man? – I thought I felt excited in New York – [Steve] Yeah. – I mean, but this right here has just knocked my enthusiasm to
another level, alright. (audience applause)
– [Steve] Yeah. – So, hey, I’m like in fashion
frenzy heaven right now. – [Steve] Yeah. They key is you can never give up. – [Freddie] Never
(audience applause) – [Steve] Never give up.
– Never. (audience applause) – Hey man, Freddie, congratulations. When you come out with the
next collection let me know, cause we gon’ bring it
right back out here, man. Keep in touch with us. (audience applause) Everybody, Freddie Reynolds, everybody. (audience applause) We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “A 65-Year-Old Designer Proves It’s Never Too Late

  1. Congratulations and may the Lord continue to give you the ideas and desires, so that your dream can make it to its highest heights. Fre-Di Fashions…Yes!!

  2. So special! Out of the overflow of his heart, his hands sew/reveal his reverence and respect for the Queens we are as women!!!

  3. This is AMAZING!!! Freddie was friends with my mother and was a hero of my brother and I. To see him living his best life, simply amazing!!!

  4. This video has truly inspired me, I'm going to take a leap of faith and believe God, I've been listening to Steve Harvey's motivation speeches on YouTube and it has truly blessed me! Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe God! Thank you so much Freddie and Steve for sharing this story!

  5. I love it I love this episode I am 49 years old and I want to start filling writing and directing career I am passionate about it but I always have been conscience because of my age Friday Steve thank you very much you have been truly a inspiration to me I’m going for God bless you both

  6. I am a fan of Uniquely Freddy. I would purchase every piece on that runway the clothing is beautiful and it's beautiful how he sees a woman

  7. He has wonderful works!!! Simply Beautiful!!! He is so inspiring. This video was right on time in my life! Im soooooo proud of him!! God, Please bless him onto new and awesome levels!! Just Awesome!!!! 🙏💜💖💚

  8. I just saw this awesome designer & LOOOOOVED😍😍😍 his dresses collection he has dresses for every women style YAAAASSSS Uniquely Freddy we need to bring class, decency & elegance back!!!!

  9. Hi edagdwg God bless this man when God says yes nothing can say No to God children no matter how old or young if that's what you want to do dinner it don't as anyone but God he already gave you the gift Linda j.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯wins

  10. I'll be 37 this year and I've been going through the "it will never happen" and "I'm too old syndrome" too and this just gave me more of an incentive to stop that kind of thinking and go for it and not to quit

  11. Freddie well done hats off to you i love, love, all of them wish i was there, i,am a seamstress, man i know how happy and proud you are, i,am glad you put your dreams out there.

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