A cluttered apartment turned modern oasis – Thank god I hired a designer video

A cluttered apartment turned modern oasis – Thank god I hired a designer video

CLARE FERRARO: We are in the
Flatiron District of Manhattan, where I’ve been
living for 20 years. When I first moved in, I had two
kids and two dogs, going through elementary school,
high school, dogs on the furniture, dogs off the
furniture, the whole bit. It never looked that cluttered
until one day– I guess I had been on vacation
or something– I came home and I thought, yuck,
this place is packed. My name is Clare Ferraro. Thank god I hired a designer. It was time to get rid
of a lot of stuff. And if I was going to get rid of
a lot of stuff, I wanted to make some structural changes
in the apartment. LAURA MANNES: Clare’s
apartment was– it was too much going on in
the size of the space. All the energy was just sucked
into this enormous cabinet, which she had filled with books,
because my client is a book publisher. CLARE FERRARO: It was really
there as a media cabinet, I guess, and also a
storage area. And it was very cluttered. And when you were sitting in the
living room, you had this overpowering feeling that
something could fall down on you. I remember saying to her, do you
think we could paint this or how do we fix this? And her way of fixing
it was remove it. It goes. LAURA MANNES: We’re taking
down a massive bookshelf in the foyer. That was a big concern. Where are my books
going to go? You know, form follows
function. This space is going to be used
primarily now as an office. However, the sofa in
that room is a bed. We needed a sofa bed. And I thought it would frame
it out really nicely. CLARE FERRARO: The emotional
thing that I wanted to come out of this whole project
was I wanted a feeling of serenity here. The phase of my life that I’m
about to enter into is a different one than I was when
I was a young mother and raising young kids. So I wanted to have a different
ambiance in the whole apartment. I wanted to feel differently
when I walked into this apartment. LAURA MANNES: We talked a lot. Clare loves modern design. The challenge was to have this
piece of furniture accommodate a lot of these needs that this
other piece was serving, but make it streamlined and a lower
profile, scale-wise. It’s difficult sometimes
because, as a designer, you have an idea. CLARE FERRARO: I won’t say
that they were battles. I think we did have arguments. There were certain things that
she would hold her ground, and I would think, well, she
must really feel strongly about this. LAURA MANNES: She didn’t want
to do such a large scale renovation necessarily. When I brought my design scheme
over, I realized the best thing to do was to open up
the entry area, knock out some walls. I felt it had to be done
to have the rest of the design work. CLARE FERRARO: Some of the
hurdles were I didn’t want the soffits in the living room
or in the office. I didn’t like overhead
lighting. I didn’t think I wanted it. I prefer lamp-lit rooms. The one thing I wanted to keep
in here, my grandmother’s oriental carpet. And I said, I don’t care what
we do or where we put this, I’m not particularly fussy, but
this rug has to come back in this apartment. She found my favorite piece of
furniture in this apartment, which is the coffee table. That is my absolute favorite
piece of furniture. LAURA MANNES: Not that many
elliptical-shaped tables, and one of my favorite tables is
the Saarinen Tulip Table. And she’s a lover of
modern design. She got it. She totally understood that. CLARE FERRARO: She advised
me about the chairs. I originally wanted
Ghost chairs. She persuaded me that
these would be the more practical choice. They’d do better in
this apartment. I think that’s part of
the fun of a project. You have a lot of ideas when
you’re going through it or when you’re picking
out things. But the real proof is in
how do you live it? The truth is, I have
a very busy job. And I don’t have time to go
running around and getting the best object. And I certainly don’t have that
sense of how practical and beautiful things can be
meshed together and both work great and look great. So thank god I hired
a designer. -Are you a social
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100 thoughts on “A cluttered apartment turned modern oasis – Thank god I hired a designer video

  1. I really don't understand the glass table thing, I get the light going through it, but they are way to dangerous for most places. You would be surprised the amount of people seriously injured by glass furniture, it's just not worth the risk. I saw one designer even put one in a place with small children, totally rediculous.

  2. Incredible!! Now you inspired me to get rid of storage place in my house as well…. and some stuff. : – ) Yes, it's beige, but it's a lovely warm colour for her, she likes it, so that's great. I like white so my house is probably too white for others but I am happy with it. Job well done!! Very relaxing and smooth. xxx

  3. When a client has books that obviously figure as part of their life, the challenge is to find a balance between what the client feels is valuable and their vision of the space. Removing the bookcase may be an issue when/if the client regrets the loss of the majority of her books. I would have changed the look of the bookcase, streamlined it and incorporated art and lighting to showcase the books in keeping with a contemporary look.

  4. So the "designer" turned a personal apartment with evidence of life into a standard midrange hotel. Hope the client likes it.

  5. I personally don't like the designer's concept on this . Pretty plain tad to pay to turn into something cleaned up . I'd rather get some ideas on magazines

  6. I feel like the designer should listen to what you want and do what your comfortable with, instead of intruding their ideas on you.

  7. I like that the designer opened up the space by getting rid of that huge bookcase, but I think the choice of colors was not good.  I am glad that owner kept the oriental rug.  It is the only interesting thing in the apartment.

  8. The designer lady on this went above and beyond! Just absolutely stunning! I'll be looking for you, design lady, I'm 5 years once my student loans are paid and I'm making 6 figures a year 🙂

  9. I realize everyone has their own style and I respect that, but man, I just really don't like the "modern" style in her apartment. Which I guess maybe I'm unusual because I'm 20, and I totally love the antique/Victorian style. Most other people my age absolutely love the modern stuff.

  10. I felt I should watch this video a second time before I posted my opinion in case I may have missed something. The living room/dining area reminded me of a Super 8 lobby/eating area for the guests.  I got chills watching this video and not in a good way.  I need to rub out the frown lines between my eyebrows.  Sorry, it's the blandest thing I ever expected to see from a Manhattan apartment.  Color beyond creme would have been nice……..  You pay extra for ugly.

  11. Horrible design.  You have a million dollar home and a very interesting client….and the focus of the living room is a television. I hate the entertainment unit and the soffits in this design.  Just a suffocating design the feels cheap. The original bookshelf, with modifications, would have been better. Remove the crown molding and take out the section with the television to make it match the rest of the bookcase. Change the lighting and paint the entire room and the bookcases, perhaps a soft gray. Paint the back of  the bookcases.  I'd pick Tiffany blue. Just me. It would have made the books pop. Halogen lighting would have been so much better. Those can lights and soffits are so 1995. The best things in this apartment are the dining table and the rug. Those chairs are horrible with that table. They just do not work. The legs do not even fit under the table, and I don't think you have to be Einstein to figure this out.This apartment would look better if the walls were a soft grey and/or taupe. The art piece over the couch is the wrong scale and it fights the rug she loves. Mondrian's Duinlandschap or Composition 1913 would be so much better.   

  12. And in modern times where anyone can make money, her home is likely to become uninhabitable by new black and hispanic neighbors that will give the apartment the noise and "ambience" of a night club/BestBuy.
    The best investment (I have 5 residential investments) is to install soundproof floors, ceilings and walls. Because asking these people to show consideration will only start a war and accusations of racism.

  13. This is called proper utilization of space. Very well demonstrated video showing how to upgrade #apartment’s interior.

  14. The only thing I liked in this apartment (even though I hate modern design) the dining room chairs. All the rest of it reminds me a cheap communal public place. So empty and blunt. The two tables front of the small sofa is disgusting. The Asian rug is beautiful.

  15. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!! Those soffits and can lights are just hideous!!! So sterile-looks like a bus station. The client said she didn't want soffits, but lamps-WHY didn't this designer listen to her?? And I am very hard pressed to understand how that hideous buffet in the living room with the very visible flat screen TV is preferable to the bookcase?? All they had to do was declutter and rearrange the bookcase. Too bad this woman doesn't have a strong design sense of her own. I'm k she spent wag bucks on this renovation, and I think it looks bland and cheap.

  16. Solobackpacking:you are getting accused of racism becouse you are a racist.if I thought like you I would live only around white people.the fact is there are good and bad people in all race,if you deny that then your an idiot,wich you probably are.my Hispanic family lived next to a white lady for years,and we made sure that she was o k.becouse her kids wouldn't.we didn't keep an eye on jeane becouse she was any particular race,but becouse she was our neighbor.

  17. Apartment is TOO NEUTRAL AND STERILE. TV entertainment center room is so bland, it's nauseating!  Needs more bold colors, like changing to larger artwork over the couch, adding bold colored blankets or pillows, and changing the overhead lighting to track or portrait/soft lighting to highlight the artwork properly.  Designer did a good job de-cluttering and opening up the space.  I love the bookshelf and headboard idea.

  18. A split screen or immediate before and after pic would help viewers to see the changes more clearly.

  19. The color was great, the place glowed and looked warm yet light but to take out those gorgeous built-in bookcases — unforgivable! Back to the color, it didn't seem any different than before… glad the apt owner is happy with the sparse, modern look but those kitchen table chairs don't look like they slide out well or comfortable to sit in.

    "I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves." ~Anna Quindlen

  20. I think this is great, to but the books in one of the spare bedrooms that is now the office and get rid of the big ugly built in was genius. No matter how much my husband and I love books I don't want to see them or dust them, yeah for technology and the kindle fire.

  21. Well I'm glad she's happy she "hired a designer" …. I wonder if the lovely bookshelves tossed in a dumpster or if that no taste "designer" at least donated them?
    Just ugly.

  22. it feels like you're sitting in a doctors office waiting for your appointment its not comfortable at all the overhead and lightin is not a good idea to color of the wood was not a good idea you so disappointed in this

  23. I'm glad the owner likes it. I don't. Looks like a hotel room. Hated most of her choices. The designer reminds me of the awful Hillary on design on a dime who didn't care what the home owner wanted, she was going to do what she wanted. She kept saying " what I like."

  24. Looks more like a modern show piece with a studio look. I like the cream colors of the walls and book shelves, but I just wish it was more homey cozy feel to it such as those warm glow of lamps and even pillows. The designer should have listened to the owner. It does look a bit bland. Even the plaid painting doesn't go right. A Monet painting with flowers on the glass table would have been beautiful.

  25. Horrible. I'd say, "Please, bring all my stuff and put them right back where they were before". There's no personality, now.

  26. sounds like the designer pushed her into a lot of stuff she hadn't wanted…She got her to tear down a whole wall! Got right behind her and gave her a good shove.

  27. I need to do the exact same thing!!!! It is difficult to get rid of things that you think are part of your life history. My grown children are not intrrested in my furniture, and they are very nice, I purchased them in Paris, Washington, D.C., but….. so I will get rid of them, what do you think???😘

  28. Many nerds in the comment section below , they think books are to be displayed and showed to everyone. They mock the designer by saying the appartment look like a nursing hospital. Come on nerds hide some books in the cabinets or drawer not everything need to be displayed. All the nerds need to hire the designers otherwise their appartments will look like a library. The owner is happy and that is the most important thing.

  29. my faith is restored in this channel. your pier 1 sponsored sell out videos are gag inducing. this was refreshing and respectable

  30. Staying in a hotel (as she did on vacation) underscores the beautiful value of a minimalist decorating scheme.

  31. I am an Interior designer, and I think the client choose the wrong designer… horrible result, and why need to get rid all of the books? now the apartment look like a hotel room..and it's not even 5 star hotel room lol..

  32. I mean it looks OK….but damn can we get some color???? All that bland would drive me crazy but them chairs are ugly asf!!!

  33. i'm surprised why there're so many hate comments. the makeover was so beautiful! and yeah, the 'before' also is actually not that bad – bookcases and storage until up to the ceiling – wow, that's so beneficial. so, i'm okay with whichever, they are fantastic.

  34. I comment in all my books . I love how her place looked at the start, and she could have hung Mexica Serapes over her books, or kept in RubberMaids transferring in and out.

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