A Colorful First Home for a Millennial Couple – Erin’spired – HGTV

A Colorful First Home for a Millennial Couple – Erin’spired – HGTV

I want to give them a house
that feels like a very personal expression of their style, that
will hopefully not embarrass them, you know, in 10 years. No. [music playing] Carrie and Laiken are
buying their first house. They are very young, and fun,
and millennial, and colorful. So we need to take
this house and keep it from feeling dumpy like it is. And let’s make it very
millennial, and fun, and colorful. This is their
first house, so this is their opportunity to really,
like, give a lot of expression. Laiken said that
she loved any blue. WOMAN: Oh, yeah, that’s lit. [laughter] MAN: Yes! MAN: And Carrie I
know loves florals, and she loves patterns. So I think the two combined
really makes for a fun design. I think it’s going to look
just like Carrie and Laiken. We have to take
personality to interject what it’s going to be. And Carrie and Laiken have
this really great personality that’s fun and colorful. And so that’s easy. We just make the
house into that. [ding] ERIN: Based on the
outside, I thought the inside would be
absolutely filthy, but the floors are lovely. And the fireplace hasn’t
been brutally violated. How do take this
living room and take it from being this very white
nothing into something colorful and fun? Well, they both
love bright colors. Basically, you’re marrying
Anthropologie and West Elm, and they had a baby, and it
threw up all over the place. Let’s do that. MAN: That’s kind of
like what it looks like. Yeah.
ERIN: I’m into it. Yeah. Especially with
the jewel colors, it’s something that’s
really popular right now. Very jewel tone-y
inside, I think. We do a lot of
forever homes, we do a lot of very traditional
homes, very classic homes, very neutral homes. So this is a
departure to be very millennial in how we design. There are sconces
on the fireplace. They’re terrible
little outdoor– At two different levels. ERIN: So what do you
think about this? I think this is
kind of like jewelry. I mean, it has a lot of
sparkle and reflection. It’s a little bit modern,
but it’s– it’s hip. – Cool.
– That’s cool. Because I really like that. Those are fun. Yeah. [ding] Carrie and Laiken are not
these traditionalist people. We can afford to do
something really unexpected. I don’t want white cabinets. MAN: Maybe going like a silvery
blue, where it has a little bit more blue than silver. Like a cloud in the
sky, that silver lining, that edge that’s
a little bit blue? I mean, that would be really
beautiful with, like, you know, your gold accents with it. ERIN: Gold and brass, it’s
really on trend right now. And it feels alive, and it
feels like you’re twinies. That’s what this
house should be. You have a dining
room right here. MAN: Right there.
WOMAN: That’s true. It’s right here. ERIN: You’re going to have
a bar to sit at right here. OK. Why can’t this be
a cozy little book nook, your study area? Ooh, I like that. They love their books, so
we’re going to have built-ins that Ben’s going to
build and little bench seating all the way around. How do we make it feel part of
the kitchen but also a little bit separate and like it’s got
a lot of personality of its own? MAN: If we take
this color and then make it more saturated
to a deeper blue, then we paint the whole room
that, including the trim. It’s going to give it
that cozy, warm feeling. I love that. And then if we’re going
to be jewel tone-y, have a custom cushion made– MAN: I love this. ERIN: –to bring in something
kind of rich and eggplant-y? WOMAN: How do these
feel together? ERIN: I think that’s
kind of fun for me. This fabric was
designed for the house. For this book nook. MAN: Yeah. Uh-huh. [ding] Off the master bedroom
is a weird room. Your bedroom is good.
– Mm-hm. Yeah. But what we really
want to talk about is this weird little room. MAN: Yeah, it’s a really
cool room right here. ERIN: The guest room,
you’d have to walk through that one to get into this one. We don’t want that. They need a master bath. We’re going to make
it the master bath. Now, how do we
make this room feel very, like, feminine and fun? I think pattern is an
opportunity in here. WOMAN: Start with the walls. I love this. I think the scale
of this pattern is going to actually make the
room kind of appear taller. And I think bringing in
that black onto the vanity, it will just pop. ERIN: And then brass. More brass.
MAN: Yes. ERIN: That little
bit of gold that we started with on the sconces,
bring it in here too. [ding] Color is so fun and easy
to use to tell a story, because you can change it. If you hate it in
five years, change it. And we can have fun with
jewel tones, I think, because it’s very
on trend right now. It’s very them in their 20s. So let’s do it. That room off the bedroom, I
don’t know what else you could do with it except turn
it into a master bath, the best master bath ever. The book nook is hands down
my favorite part of the house. We’ve never done this
before, and you don’t have to do the expected thing. I think everyone’s
house should feel like an old friend
or a family member that always welcomes them back. And I hope on the very first
day, that’s the feeling that house gives them. [ding]

24 thoughts on “A Colorful First Home for a Millennial Couple – Erin’spired – HGTV

  1. I've seen some of your transformations but I think you should show us more of the final product, you take a lot of the video time talking and leave just like 10 seconds to show the final product

  2. I love everything about this show, brought me alot of joy that there was inclusion and every episode I feel… relationship goals. From the conservation of history, capturing the clients so beautifully while keeping the integrity of the house. I wish it were longer, there has to be enough content for a 2 piece show.

  3. Love this show! I tell people at work about it. Makes me want to move to Laurel and let The Napier's design me a house! Wish you continued success and happiness ❤️

  4. I love the discussion of the details while you show the thumbnails. Couldn't find where, or if you showed the plans; before and proposed. I really love seeing them, and hearing what you plan to do… All of the above, of course. lol… I want it all. Very excited about this new generation of designers. I've been tired, for a long time of going in, and making tearing down walls as a main part of the program. I love this couple's finesse. Plus most of us don't have the kind of money it takes to completely tear up a house and remake it.

  5. "Millennial" is losing this niche meaning attached to it. Pretty much any adult over 20 and under 40 at this point is a millennial.

  6. I blinked and missed the reveal. Did they show the bedroom? I was really looking forward to that. They need to spend a bit more time on the reveal otherwise it's not worth watching.

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