A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist

A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist

There is a war that is being waged between good and evil. Faith in God will lead us in one direction, the lack of faith will lead us in another. I have seen many manifestations of evil. Exorcism is the only cure for one who is truly demonically possessed. The Catholic Church knows that most of these claims are baloney. They cling to this because they’re afraid to give up that last vestige of the supernatural. If there’s no demons, maybe there’s no devil . And if there is no devil, maybe there’s no God. I am Father Vincent Lampert. I’ve been a Catholic priest for the past 25 years. I was appointed by my archbishop to be the exorcist for Indianapolis. It was not a position that I sought. But in 2005, the archbishop selected me for the role. He told me that he wanted a priest who believed in the reality of evil, but not one who would be so gullible as to believe that everybody who came to him was actually up against the forces of evil. When I was appointed, I became 1 of only 12 officially appointed exorcists in the United States That number has now grown to around 50. Some people will dabble in things of the occult. Believing that perhaps they’re just fun and entertaining But what they may not fully realize, is that they’re dabbling with evil. and they could be opening up an entry point for evil into their lives Take this, all of you, and eat of it For this is my body, which will be given up for you I’m the pastor here at St. Malachi parish in Brownsburg, Indiana The parish has approximately 2500 families just around 9000 parishioners. There are many people who laugh at the notion of demonic possession. or even the reality itself. But the Catholic Church does teach that evil is a reality and it is personified in the person of the Devil. Over the years, exorcism has undergone many different transformations. Exorcism goes back even before the time of Christ. But exorcisms became truly efficacious, or real, with the coming of Christ. The oldest formalized version of the rite of excorcism would date back to 1614. It was revised in 1999. Some of the manifestations I’ve witnessed over the years seem kind of incredible, incredulous. I think that the manifestations that one sees in movies such as The Exorcist – all that truly is possible. Eyes rolling in the back of the head, foaming at the mouth, growling and snarling like a wild animal, strong stenches, the temperature in the room will drop, bodily contortions. I remember a person who began to levitate during an exorcism. Now these manifestations are meant to distract the exorcist. I learned quickly that the exorcist should not focus on the manifestations of evil, but focus on the power of God that is at work. There’s an international association of exorcists. Which received official Vatican approval about 2 years ago. I am a member of that organization. And there’s a gathering in Rome every other year. Demonic possession is extremely rare. 1 out of every 5000 people who contact me is a genuine case of demonic possession. FATHER: Hello Mary. How are you? Obviously this is a ministry that I cannot do alone, so there is a lady that works with me. I jokingly like to refer to her as my exorcis-tant. She’s really the first line of defense. The majority of people that she talks to just need a listening ear. I can help answer any questions that you have. MARY: Well I got a revolving list right now of some people that are local because they would be in our diocese. I have that one guy from southern Indiana that keeps calling. I dont think he remembers all the times that we’ve talked because he always acts like no one has ever talked to me or ever tried to help me. FATHER: And that’s what gives credence to the fact that this is truly something of a mental health issue as opposed to something that’s demonic. MARY: Of course it doesn’t help too because I also was talking to another priest. He was telling me that he doesn’t believe any of this. FATHER: Some people will accept what the church believes and teaches about the reality of evil. Some people won’t. I am Dr. Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, and the head of the 55000 member strong Skeptic Society. I have two graduate degrees one in Experimental Psychology and the other in the History of Science. My speciality really is understanding belief systems how the mind works related to why we believe anything that we believe in. The investigation of exorcisms has been popular since we started the magazine really because it kinda comes and goes depending on what’s hot in popular culture. You know the research says 1 in 10. Americans claim that they’ve seen an exorcism. I suspect most of those are people that have seen The Exorcist or watched a documentary on TV or something like that. If you go on YouTube and just type in demon possession there’s thousands of videos. You could spend an hour and be an expert on what they’re supposed to look like. The church has a list of criteria for what would constitute a possession. Speaking in tongues, glossolalia, is one of them. Spouting off this sort of sequence of syllables It sounds nonsensical and then somebody interprets it. Now we know because we’ve had linguists analyze recordings of what is being said and they say this is not a language. It’s just babble. It’s lliterally a psycho-drama The music, the chanting, the dancing, the singing. It gets you caught up into it. It’s like a rave. You feel the emotions. You feel the brain chemistry changing. The hormones pumping through your body. Contorted body postures and the writhing on the ground, the utterances. It’s just imitation. I’ve actually gone up to one of these. I could almost feel like, “Okay, here I go.” I could almost feel it coming on. I wasn’t even a believer. This is imitation. It’s roleplaying. In addition to these exorcisms being nonsensical, from a scientific perspective. They’re also dangerous. There have been people killed. Suffocated. Tortured. It’s not a harmless exercise in entertainment. It’s potentially very dangerous. Once you start to believe something, the confirmation bias kicks in. In which you look for confirming evidence that it’s true, and you ignore the disconfirming evidence. Everybody does it. Unfortunately, this leads to great distortions of belief. There’s no such thing as the paranormal or the supernatural. There’s just the normal, the natural, and the things we haven’t explained yet FATHER: This is where I performed my most intense case of exorcism. It took place 5 years ago here in this convent. The items I use for exorcism. In addition in my bag, I also have the holy water that I would use. We came into the space. The spouse who was very strong and confident in his belief The woman who was afflicted sat down here. You could smell in the air the sense of perspiration just the anxiety of what was about to take place. No sooner did the drops of water hit the head of the lady, then the manifestations began immediately. She exhibited vocal outbursts. Speaking in languages that she didn’t otherwise know, exhibiting strength beyond the normal capacity of a person, and also an aversion to things of a sacred nature. All this was going on while I was praying *PRAYING IN LATIN* I commanded the demon leviathan to depart immediately. Then the demon that had been speaking in this very strong, authoritative voice began to speak like a little baby. Then looked at me and said “Hail Mary, full of grace.” and there was a shriek and all the manifestations of evil ended. because the presence of evil was now completely gone. FATHER: People will believe what they will. It’s not really my task to try to convince people of something. Because if you are a person of faith, you began with the premise that believing is seeing. People that may come from more of a scientific background may begin with the premise that I have to see in order to believe.

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  1. I must say that it is inappropriate for the "exorcistant" to be showing her cleavage among other things… How about some modesty?

  2. Believing is not seeing, it is you cooking up your own mental non sense rather than focusing on the reality of the existence.

  3. All you people who believe in devils and shit are fcking nuts, once i had a friend who's has a sister he claimed she was possessed by a devil as he claimed that she just threw him like a doll with one hand as he tried to comfort her, but after few years it came out that his other sisters husband is molesting her, and she kept quiet for few years as to not worry their parents. i never bought the topic and said to him anything about it, but its a fact that its caused by that fcking asshole who molested her. and all her family thinks that its a devil. first start to talk to your possessed family member or whoever with an open mind this world is cruel anything may happen.

  4. I’m not saying I believe in any of this but bringing up confirmation bias is not a good argument. If everyone does it then he almost certainly has in studying the very thing he doesn’t believe and/or seeks to disprove.

  5. The manifestations seen in the Expcorsist can really happen. What about using the cross to pleasure oneself ? That one may be a bit much

  6. Your authority said- There's no such things as the paranormal or the supernatural?? Whatever you say your degrees I bet, were bought in a shopping mall. You know nothing beyond your academic egotistical self. Before you state what you think is a truth, just Be sure you are not the lie? As for the priest, ask him if what is possessing the inflicted, and if it is something out of the catholic bar itself, meaning he chases it back into the bar for them. You know, an escapee ( and don't say you don't know)?

  7. Let's be honest, if this was real it would be of interest to the church to prove it worldwide and get a lot more followers. If they could, they would. All we have are stories

  8. If any one feels that there is a spirit around him or her i would suggest you to listen maa kali or narsimha mantra on YouTube
    And than you can thank me

  9. This priest is a ridiculous superstitious man who makes a living by traumatizing already disturbed people and spreading fear, superstition and paranoia. Shame on him.

  10. Holy crap….I live in Indianapolis!! Wonder if he saw the Ammons family from the demon house in Gary Indiana. I'm only like 2 mins in, so we shall see!! I can't believe there is that many demons in Indianapolis, but then again it is a lot of crazies around here! Lol!

  11. What a lie, christianity wasnt the first religion who came up with exorcism. Multiple religion before BC talked about similar things lol

  12. Skeptic guy said there's no such thing as paranormal or supernatural there's just the normal, the natural, and things that haven't been explained yet. "Things that haven't been explained yet" Makes me a skeptic of skeptics.

  13. Demons are real. I became possessed in 2016 after messing with spirit boxes and am still not free.

    I actually felt the thing enter my body, it speaks in tongues and many other things but it's truly an invisible battle – although it does vibrate strongly when I fall asleep

  14. I put god in my mouth bc I have the devil inside me…
    I believe the devil as much as I believe in god!

    The nonexistent is the reality of untruth …

    What we can’t see .. but o my image.. is true…

    Until is proven…

    But until it happens to you.. then that’s when we all start to believe !!!

  15. I thought that this doc was about exorcism, and they throw skepticism in there.
    Of course there are skeptics, almost no matter what the subject is.

  16. They need to outlaw this abuse! They are exploiting people with medical illnesses! There are no peer reviewed scientific papers verifying a single legitimate case of demonic possession!

  17. People who don't believe in God are Chicken Shit. Why? Because if God doesn't exist, and The End is the grave, what reason is there to be good and honest? Darwin's Law is the Law of the Fittest. That means, most of you losers should die and GTFO of the gene pool.

  18. There are 25 percent in all Spirituality people that know the knowledge of evil and the connection to God. The Catholic church gives you a priest to demonstrate a rite to expel demons. But "possessions" can be Anything. Before the catholic church there are many other cultures have Dealt with "Possessions". Its Just that This Video is On a Priest in their view on Catholic church beliefs and a Priest.

  19. No such thing. It's mental health or detachment and trauma or abuse if you feed that crap you will never treat them just make people worse. Or make assholes have power over vulnerable people. I am not saying everyone has a bad motive.

  20. The Greatest Trick the Devil pulled, was Convincing the WORLD he doesnt exist. Also, Evil prevails when good men Fail to act.

  21. Oct 17, 2019: 1) Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8; 2) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 and 3) In Him we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s kindness. Ephesians 1:7 Note: Now that human sacrifices have become a reality, things will get much much WORSE around the world. A prayer of exorcism is only a bandage for a warped society.

  22. Untill you experience it personally, you will mock and laugh at all these things and call everyone who believes in such stuffs as fools.. Being from Science background, I never believe in all these untill I myself experience Demonic presence in my bedroom…I could not sleep for days in fear… There are a lot of things in this world and the other worlds Science could not find answers to…

  23. I know Satan and his devils exist because I've seen it with my own eyes.
    I'm a bible believing Christian, not a Catholic, and my take is the real targets are these so called exorcists.
    They are duped already into thinking they are worshipping God the right way and their religion is the right religion but it's another trick of them demons to send another to Hell when their time is up.
    I do believe a true son of God could exorcise a demon just from the command of Jesus' name and it not being some battle for the soul as is depicted with these Catholic exorcist but this is what the majority believe it takes to rid a demon out of one's body.

  24. @6:51 — and this is why im convinced that most humans are utterly psychotic. There are different variations of these psychosis and people reproduce them in various forms. I remember being in an environment like this once when i was a teen and it startled me, not by their action, because i do not fear these beings, but at the realization that all of these people were fucking crazy

  25. 'Dr' Michael Shermer has been exposed as a fraud and charlatan himself. 55,000 strong skeptic society? Wow, he must be proud…

  26. "The catholic church knows that MOST of these claims are baloney" Which means some are not. When you try to attack the church and end up proving it right.

  27. .. the devil exist but is every were is suble.. uses the senses to deceive us.. 1 in 5000 maybe have a dirrefent story
    but the devil really is in our mind and in others mind
    make illusion real make us clig that the impermant must be permanent

  28. Some women who aren’t pregnant but believe so much have known to have produced breast milk, the power of belief and someone’s dillusions can so so strong.

  29. What is more evil, demonic possession or cannibalism in your religious ceremony? "Take this body and blood and eat and drink it!"
    Wtf! Lol

  30. The "Catholic" church also teaches that they need your bottom dollar and they will do "good" with that money, like shuffling priests who abuse children to different dioceses.

  31. He's speaking alot that's not suppose to be known to anyone. it's the biggest secret they bury and burden in the Roman Vatican. hopefully he doesn't get punished.

  32. no one need to look any closer than congress to acknowledge the existence of demons and possession the complete lack of morals without remorse that some have is frighteningly real!!!!!!!!!! Katie Hill

  33. Much like ghosts, there are lots of stories but no real proof. How is that possible? I’d love to believe there’s more to life than life & death, but without a single piece of solid evidence proving spirits exist in any form, I’m gunna remain sceptical

  34. As a person who’s been able to not only see things that many don’t, but one who has the very strong skill of clairvoyance, I assure you, demons are very, VERY real. There are many times when I wish that I had the gift of relaying images of what I’ve seen to another; for I know if people could see, even one demon, they would be left with no further doubts. If you have doubt, think of it this way…the world requires balance in all things – light to dark, heavy to light, good to evil – so, it stands to reason, if God exists (and I KNOW he does), then Satan does, as well. And, just as God has his warriors (Arch Angels), Satan has his (demon lords, generals, minions, etc.).

    I truly believe, if people really knew what was a stake, that there was even the potential for your soul to be captured and pulled into a realm of eternal suffering, they would do everything in their human life to do good because trust me on this…you don’t ever want to see a demon. There is nothing about them that is good. They have no sense of humanity. They have never been human and, like Satan, they resent Gods creations and want to capture as many souls as possible away from God. Whether you believe in exorcisms or not is besides the point – believe that God is real and so, too, is Satan. And I will do everything in my power to assure, when my soul leaves my human body, that it will go to God in Heaven. And remember, love is the key.

    I am a person of faith. And I believe in God.
    Much love to you all, Shelbie =)❤️

  35. Scary that this is still a thing…In europe we kind of left religious bullshittery like this behind…
    Excellent psychological and medical knowledge can explain and/or cure dieseases, Not priests lol … millions of evidence on one side, none on the other…use your damn brain People !

  36. You have to experience something for yourself, in order to have 100% belief in something. Until then, everyone will always have their negative bias, just because something is new, or out of the ordinary, and they have never experienced it before.

  37. Devils exist physically and mentally. Seen and unseen. Natural or supernatural. It may manifest as a daily situation with every person.

  38. I see manifestations of evil everyday… Always comes from the church and there pedophile priests…the pope worships Lucifer !!!!Eat shit Christian mother fuckers!!

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