A designer solves a viewer's decor dilemmas for good

A designer solves a viewer's decor dilemmas for good

[Applause] on the city line right shy this is what we do when we're not on the show we're sitting in a corner somewhere gossiping so shy I'm glad you have you were with me right now so we've got an audience question from Christina as she is downsized she needs to get a little bit of your help her situation is that they they downsized to a modular home a few years ago they've been renovating inside and out doing a beautiful job she needs some help with bringing the two rooms together the paint color light fixtures that sort of thing so we've given the problem to you and we want to show some of her before shots and some of what you've suggested yeah so let's pull up the first side of the dining room and this is her before now they've done beautiful work here yeah it has a very kind of a farmhouse feel to see the beautiful beams you know she's she's carried that over in the table and that live-edge table there seems to be a lot going on however so I'm looking at it I look in the dining room the dining room seems very disconnected from the kitchen in terms of style okay I'm looking at sconces next to the television you know the lights over the island the light in the dining room seems to be disconnected from what's happening in the kitchen it's almost as if the kitchen is a little bit contemporary and the dining room seems to be a little bit more traditional or rusty it's true right so how can we fix that so her question here was really about color and if you look at what we dyed here what we did here we didn't only just change the color because let me tell you guys ask the designer a question you're gonna get here you know we want to make sure we doing it right so we did this beautiful soft almost like a blue gray on the walls which really balances the wood really nicely but it wasn't just about being able to do that she had a mirror we'll go back to the before again yeah she had a mirror almost next to the bar it was a round mirror looking into the dining room yes what do we always say on the show when you're when you're hanging a mirror what does it reflect yes make sure you you are looking at what you want to be looking at in that reflection exactly like you've definitely in a bathroom don't want to be looking at the toilet twice or you know something right guys so in the dining room this was actually reflecting her entry doorway and not the most beautiful thing right so if we flip back to the after again we'll see that we've done a piece of artwork there a large scale piece of artwork we've changed the pendants over the island to those beautiful they're all missiles glowing teal pendants which really pick up the Blues in the wall yes yeah we've taken away the the sconces in the television and really we've just kind of created a cross-pollination what I like to call yeah between the living the living room and the kitchen and the dining room and I think the biggest thing you did there was the paint the paint is amazing at unifying the whole space but the light fixtures I changed both of them I did the light fixture above the dining room is different as well so it's a little bit more contemporary so you can pull that contemporary style from the kitchen a little bit more into the eatin area you got it and because we want it to be able to have that a little bit more contemporary feeling both spaces yeah one of the my favorite things to add is a little bit of mid-century modern in terms of there's a corn style because it's a nice balance you can kind of work that into into both okay let's go to the living room now so the living room before yeah we can see kind of you know the kitchen there was the island it's open concept she has the beautiful windows but look at the site I mean I mean listen I love watching City Line and I love a big TV but that is huge for that space let's look at the second before you see the TV it's really almost to the exact size of that piece that she has below yeah so you know it's it's far too big for that piece now let's look at the after we'll flip to the after and you see it's completely changed it so number one we've recessed the television into the wall and what this actually does is she can if budget permits do a beautiful piece of artwork on a track above that can slide over and then close when she's not using it we've changed out the furniture in the configuration so she had a chair in the before next to her kitchen Peninsula next to the television which made no sense yes so instead we've done we've done a sectional with the beautiful sheds but then we've done two chairs back to the kitchen yeah which makes a lot more sense it defines the space listen that's a beautiful answer and Christina thank you so much for your question

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  1. Great job. Likewise, I had a large tv in my family room that can’t be move because it is an older model so I placed an art cloth over it when not in use. This helped a lot.

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