A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment

A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment

[MUSIC PLAYING] I like to walk
into people’s lives and show them a different
angle, show them a different perspective. The industry I work in it’s
marketing, advertising, basically. What I have been specializing
in the last few years is rich media. It’s a great combination
of all the things I really like doing– storytelling,
animation, graphic design, different people,
different situations, different locations. That’s where I get
my inspiration from. Don’t get too comfortable. I had a really happy childhood. My parents let me do
whatever I wanted to do. Playing “Dungeons &
Dragons” was cool. There was so much freedom
to explore these worlds. Being dyslexic forces
you in other areas. So, for instance, I couldn’t
write and read very well, but I was able to draw. Oh hey, look– old storyboards. Memory lane. When I came from art school,
basically the only option at the time was Flash animation. So for me, that was a
really good opportunity. When I started
doing rich media, I didn’t even know
what rich media was. You see it everywhere. I mean, it’s like the upgraded
version of your banner ads. I was overseeing a lot
of mastheads for YouTube. And at some point,
Google asked me, do you want to participate
in one of our beta programs for Google Web Designer? I was like, yeah, sure. You know, I’ll try it. Initially, I sent a
pretty long list of stuff that I felt was missing. And they were like, wow. So we started collaborating. And here I am. HTML5 is a mix of
several technologies. We can do really
immersive storytelling. And people can explore this
content in a more enjoyable way than it was before. What’s great with HTML5 is that
it opens the door to mobile. That’s always been very
hard to actually publish interactive content
on the mobile phone, which you would need a big team. Now, all of a sudden,
with Google Web Designer, you’re able to do
this just by yourself. HTML5 will take us into
an unknown universe that is just waiting to be explored. It opens up doors to new places. In the future, I
guess I want to make more independent
productions, even use the techniques I’ve
learned and utilize them in a different way. We’ll see how that works out. [MUSIC PLAYING]

27 thoughts on “A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment

  1. As a developer and generally IT geek, I must say I really admire Google for everything they are doing. They are releasing so many free services, supporting developers, coming up with innovations all the time. I wish other companies are like Google, world would be a non-stop innovation circle. 

  2. What was the filesize on that banner? Before the expand? I'm wondering if the 40-50kb limit will be waived for HTML5 banners like that or if those constraints will still exist. I would think that we would need limits ESPECIALLY with mobile.

  3. No matter how many times I listen to a Dutch accent or how sophisticated the speaker, they still sound like barbarians to me, like any moment they're going to rip their shirts off, smother themselves in mud and animal skins and then invade England by long boat. Is it just me?

  4. I try to make a simple banner and im try to make the preview in firefox and is not working, try to preview in explore dosent work, try to preview it in a adword campaing and dosen work (also chrome). The set up is just a test one image background and that its, eviroment google adwords project, size 300×600 no animations at all. only preview is working is in local GWD program preview in chrome.

  5. I heard #dyslexia, #artschool, #Google found him, and #collaboration  .  I'm just like in awe of the obvious realities presented in this simple and short video.  My life has been a hell rack of fiery embers but am slowly, slowly crawling out of the mire.  I do love to hear that people can have great lives without all the pain that I've known.  …  That is all.

  6. Bonjour @Google Web Designer je suis très touchez par le créateur de google designer mais quel est son nom auffaite?

  7. Hi! I love this project, this program, and I wanna know if you have any instruction manua, or a complete tutorial with all the tools that the GWD owns. I have too many ideas, and the GWD is perfect for that.

  8. Hello !
    I am using Ubuntu 14.04 32bit.
    I am very disappointed to see that you have eliminated 32 bit packages from your page.
    Please provide them so that more people will be able to utilize your software. Thanks

  9. THIS is your showcase video on your GWD site?! Your ONE opportunity to sell me on the wealth of possibility this software offers?! IT SHOWED ME NOTHING! Just some dude rabbiting on. Google. Come on. You're better than this!

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