A Home Town Nursery for Baby Helen – HGTV

A Home Town Nursery for Baby Helen – HGTV

[music playing] So we’re working on
Helen’s nursery, finally. She’s almost one month old. It’s time to get
serious about this. That vintage
botanicals that I’ve been collecting for a
few years, and we had them framed with plexiglass. [taps] So they’re not breakable. And then on the back,
a special sliding lock, so when it’s
mounted on the wall, she can’t knock it
off from her crib. Our house is a
craftsman-style home. And so I wanted
it to be something that would match that style. That’s why I wanted the
quarter sawn white oak. That’s why I went with
the rail and style around the bottom and the back. It’s going to be
a classic piece. What do you think, Helen? [baby cry] [laughs] I think
she must like it. She likes it. Hey, baby, look. Look, Helen. Helen’s room is fancy. Yeah.

20 thoughts on “A Home Town Nursery for Baby Helen – HGTV

  1. Gorgeous crib! And her bedroom is just beautiful!! πŸ‘πŸΌ SΓΊper smart decorating 😍

  2. Little Baby Helen is sooo adorable! Congratulations! Love the crib and her room is so comfortable and homey looking – a room she will enjoy at every age.

  3. Nothing like a daddy's love.Β  Gorgeous crib, gorgeous daddy, mommy and baby.Β  Daddy knows a happy wife a happy life.Β  Blessings to you all.

  4. How perfect. How beautiful. How unique. How Erin and Ben! A lucky little girl to be born to these two loving, talented people. I just love their show and we’re I younger, I would go visit their pretty town and see every house they have restored.

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