A New Look At Skills, 2015: 22 – Painting and Decorating

A New Look At Skills, 2015: 22 – Painting and Decorating

Before starting their work, Competitors must prepare surfaces thoroughly and with meticulous care. ‘Substrate’ is the term used to describe surface type. Normally, a substrate might be timber, plastic, plaster or metal. Competitors will understand the correct preparation process for new, or existing substrates. This can include cleaning, priming, de-greasing, or sealing defects e.g. water or oil stains. They must select, use, clean, maintain and store all tools, materials and equipment safely. Over the four days of WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, Competitors will work on a series of detailed modular tasks. Each module is presented on an individual wall. All Competitors must produce a detailed ‘Brasil 2015’ decorative feature. Executing this particular design seriously tests their range of technical skills! They will be further tested on their ability to mix paints to achieve tonal gradation. They will demonstrate their ability to work with different wallpapers and texturing. Finally, Competitors are given the chance to produce a ‘freestyle’ painting and decorating piece. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate the breadth of their technical ability. The freestyle piece is individual to that Competitor, and often demonstrates cultural decoration or traditional techniques of their native country.

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  1. Was this a signwriting comp??? Painters and Decorators doing sign work, I can see the skills used for the Brazil logo are pertinent to our trade but lets ask ourselves does a painter do this in industry – we know the answer don't we.

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