A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In The Sims 4 • Professionals Play

A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In The Sims 4 • Professionals Play

I want to do glass everywhere so I make the whole thing on ice hi I’m Joe cress kovitch I’m a residential designer in la my favorite part about my job is just meeting and talking to clients about you know what their visions are it’s just fun to put myself in their shoes and kind of feel what they’re feeling and and really just help bringing their sort of vision to reality I used to game a lot in middle school in a way when I work in the computer I like to think of it like it’s a video game let’s do it let’s design this thing so I’m choosing the world I want to build in and I think I want a beach this is its own Island that’s pretty impressive I think I’m gonna go there so before I start thinking about what to put where or whatever I’m just trying to understand how the site is laid out and how to take advantage of the actual experience of the site so what I want to do is create areas where there’s sort of comfort and seclusion and privacy and then other areas where it almost feels like you’re outside I’m just gonna start with the simple idea of privacy on this side and openness on this side all right so let’s say that this is you’re going on your little boat to your property so this would be the entrance area so I want to create some kind of like entrance vestibule if you will or the strategy at this home let’s say that first floor is strictly communal space bedrooms in other program will be upstairs with with the views and a balcony so I can imagine those are all open and your by the beach so it’d be cool maybe to have a kitchen located near that area I guess the garage doesn’t make much sense here because there’s no way of driving a car in and out of the land [Music] this could be bedrooms this could be a giant outside deck let’s see I’m gonna just start with maybe dividing this kind of evenly [Music] so be nice to get some stairs maybe in here that way there’s this long corridor you can enter each bedroom it looks like a door that you’d bring them both into let’s see I want like a good giant like a simple low profile where I could build like a parapet wall and just make it glass I guess let’s see if I could do that let’s say it’s a three-bedroom and there’s one master bedroom and two guest bedrooms and the master bedroom has its own bath and the guest bedrooms share bath so that way these are kind of smaller rooms and this is the master bedroom it’s sort of larger and has more views [Music] and then I’ll build a bathroom probably back we’ll say on this wall so it’ll create noise privacy from the other bedroom [Music] just wanted to drop a bed there’s a lot of nifty beds in here I kind of want something simple [Music] I have kind of rules and ideas of things that I want to do but it’s typical to explore and find things out during the process and you know allowing like the unique circumstances of either the client or the site to kind of help you create something unique [Music] be kind of cool to put in like a glass roof or something in them in the boathouse I want to do glass everywhere so I let’s make the whole thing on ice let’s just open the garage or no because I guess it doesn’t really need to be an interior space so we’ll just assume that that’s like boat storage and it’s like open to the sky it’d be cool to maybe wrap it up with like some kind of trellis or some kind of cool thing off of this like party area up here could be like a rooftop bar and then this would be cool if we could make it into like a rooftop garden [Music] sometimes it’s happy accidents and stuff you’re playing around with things and you you know come across something that you like oh I think I found the garden look at that there’s literally a garden tool that’s actually really nice I like that let’s do a skylight over the kitchen because I think it’d kind of be cool to have like this garden patio skylight kind of communal space that way the communal spaces are all kind of connected visually so you kind of just understand how it works [Music] okay I like that these like interior walls are white and that the exterior are this like cast-in-place concrete maybe if they have like a fan with the light that’s weird when you select fan there’s like one fan without a light [Music] I guess you could go crazy in this program with lighting the level of detail is actually pretty cool [Music] and I’m not sure like how much space there is right there like that looks really tight but we’re just gonna assume that that’s like four feet that’s four feet people I think I’m pretty cool with it I’m doing a little walkthrough tour here of what we’ve designed so you’re going kind of from the island and I’d imagine you’d come over on a boat to this little docking station here park your boat here and then this is kind of the entryway which I think if I had more time it would added another entry from the boat storage here into this like under the stair kind of space maybe this is like a giant pivot door that kind of pivots one way I kind of like the idea of this being like a solid wall over here cuz you know it could just be entertainment space you could have space for full height shelving and then as you kind of approach this area you could have this kind of really large dining area here so we’re going up the stairs and I kind of like this as a happy accident I don’t think I meant to do that but I think having a skylight over the stair and over this it’s kind of really nice it really signifies like an entryway and then the bedrooms yeah you have the shared bath as you kind of travel down you can look out to your right and then you have this awesome kind of skylight patio you know tree area which could be really cool you could have like barbecues up here parties wine all that kind of stuff back in the master bedroom so hopefully the master bedroom yeah like I assume has the best views in the entire house which i think is important you want to please the people who are flipping the bill so and also it’s like their kind of dream in their vision so yeah I’m really pleased with these kind of views I think altogether I like what happened here designing is playing and if this is a tool that can help you play then I think it is a tool that’s gonna make you a better designer [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In The Sims 4 • Professionals Play

  1. That’s literally my favorite video from now, cause the sims game seemed like was always underrated, and now it’s got deserved attention…

  2. Can you get and interior designer to do this specific house and than put it on the gallery that would be amazing 😍😍👌 thanks

  3. "This program" sounds so clinical considering this is a video game where I lock townies in a room and starve them to get ghosts while trying to have children with all of the widows.

  4. it's a shame he doesn't know the game…maybe try to find a architecte that does a bit or train them slightly before hand…

  5. If I'm paying 6 million of my laundered cash to buy this house. All the bedrooms better have their own bathrooms ffs

  6. No shade because I never build and use other lots from simmers but that house would've looked much better if he knew a little more about how building in TS4 worked and had more time because honeyyy the sim builders are probably triggered by this lmao.

  7. your hallway is too long, guessed after study i became obssesed with em..They eat a lot of sqf and long hallway is not functional… xD

  8. Remember guys he’s an architect not a decorator. That’s why the house only has the structure, kitchen, and beds to make the bedrooms.

  9. Tbh this house kinda sucks for a real designer. Also it's just an average size 3 bedroom 2 store house. I want see a real mansion.

  10. Oh my gosh real houses in The Sims seem really ugly, ( Considering that majority of beautiful houses couldn't be built according to physical laws or cost less than one million dollars)

  11. What in the world is a residential designer? This person is not an architect because if you were you would say you're an architect. but the title says architect.. it takes a lot of schooling and exams and certificates to become an architect. Please be accurate and get it right.

  12. As an architect too, this house seems horrible to me, not very functional and above all with no respect or response to its surroundings.

  13. why didnt they give him buydebug for the invisible lighting circles/squares and just pretend the fans had a light lol

  14. Him : “ lets add these rooms… stairs.. glass walls”
    Me: “ dang dont have money for a bed have to get rid of this room”

  15. I just graduated with a degree in architecture and the whole reason I became interested in architecture back in middle school was because of the sims.

  16. Mmmmm dont want to be rude but… Is just big house… Nothing special or amazing… Is just big… And have no sense, just my opinion.

  17. You should hire architect who play sims better as well like cheats (bb.moveobjects) and everything.
    Not satisfy for this

  18. it would be cool to have an episode where you put a sims4 builder youtuber collaborates with an architect/ interior designer. Its still different when a simmer builds, they now the gameplay and cheats

  19. Here's an idea: Get an Architect and a Sims player to collab. That way you get someone who has the knowledge on how to build houses properly, and someone who has the ability to put it on the game.

  20. As an avid Sims player, he is giving me serious anxiety. I'm just internally screaming, "You could do that so much easier! There are glass ceilings! move objects cheats man!"

  21. Coulda used that bb.moveobjects and decrease the size and location of the light to be directly under the fan.

    Buzzfeed, get Sim Supply, Deligracy or lil Simsie to help 😄

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