A Revolution in Design – The Next Generation Fiesta Interior

A Revolution in Design – The Next Generation Fiesta Interior

Good design should challenge the way we think. It should change the way we interact with the space around us. Designing the interior of the next generation Fiesta was not an evolution of design but more of a revolution. So, when you open the door for the first time you’re opening the door to the next generation Fiesta experience. The next generation Fiesta is much more premium the quality of the materials the craftsmanship the technology are designed with bespoke character. With simple yet intuitive design everything is within reach of the driver. We set out to create not only a new interior but a new personality. All this should create a relaxed and inviting space for the driver.

22 thoughts on “A Revolution in Design – The Next Generation Fiesta Interior

  1. Perché non avete messo i sottotitoli in italiano? Why did you not put subtitles in Italian? / Comunque il video è molto bello e la ford fiesta è una grande auto. However, the video is very nice and the ford is a great car.

  2. Anyone else notice the 6 MT? in a non ST? That is great, but they should have done that with the MK7 already.
    But I am not complaining because my Fiesta mk7 has a 6 MT. ST200 WOOT!

  3. I am always amazed that the rear cabin space is never emphasized. Is it because designers have no interest in the other passengers. I realized Ford is about good driving dynamics but what about rear seat passengers.

  4. The last one back in 2008 when you opened the door had wow effect, yes materials were crappy, but it looked unique. This new one is just… uncreative … even middle vents look like rip off from 208. Dunno last one back in 2008 was a bit of stunner, this new one is just .. meh .. a bit dull, like a Golf.

  5. All very well these teaser videos, but when will we actually be able to testdrive it ourselves and order one (if the specs and hands-on experience show it's worthwhile)? And when will the full engine range (including the ecoboost with cylinder deactivation) become available? What gearboxes & when?

    BTW the new interior seems like a huge improvement, but that's hardly surprising considering how horribly outdated the old one was…

  6. Very sad what the Ford management has done to the brand in Australia . it has been absolutely trashed , everybody basically sees Ford unreliable junk to be avoided at all cost , Hyundai had the same problem 10 years ago but with capable management have turned it around to what you see today , I don't think the Americans are capable anymore they absolutely piss on the most important part of being in business , the Customer , I know I had the fob off from them on a brand new car with a major problem so I got the message and then understood what all the Ford customers talk about on the car sites .

  7. For me the best part of this video is the guy turning off the start-stop system 😀. I like that even Ford says it´s stupid.

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